This edition of Fifty Friday is a special one. I adore putting together these style posts but i had the idea to try something different. There was only one place to go to kick this new take on the feature. Full head to toe outfits for under fifty euro from the Penneys / Primark Spring 18 collection.


I pitched the idea to the guys at Penneys HQ and was delighted that they wanted to collaborate on this one. As much as i like styling the flatlay images into looks it is always better to see something on the body and in real life. To see how the fit is, how it hangs and sits on curves. Im sure you may have heard of the term ‘hanger appeal’ where clothes look absolutely nothing until you try them on. I wanted to do the pieces justice and show them in action.


Penneys Spring 18


I went to my local store and browsed the offerings to pull together some complete looks for Spring that won’t break the bank. There was so much choice i have to say i could have went on and on. As we say goodbye to Winter the bright Spring vibes are out in force. Although the weather may not totally reflect that, these pieces can be mixed in with your cozies for the time being. Some affordable ideas and inspiration to give your wardrobe a little refresh.


|| Look 1 ||

Jacket €28 , Dress €10 , Shoes €8 ,  Bag €5

Total Outfit = €51 


Penneys Spring 18

For the first of the €50 looks i took inspiration from one of the colours of the moment – mustard. A bright colour that transitions really well. I started with this suede feel biker jacket and molded the rest around it. A real statement piece that is super soft. The floral print dress screamed Spring at me. It has short sleeves so can be worn right through Summer. The length means it can also be worn with leggings or jeans as more of a tunic. Belt if needed to define more shape. It’s a really comfy cotton that is so easy to trow on.

Cheap new clothes

Irish fashion blog

I wanted to keep this one quite casual and fun so i added a pair of high tops on the feet. The khaki drew from the green within the dress. The look is finished with this multi wear backpack which was on sale for a bargain price. Hold the chain handle to change the style. You can easily add tights to this outfit and change up the shoes for a pump for work or some boots.

Mustard suede jacket


|| Look 2 ||

Dress €18 , Boots €7 ,  Bag €10 , Earrings €2 , Cami €2.50 , Necklace €3 , Rings €4

Total Outfit = €46.50


Red stripe midi dress

For the next outfit i had the idea in my head to explore the red and pink combo trend. I wanted to try out this pairing and find a really wearable way to sport it. This stripe midi dress caught my eye and i thought we are onto something here. Wrap dresses are famously flattering. Sure didn’t DVF make a career out of it. The neckline draws the eye in while the tie pulls the waist at it’s narrowist. Also i have never met a stripe that i didn’t like so win win. I really liked the sleeves and the volume at the shoulders is pretty cool.

Red croc box bag gold corners

This moc croc box bag jumped out at me and i could just see it against the dress. It’s quite chic like the dress while still having something modern about it. The gold hardware makes this bag look way more expensive than it’s €10 price tag. I love the versatility the strap and handle both give. Hold the top handle for a high fashion, lady like vibe. Leave the long strap hang from your shoulder for day to day casual. For an up to the minute designer look , wear as a crossbody. This way of wearing higher up across the body is huge at the moment and leaves your hands free.


Now comes the pink. I thought the most wearable way to tackle this trend was to go for really light muted tones. The brighter the colours the more they will clash. The stripe in the dress is more of a burgandy wine with a thin red stripe on either side. By adding these blush boots the pairing is very subtle rather than obnoxious. If this combo isn’t your thing there are many other options that would work. Sock boots for a night out or even tights and an ankle boot with a polo neck underneath for a cosy layered look. The wrap came down a little low on me so i popped a little cami undernearth. You could pin it also or wear a nice bralet. I added a pendant and some mixed rings to finish off the outfit and bring it all together.


|| Look 3 ||

Cardigan €7 , Leggings €10 , T-Shirt €6 , Shoes €16 ,  Bag €10

Total Outfit = €49 


This final look is something i have wanted to try for awhile. A really cool street-style type of look that is both effortless but stylish for casual wear. I love the idea of adding in the texture of leather or pvc with knitwear for daytime. I have been on the hunt for pvc trousers for months. I have tried on so many and returned even more. These leggings are beyond what i hoped for and that is no exageration. So comfortable and not squeeky. They fit so well, they are a great length and they are as flattering as pvc can be on a bigger body. They are also a hell of a lot cheaper in price than i expected to pay but don’t look cheap in appearance. I know i will get a lot of wear from these day or night.

Streetsyle leather trousers knitwear

How to wear pvc trousers

It is no surprise that i went for a red knit as i am still obsessed with the colour. This cardi is really oversized and cozy but added to the other pieces keeps it from looking a frump. Red black and white is a colour combination that never tires for me. A fail safe for trying the look i was desiring. The white tee is a basic i will always have in my wardrobe. I am delighted that Penneys are stocking these longline options that are great for with leggings.

When i saw this mustard bag i initially thought of it for one of the other looks but i really liked how the colour looked next to the red. A really bright pop that again adds to a comfy day look. The designer inspired ring handle is an optinal way to carry the bag. Mustard is a huge colour trend so a nice and easy way to dip your toe into that pond is to add a bag to your outfot or wardrobe. Finally are the runners which i adore. They have a real luxe feel to them with the gold finishes and pearl detail. This type is great for those who want casual footwear but aren’t into sports brands. They go so well with the leggings too. I think they just the look together.

Pvc leather trousers trainers


I have also put together a little video of all the looks. As much as i love photography, videos show so much more movement and angles. I am enjoying trying my hand at more videos and pushing myself to edit better. Have a watch if you like.


That is it for the first of what i hope is many real life FF’s. A lot of what i chose can be mixed and matched with each other to create so many more looks. Let me know your thoughts on my picks. Thanks again to the gang at Penneys for letting me bring Fifty Friday to life. I had so much fun styling and putting together this one and i hope you all have enjoyed it too. Keep up to date with all the latest Fifty Friday Posts Here.



* This post has been sponsored by Penneys. I received vouchers to put towards the items in this post. This in no way influences my thoughts or decisions. All opinions are my own. 




I’ve been working on this one for awhile but when i realised i could probably do it for under fifty euro a light bulb went off. It made sense the that the theme for this edition of Fifty Friday would be the age old ‘ Jeans And A Nice Top‘ . There is not a girls group chat in the land that those five words have not made an appearence in. The answer to the question ‘ What are you wearing girls? ‘. Like are we going out-out or just out? This is something that my wardrobe is always lacking in. I have pyjamas and ball gowns. Nothing in between. A nice top is way too handy to have. Solves so many fashion dilemas. This has never been more relevant since in this past week Missguided added a new section to their site called none other than ‘Jeans And A Nice Top‘. Genius some might say while others will add that it is long over due.



All of the above being said i set upon the task of putting together full head to toe looks for under or around the fifty euro mark. Super affordable outfits made up to provide some inspiration this dreary January. Chuck on for last minute nights out or solve the issue of what to wear for those occassions you just aren’t sure about. These looks could be even cheaper really as realistically we all own jeans of some sort so you don’t really need to buy new ones. You can however do this really affordably if your heart desires it.



Jeans And A Nice Top


Jeans and a nice top


Jeans €11 , Earrings €4 , Bag €6 Penneys , Top €9.99 H&M ( Sizes 6 – 24 ) , Shoes €9.50 Boohoo 

Total Outfit = €40.49


Top €17.95 Zara ( Sizes S – XL ) , Jeggings €9 Penneys , Earrings €9.99 New Look , Shoes €12 (With The Code BOOM) Boohoo

Total Outfit = €47.94


Cheap clothes

Plus Size

Jeans €14.50 (With The Code BOOM) Boohoo ( Sizes 16 – 24 ) ,  Top €16 (With The Code BOOM) Boohoo ( Sizes 16 – 24 ) , Boots €9.99 Bershka  ,  Earrings €3 Penneys

Total Outfit = €43.49


Real fashion blog


Top €19.99 Zara , Jeans €9.99 H&M , Boots €9.99 Bershka , Bag €10 Penneys

Total Outfit = €49.94



I could go on and on and on. This is a post i can update as pieces sell through and seasons change aswell. So what are you wearing tonight?


Keep up to date with all the latest ‘ Fifty Friday’ posts here.




I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are not too confused about day it even is. It’s that time though when you wake from the 3 day food coma to the realisation that you have nothing to wear for New Years Eve. I thought a little Fifty Friday was in order (it’s Friday BTW) with a collection of last minute New Years Eve Looks for under fifty Euro. Simple as that i suppose. How it’s here already i will never know. It also only feels like yesterday since i styled my first issue of In Tallaght Magazine, a New Years Eve Shoot. Time is on fast forward i tell ya.

Something dawned on me though on Stephenses night while vegging on the sofa in festive jammies. The realisation that ten years ago i would have happily stood in a queue outside the Plaza for over an hour MINIMUM in sub-artic tempetures, no jacket on cause hello outfit ruiner, rain splattered sun shimmer legs to the point where it looked like i peed myself, just to pay €25 in to not be able to move an inch for the night. A half hour to get served at the bar. Leasy i’d no jacket to queue at the cloakroom for aye. Nobody could see your outfit cause nobody cound look down with all the sardines. Bebo would be a flurry of sweaty blurred heads like a page outta Where’s Wally. Raging cause my kitten heels, rara skirt and disc belt combo was no doubt on fleek. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and it’s all over like any other night. I lie though it was probably more like 12 years if i was rocking said stunning look. Oh how times have changed now. I wouldn’t know a night out if it scalped me.


Last Minute New Years Eve Looks


With this in mind i tried to mix up the looks so there is something for everyone no matter what your plans are. Some fancy and glitzy outfits if you are lucky enough to have decent plans or some comfy but NYE worthy outfits for the local and house parties. All full head to toe complete outfits for around the fifty euro mark. Me? I’ll be most likely rocking the last look.



New years eve

Nicki Minaj Dress €27.99 H&M , Shoes €19 And Earrings €2 Penneys

Total Outfit = €48.99 



Dress knee boots


Dress €22.99 H&M (Sizes xs-xl) , Boots Now €12 , Hat €6 , Bag €8 And Earrings €1.50 Penneys.

Total Outfit = €50.49



Cheap occasion look

Dress €16 , Bag €12 , Earrings €5 All Penneys , Shoes €13.19 Heatons

Total Outfit = €46.19



Affordable clothes

Top €9.99 H&M , Bag €3.99 H&M , Skirt €14 And Boots €17 Penneys

Total Outfit = €44.99



Slippers eye mask


Housecoat €19 , Eye Patches €1 , Hot Water Bottle €7 , Slippers €5 Penneys

Total Outfit = €32




There are also a few looks that might work from another recent Fifty Friday which you can see here.


Wherever you are, whatever you wear, have a good one and be safe. Happy New Year.




Here we are lads, December. When did that happen? And don’t say today you smart alics , it was a retorical question. Check me out with me big words lol. So yes back to business. The ever popular Fifty Friday has been on the missing list as of late. I want to rectify that.


I am slowly giving in to the fact that summer is over but i am not quite ready to give up on all my favourite seasonal pieces just yet. However time is moving and needs must as it is the coldest Winter in five years – Fact! With Christmas fastly aproaching money gets really tight so i thought this weeks edition calls for some affordable wardrobe updates. Outfits that ease us between seasons and bipolar weather. Things you can wear now but that will also do you through the rest of the new season. Granted there is a few more layers added or subtracted. A nice base if you will.


Penneys December 17 Outfits


A mix of outfits from comfy casual to cosy winter woolies. Looks for drinks over the silly season to Christmas party worthy looks. As always a but of a mix of everything that will hopefully serve up some outfit inspiration for you all this December. All full outfits come in under , or slightly over on one occasion , fifty euro.



How to wear Over the knee boots


Dress €14 , Boots €28 , Necklace €2 , Hat €6 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €50



Penneys December 17


Polo Neck €12 , Dress €14 , Hat €2.50 , Tights €2 , Boots €12 All Penneys

Total Outfit = € 42.50



Penneys look

Jeans €8 , Jumper €18 , Pendant €2 , Boots €21 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €49



Penneys christmas


Midi Dress €16 , Earrings €3 , Bag €12 , Boots €23 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €54




Gucci Jumper Dupe Puma Heart Baskets


Hat €3 , Jumper €16 , Jeans €10 , Runners €12 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €46




Velvet dress pointed ankle boots



Dress €16 , Boots €21 , Earrings €3 , Bag €8 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €46



Penneys sequin dress


Dress €25 , Bag €12 , Shoes €16 All Penneys.



There we have it. I have missed putting these posts together and i know afew of you have told me you do too. So what say ye? What way would you wear these pieces?




Quite often fashion posts consist of really dressy pieces and outfits worthy of a night on the tiles. Occasion looks seem to take centre stage. I get it I do, i’m as guilty as charged. These events require a little something special. Dressing up is really fun and a chance for us to experiment and wear some pieces we wouldn’t normally get a chance to. But what about our day-to-day wardrobe, after all aren’t these the clothes we spend most of our time in. The clue is in the words ‘ day to day ‘. You know the stuff we get up in the morning and grab. Be it for work, the school run or college, we all need to get dressed. So I thought what better way to get back into the swing of Fifty Friday posts then to put together some looks that will get lots of wear. Easy, affordable day looks to get you through the week.


Day Looks


A collection of full head to toe outfits coming in under the fifty euro mark. I don’t want to say that each of these looks has to be worn to work or college or only fit for the school run. As always i try to include everyone and as many options as i can. Take inspiration and wear it your way.

Smart Casual


A smart casual transitional look for the new A/W season. The neutral tones are very Autumnal, soft and easy to wear. Some comfy jeggings started the look and were built on with a pretty printed blouse. This is where the smart eliment of the outfit comes in. Appropriate for meetings and appointments during the day but comfortable enough to do the school run in. The low boot ties in well with the colour palette and looks great next to the indigo of the denim. The finishing touch is this mustard cardi with tie sleeves. An easy way to keep cozy as it gets colder without taking anything from your look. Infact it actually adds texture and colour.


Affordable Blog


Blouse €13 , Cardigan €14 , Jeggings €8 , Boots €15 All Penneys

Total outfit = €50


Work Look


A pretty but smart look to get you through the work week. This all in one pinafore dress is too handy to reach for in the mornings for a no fuss pulled together look. Paired with some opaque tights will keep the look sleek yet appropriate. I added a pop of colour with this red statement bag that is also very smart. Finished with some pointed flats for ultimate comfort.


Work Look


Pinafore Dress €18 , Bag €16 ,  Tights €2 All Penneys , Shoes €11 Boohoo

Total Outfit = €47



Back To College


The last thing students want to be doing on a cold dark morning after a heavy night before is searching for something to wear. A relaxed but cool look is seen here that is both affordable but wearable. Taking the wardrobe staple that is the black skinnys and pairing them with a fun slogan tee. A slouchy cardi over the top will keep things cozy. For the feet we have these ‘Vans’ dupes that have become really popular. Easy to run for the bus in or go between classes. A zero effort, no frills option for back to college.


College clothes


Cardigan €9.99 H&M , Jeans €13 And Shoes €10 Penneys , T-Shirt €9.99 New Look , Bag €6 New Look

Total Outfit = €48.98



Plus Size


Extended sizing used to mean plain and bog standard with no options or room for style. Here a pretty and bright shirt dress provides the staple for the look. The button down front is very flattering , only added too with a tie waist for extra definition. The long sleeve top underneath is not only functional for the coming season but the clashing pattern provides some added interest. Tights can be added underneath or like here some basic leggings. Another classic finishes off the outfit in the form of the ballet flat. Easy, effortless but pulled together for your daily life.



Day to day

Shirt Dress €11.99 H&M , Top €12.99 New Look , Leggings €5.49 H&M , Shoes €12.99 New Look .

Total Outfit = €43.37 





Mammys to be shouldn’t have to compromise on style while they seek comfort.  I put together a very classic maternity day look here that will allow you to keep killing it in comfort as you grow your little one. A classic but cool breton stripe tee takes the reigns. The frill detail on the sleeves really compliments the smock swing to the top. Maternity jeans don’t have to be boring. These under the bump options have a cool distressed finish. For the shoes we needed something that wouldn’t add to already aching feet. Beautiful statement runners that tie into the rich navy colour palette. A pop of colour is added with a handy cross body bag to keep the hands free.


Irish fashion blog


Top €16 Boohoo , Jeans €14 New Look , Shoes €18 Penneys , Bag €5 New Look

Total Outfit = €53




What is your go to for day to day in your wardrobe? Does comfort trump it for you?