Fifty Friday | George At Asda A/W 19

The supermarkets are absolutely killing it on the style stakes. Seriously affordable fashion that is rivaling all of the high street stores. George at ASDA is right up there too. They have been popular for kids clothes for awhile now but i really see their Womenswear progress. Not just your run of the mill standard basics. There are some really cool and different pieces. You may have seen that i recently wore a dress from George to my friends wedding. It was an absolute steal at a fiver! Yes you read that right – A FIVER! The print is really different and keeping with the mix print trend.

Dress £5 (Sizes 8-22) George , Sandals €27 Oasis At ASOS

One thing i really love is that, generally in most of their pieces George go up to a size 22/24. I was really happy with the sizing and fit of the dress above. Asda do deliver to Ireland now – however i used Parcel Motel this time. If you shop with delivery to Ireland there is an added tax of 23% so it works out cheaper all around to pay in £. Same with delivery cost.

George At Asda Outfits For Fifty Euro

After seeing all the fab offerings from George i really wanted to get stuck into a Fifty Friday. There are lots of coloured knits to keep cozy this Autumn / Winter. Paired with midis and layered with dresses. I tried to get in some dressy looks, some casual and even maybe work appropriate outfits. Some easy to create tonal looks and printed ensembles all for around the fifty quid mark. I kind of lost the run of myself here with far more looks than i intended for the post and what is worse is that i could have kept going. That’s not a bad thing at all and really shows just how much there is on offer. One final thing i will say is that majority of the skirts and dresses look so much better on the model than in the flat lay so defos have a click into the pieces to see them in their glory. I’ve linked each piece underneath the images.

Jumper £12.50 (Sizes XS-XL) , Skirt £14 (Sizes 8-24) , Bag £6, Boots £16

Total Oufit = £48.50

Jumper £12.50 (Sizes S-XXL) , Skirt £7 (Sizes 8-24) , Boots £12.50 (Sizes 4-9) , Bag £6

Total Outfit = £38

Jumper £14 (Sizes XS – XL) , Skirt £12.50 (Sizes 8-24) , Boots £15 , Bag £6

Total Outfit = £47.50

Dress £16 (Sizes 8-24) , Tights £4 , Shoes £6 , Bag £14

Total Outfit = £40

Cardigan £16 (Sizes XS-XL) , Skirt £14 (Sizes 8-24) , Boots £16 , Bag £6

Total Outfit = £52

Dress £18 (Sizes 8-24) , Bag £14 , Boots £15

Total Outfit = £47

Dress £14 (Sizes 8-20) , Polo Neck £10 (Sizes 8-24) , Boots £20 , Scarf £6

Total Outfit = £50

T-Shirt £7 (Sizes 8-24) , Skirt £8 (Sizes 8-24) , Bag £12 , Runners £12.50

Total Outfit = £39.50

Dress £16 (Sizes 8-24) , Shoes £19, Bag £14

Total Outfit = £49

Dress £16 (Sizes 8-24) , Bag £6 , Belt £6, Boots £16 , Hat £8

Total Outfit = £46

I will be keeping a close eye on the new in section in the coming weeks as i update my new season wardrobe. The value versus style is right up there for me. Are you a fan of George? Let me know your thoughts.


Real Life Fifty Friday || Penneys Summer Stretch

It’s officially Summer. In one way i’m like how the hell did that happen and on the other hand i’ve been wishing the year away. The weather has been hotting up too, finally. It would be nice to have some pretty, easywear bits to throw on when that yellow mystery appears in the sky. I put together a Real Life Fifty Friday a couple of weeks back showing ways to get wear 3 fifty euro looks. My life story aside i hit some bumps with that post and it’s been in the forefront of my mind to make it up since. With my holiday to Marrakech looming i thought no better time.

I wasn’t sure what exactly i was looking for but i did know one thing, it had to be comfortable. Boring i know but i can’t think of much worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes especially travelling, in the heat etc, etc, etc. Some bits with stretch that will allow for some swelling but are still cute. Breathable looks that will leave me enjoying my holidays. Can i do it? Lets see.

Fifty Friday – Penneys Summer Looks Under €50

• Look 1 •

Smock Dress €18 , Bag €12 , Initial Necklace €3 , Runners €8

Total Outfit = €41

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me wearing this dress on my stories. I wore this smock travelling to Marrakech. Ultimate comfort and very cool/airy. The smock shape is really relaxed and easy to move around in. I had thought originally that it would be more of a tunic style and i’d wear it with cycling shorts. It was too cute as a dress though and a great length on me. I’m 5’4″ so not tall but it wasn’t short short. As with all of the dresses in this post i got a size 20 for reference. I had lots of room and could probably have tried an 18. The smock shape is to worn oversized though so it was all good. The empire line under the bust continued to dip round the back to finish the shape.

As you can see i wore the little converse esque runners as i was travelling and needed to be as comfortable as possible. Being honest though this is how i would wear this day to day anyways. Ideal for a concert or gig this Summer too. Throw on a bumbag or backpack like i did in the airport. It would be equally cute with the €16 black lace up sandals and a little bralet slightly showing.

There are a few things about this tunic that are worth noting. It crinkles like a mother. The over-sized sleeves kind of bunched up due to my backpack and kinda just stayed that way lol. No major comlaint just something to bare in mind that it will require ironing. Not so much a throw on and go. The fabric had a few pulls in it too which i wasn’t best pleased about but it’s not the end of the world. I also found that it stained crazy. A drop of water splashed from the tap and showed up as such a dark colour and took ages to dry in. I looked great lol. Not major things just my honest review and opinion. I would probably the other colour that it comes in too as i did find it really comfy and light.

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• Look 2 •

Cut Out Dress €16 , Lace Up Sandals €16 , Bag €10, Initial Necklace €3

Total Outfit = €45

Next up is dress two of three. More of a dressier number but versatile none the less. I didn’t actually think this dress would fit me when i first saw it. I’d usually not even bother trying on something with a side zip like that as for me they take nearly a size off. To my eye though the dress looked ok size wise and when i turned over to the back and saw the large section of smocking i was like yesss. A super elasticated panel that i thought may be my saving grace. It was more than ok and fit like a dream. Delira. This piece for me is a style that i miss being able to shop from the likes of Topshop or Zara. The cut-out is the cutest. A really fun detail that is flirty while being balanced by the length of the dress and the bow tie.

The cut-out isn’t extreme at all and you could easily wear a little boobtube or bralet under if it did bother you. The bust area is well covered too. Mixed print has been a huge trend this year but can be a bit much for some. I think that this dress could be one to trial if you are interested in dipping your toe into the trend. A bold print but it just doesn’t seem as out there as some. It works and is a little more subtle to start off with.

I want to add this yellow bag to like everything i wear at the moment. I can’t help it i’m loving top handle bags so much. I’ve cut the straps off more bags since i did it to this one. It’s a great way to breath some new life into older bags you may have and save you a few quid.

Dress €16, Glasses €3 , Necklace €3 , Bag €12 , Shoes €16

Total Outfit = €50

I couldn’t quite decide on which accessories i liked best paired with this dress so i tried a second look too. Keeping the bag black in matching with the shoes. It goes well i think, there is a great juxtaposition between the plastic in the bag and the floral print but it works. I pulled the pink from the print and tied in the heart glasses to keep it playful. Kind of 60’s bordering on Dirty Dancing Vibes. Lots of potential like i said for a great, affordable Summer dress. I will be layering a plain white tee underneath and adding some cons for a more relaxed look the next time i wear it. This would look really cool with a biker jacket on top too.

Look 3

Bardot Dress €14 , Sandals €8 , Bag Now €5 , Necklace €3

Total Outfit = €30

Suprise Suprise a bardot dress. If it’s got a bardot neckline it’s gonna be mine. Well except if it’s bodycon fit. But i suppose i could tuck it into a skirt right? Where there’s a will and all that jazz. Another clichè thing i’m gonna say is ‘ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ‘ and that is very true for me. The bardot neckline is my favourite and so easy to wear. It keeps the top of my arms covered but shows the little freckles on my shoulders. Very flattering. The shape on this particular dress is very figure friendly. The frill hem is really playful and adds another element. The belt further excentuates the waist and can pull you in more if needed. A really comfy style of belt too, not too chunky.

While i was at it i switched up the shoes and back for a dressier look. I actually ended up wearing this to dinner that night. This was just to show the versatility of a simple bardot dress. You know yourself what a few accessories, hair and some lippie can do to an outfit. A handy one to have in the suitcase that will work for you whatever your mood. You could of course change the belt too. While we are here i think these dresses come in another length also. Almost identical but more of a midi if that is more your thing. I think those where €20 – don’t quote me.

Dress €14 , Necklace €3 , Bag €14 , Shoes €16

Total Outfit = €47

The dress doesn’t just come in this khaki tone that i have on, there is also a beige too. I had both colours in the changing room with me and asked my sisters advise as to which option to go with. She was set on the khaki. I went with her choice after thinking it would look better until i have more of a tan. The other colour stuck out to me originally as i thought it would match with my sandals etc really well. I may still grab it too as they are great little dresses.

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A short but sweet Fifty Friday consisting of a few bits i picked up going away to add to my holiday wardrobe. Super affordable pieces that can be mixed and matched with stuff you already own. I did style the main pieces with some of the accessories that i already had from a previous Fifty Friday. Although yes it is very affordable to get a whole new outfit for €50, it isn’t always nessessary. The majority of pieces that i used are still in stock and some are even reduced. An even bigger bargain. I obviously like all of the pieces and have been wearing them so there is no point buying for buying sake. I have been more conscious of my shopping habits and trying to be more sustainable where i can.

There we have it. Did any of these pieces catch your eye? Tell me how you would wear them.


Fifty Friday || Spring Summer Mix & Match Looks – Penneys

I am absolutely delighted to be back with my first Real Life Fifty Friday of 2019. Even more delighted that it is a collaboration with our nations sweetheart – Penneys. The good weather of late has really put me in the mood for Summer and has kicked the outfit planning portion of my brain into overdrive. A natural topic to cover for this edition was S/S styles. I wanted to put together looks showcasing some of the key trends for Spring Summer ’19 in light and airy fabrics. Trends can sometimes be really tricky and well that to me equals sweaty. I am delightful i know lol but hey this is life so.

Spring Summer Trends – Penneys

I decided to create some looks using a key piece that can be worn several different ways. Put a little spin on Fifty Fridays by mixing in the concept of One Piece Ten Ways, Get wear from your wardrobe editions this Summer without breaking the bank. Here at home we aren’t exactly blessed with continuous good weather. Investing in lots of expensive Summer bits therefore isn’t always actually an investment when you don’t get to wear your purchases much on home soil. All of the looks below could do you for a weekend getaway and will probably fit in hand luggage. Four key pieces that can be dressed up or down. I surprised myself with just how far these pieces went with just 3 pairs of shoes , 3 bags and some little accessories. A mini capsule case if you will. Dressed for a city or mini break for sure. As always each full outfit comes in under €50 no matter the combination.

Gingham Sun Dress

The first piece i chose was this little checkered number. A style and shape i go to year after year. Bardot necklines are my absolute favourite and i personally think they are supper flattering. The shape and fit is one i like also. There is an elasticated panel in the back for extra comfort. The buttons look to be gaping a little here but this wasn’t something i noticed when i tried it on, so i think it is the bra i’m wearing rather than the dress or fit. This is a 20 and was super comfy on. Not on the long side and i wouldn’t be tall but great for holidays. I did actually wear it another time with some cycling shorts underneath as more of a tunic/longer top so this is an option too.

Look 1

Dress €14 , Bag €14 , Hair Scarf €3 , Sandals €8

Total Outfit = €39

The fabric is super light and breathable. It has that cheesecloth type crinkle so perfect for chucking in your suitcase. The button down front was a nice addition too. This style or mini trend has been really popular and it just adds a little something extra to a plainer dress. I’ve been raving the past few weeks about my new found love for neutrals and in particular natural accessories. The buttons tie in really well with that but look so good against the monochrome print. Black/white/tan is my new crush. I felt this dress was a great start to show what i was trying to achieve. It was as easily dressed up as it was worn casual. Both nothing but pure, cool and comfort.

Look 2

Dress €14 , Bag €22 , Sandals €14

Total Outfit = €50

I was off to an easy start as this dress was really easy to dress up. Granted it was just a midi heel sandal and bamboo bag but that is how easy it was. You could of course add earrings , a belt and or a statement lip too , to jazz things up more. This here is a no frills, comfy evening look. These sandals i would recommend to everyone. You can last the whole night and you feet won’t hate you the next day. They go with so much and are such an affordable option for Summer. I had the black and pink colours last year so i had to nab the tan and a shiny new black pair this year. I’ll probably go back for the orange too who am i kidding?

• Look 3 •

Dress €14 , Bag €12 , Shoes €8 , Glasses €3 , Bandana €2

Total Outfit = €39

For the final look i paired some Converse style high top runners. A really casual take on the look but with all the the details finished it can still be a really cool outfit. A perfect option for exploring or even a concert this Summer. The pop of colour comes from the red accessories here. The cute glasses and i added in a little bandana scarf to keep your hair off your face on hot days. There is a very retro vibe once it all comes together and that is the joy / beauty of fashion.

Stripe Shirt

The second piece i chose was actually from the swimwear / beach section in Penneys. Straight away yes it is a fab cover up. Over-sized shirts are really cute to wear over your swimmers for that ultimate effortless cool vibe. It got me thinking though that this striped baby actually had a lot of potential and not just for holidays. When the weather heats up over here but not like to hot hot it can be hard to know what to wear. I figured this would be a great thrown on piece for those days. Easy, comfy and not too much thought required. Pair it with some jeans or jeggings like i have below. Boots or plimsolls would work too but i paired the little tan gladiators for what i thought would be a comfy travel look? Speaking of the jeggings – this is my first time to wear such in , and i counted , 8 years! They just don’t stay up on me because of my lack of volume in the derriere . This baby ain’t got back. Not that jeans suit me but at least the button/belt keep them semi where they are supposed to be. I do miss the comfort of a jegging though and decided to give this pair a whirl. To my surprise they fit like a glove. No budge and they look well. Well i think so lol. I’m wearing a size 20 for reference.

Look 1

Cover Up €12 (Size XL) , Jeggings €13 , Bag €14 , Sandals €8

Total Outfit = €47

Back to the shirt, i grabbed an XL and it fits with a loose ease. You may even be able to look for a 2XL which Penneys have introduced in their dual sizes as part of their sizing extension. As you can see it is in fact beaut as it was intended as more of a holiday cover up. I have it on here sunning myself up on the roof. There are some slits in the side so you may not be comfortable showing that high up on your leg. Denim shorts would look great underneath. You could even tuck in one side or the front or back portion too. Again with the classic gladiator which are still my favourite type of sandals for Summer. The bag is doubling up here for sun time. The cut out detail would actually really work for the beach. Couldn’t resist the sunglasses, I’ve wanted some since last year and this pair matched so well it was meant to be. Fabric wise again it has that really natural woven material as you would see with a cheesecloth. You can get a closer and more detailed look at it and the colours of the pattern in the accessories images at the bottom of the post.

Look 2

Cover Up €12 (Size XL) , Glasses €3, Bag €14 , Sandals €8

Total Outfit = €37

For the last look styled around the shirt the jeans went back on. That and the accessories too. Dress it up a little but still keep that laid back vibe. Summer days in the beer garden that turn into Summer nights. You could tie up the ends for a cute look or even belt the waist for something different. Pop a bralet under and pull it off the shoulder too. Lots of potential from what at first glance is just a beach cover-up.

Look 3

Cover Up €12 (Size XL) , Jeggings €13 , Bag €22 , , Earrings €3, Necklace €3

Total Outfit = €52

Maxi Dress

Next up we have a dress type that is very commonly associated with holidays and Summer in general. Maxi dresses are a firm favourite with so many for this time of year. I do enjoy the bohemian look that comes hand in hand with so many styles in this dress length. I got into maxis a few years bag but as my size changed i had felt quite frumpy in them. Looking back this was probably the styles i was choosing. Possibly falling so in love with midi skirts and dresses has shown me that i can do and wear longer lengths without drowning myself. Again this comes down to the types of styles chosen. This particular one i have chosen has a waist detail which straight away is figure friendly. It gives shape therefore you won’t be over come by swinging fabric. The tie detail also draws the eye in at your narrowest so is again a flattering cut/shape for most. It was the color that jumped out at me i will admit. I thought this would fit in well with the little capsule wardrobe that i was putting together. It will go well with all of the shoes / accessories and serve you well.

Look 1 •

Dress €12 , T-shirt €3 , Necklace €3 , Runners €8 , Bag €12

Total Outfit = €46

For the first look i wanted to do something that i have been enjoying wearing – Layering a tee under a sleeveless dress. Very 90’s , very cool. It covers the arms if you aren’t a fan of having them out but you still get to wear the pretty dress. A comfy , kind of casual look that would also double as a great outfit for travelling too. The black isn’t as harsh against the dress as you might think. You can tie it in with the back and hairband easily. You could i suppose still go for the bucket bag here too with the high-tops. Likewise you could pair the tan flats for another day look with or without the tee. A denim over the top jacket would look fab if it gets chilly in the evenings. The tee itself isn’t your average jersey or cotton. It has a textured weave to it and a little pocket. Adding something to your look for very minimal effort. I tied the hem here in a little knot just for a different take on the dress. Really simple and an easy option if it takes your fancy.

• Look 2 •

Dress €12 , Earrings €3 , Necklace €3 , Sandals €14 , Bag €14

Total Outfit = €46

It’s not too hard to dress up a maxi for a night out. The length is a typically dressy one so with the right accessories you can’t go far wrong. Again the comfort of the midi heel to give slight height and dress things up a little. The wooden box bag goes perfectly against both the colour and creates a really Summery look. Add in the desired accessories to elevate the look. Earrings , hair scarf or necklace will all add interest to the look easily. This dress also comes in an orange red tone and a black too. A handy one to have in your case or wardrobe to pull out for whatever your plans are.

Look 3 •

Dress €12 , Tee €5, Glasses €3 , Sandals €8 , Bag €22

Total Outfit = €50

Summer Accessories

Here is a detailed look at some close ups of the accessories used in this collaboration. They take up little to no room, are really affordable but have to power to add to a look and update it instantly.

That is all folks, well for now anyways. There where so many new styles in that i could have gone on and on. A little wardrobe update doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Favourite look? Tell me what way would you wear?

Previous Real Life Fifty Friday’s From Penneys Can Be Seen Below For Refrence And Inspiration.

Spring , Summer And Winter .

This post is in proud collaboration with Penneys. The pieces used for this post were purchased using gift vouchers. This in no way influences my work. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Fifty Friday | Holiday Dreaming

It’s been a minute i know but hopefully this makes up for the extended break. I had a little think about what topic to go with. The weather was to pick up this week, what happened? That only calls for one thing. Lots of looks to get you excited for the Summer to come and lets face it keep us going. So here i am putting together some beach/ holiday/ pool looks to mainly keep me ticking over until sunnier times or we are blown away with Dorothy. Whichever happens first.

I have been trying to hold off on Summer shopping but i think when it comes to swimwear you have to strike while the iron is hot. Sizes get whipped up so quickly and before you know it there is only odds and ends left. Penneys have already got such a good range in that i couldn’t help it.

Fifty Friday – Outfits Under Fifty Euro

Cover-ups and accessories are the kind of things you can pick up here and there and you won’t feel it adding up. When i think back to years ago, basic top and shorts were as exciting as it got. The odd kaftan that were practically always bordering on tacky old lady cruise wear. But now there is so much more choice.

Beach / Pool / Summer / Holiday Swimwear Looks

Trends are seen throughout the swimwear genre too with pieces to create really pretty looks with. The bits you used to just throw on walking down to the pool or beach are now looks in themselves. It is afterall what you spend majority of your holiday in so why not go for things you will enjoy wearing. Admittedly some “cover-ups” are good enough to wear in their own right as part of your holiday wardrobe.

Here are some poolside and beach looks all for under €50, that will serve you well if you are lucky enough to be off to the sun this summer. Weather it’s a snazzy pool party or a relaxed day at the beach there is plenty to choose from. Really affordable outfits to update your holiday wardrobe easily.

Dress €15 , Suit €14 , Bumbag €8 , Sandals €6 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €43

Bikini Top €7 , Bottoms €5 , Crop Tie Top €7 , Shorts €7 , Bag €10 , Towel €8 , Sandals €6 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €50

Suit €10 , Dress €15 , Glasses €1.50 , Bag €10 , Sandals €8 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €44.50

Bikini Top €7 , Bottoms €6 , Shirt Dress €10 , Hairband €3 , Sandals €6 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €32

Top €7 , Bikini Top €5 , Bikini Bottoms €5 , Shorts €13 , Sandals €8 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €38

Glasses €1.50 , Shirt €13 , Top €7 , Bottoms €5 , Bag €14 , Sandals € All Penneys

Total Outfit = €41.50

Sandals €6 , Suit €14 , Shorts €13 , Bag €14 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €47

Scrunchie €3 , Kaftan €7 , Top €5 , Bottoms €3 , Sliders €6 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €24

So tell me are you off away this year? What must have pieces are on your list?


Real Life Fifty Friday | Penneys Winter 18


How is it December? Like how? Wasn’t it July like 5 minutes ago? I’m not complaining as such cause i do love me some Christmas. Anddd  i’m beyond delighted to be putting together a final Fifty Friday with Penneys for 2018. I had so much fun working on the Spring and Summer editions earlier in the year so i am buzzing to add Winter 18 to the list. A collection of head to toe looks for around the €50 mark. Super affordable outfits to do you over the festive period.



Penneys Winter 2018


It’s the time of year when there is so much going on. Parties, festive drinks, yearly meet-ups, family dinners, not to mention the whole 12 pubs thing. Lots of places to go and nothing to wear. I wanted to put together some affordable outfits that would work for a whole range of things. Looks that could also be mix and matched for maximum potential. Pieces that can be dressed up or down to work hard for you this Winter. Not just for Christmas but beyond. It’s such an expensive time of year you don’t need to be wasting money on things you won’t wear again. I think i have just about sorted myself for over the Christmas period.


Look 1


Stripe Dress €22 , Shoes (Wide Fit) €14 , Bag €12 , Earrings €4

Total Outfit = €52


Cheap christmas party


Kicking things off with a party piece. An easy to wear , extremely flattering midi dress. I got serious 70’s disco / glam-rock vibes from this number. The kind i got from the dress i wore to the blog awards. An era that is all about the glam and getting on the dance-floor. Perfect for the silly season. I adore the colours in this dress and i think they work both really well together but also for this time of year. Winter can cause folk to fear colour so it’s nice to add in some rich pops whenever you can. Vertical stripes are renowned for being flattering as are wrap cuts so this is a match made in heaven. The back of the dress is elasticated which i feel is why it fit me with ease.


Gold handle bag


For the accessories i was quite torn. In one way i felt the dress didn’t need much but on the other hand i adored the clash of the leopard print against the stripe. I had the plain black version of the bag which did look good too but i couldn’t help myself. It kind of ties in with the whole glam feel for me too where more is more. A really statement bag for a really small price. Hold by the handle for one look or by the gold chain for another.

When it came to the shoes , i was thinking to myself oh lord no i’m not able. I just cannot do sky scraper heels anymore. Pointed sock boots where a thought however they didn’t have my size. I was delighted to spy these lower heeled 2 part sandals in the wide fit section. This is my desired fit as i am just that, a wide 6 and don’t have to get a 7. A comfortable heel height that is really manageable for dancing the night away. The fit of the width and length where spot on but i did find the strap a little snug.


Stripe dress


I finished off the look with some mustard drop stone earrings. The colour matches in perfectly in with the rich tone in the dress. Subtle but a little something for the party season. I have really got into earrings this year. There was a time when i only wore studs or my looped piercings. A statement earring is a really easy and affordable way to update a look or take it to the next level. The neckline really didn’t need anything here and the bag was already providing enough added extra.


Party dress


I feel this would be a good option for those who are not into sequins and sparkle. Still dressy enough without being OTT. This is something that can definitely be worn again into the New Year and beyond. One of those handy to have dresses that can be pulled out time and time again. Mix it up with some boots and a leather jacket. Layer up with a polo neck underneath.


• Look 2 •


Skirt €16 , Polo Neck (Sizes XXS-XXL) €12 ,  Boots €22 , Bag €12

Total Outfit = €62


 mustard leopard


This is the look where i lost the run of myself and the challenge turned into more of a Sixty Sunday. I know that i could have done this look for a lot less by switching up majority of the pieces and pairing cheaper alternatives with the skirt. It would just not look or feel the same as the idea i had in my head. I really wanted to try a tonal look this time around. There is something about tonal dressing that is very chic and looks quite expensive. I’m not generally one for wearing neutral colours so this was a fun one for me. I took the leopard skirt, which i just had to have, and pulled the tones from there to build on. Each piece added was in another neutral tone.


polo neck skirt


Mustard is one of my favourite colours to pair with leopard print. It was a toss-up between that and a deep jewel green. Both are really rich so really lift the print. As I was trying to keep this one tonal the mustard was a winner. Something I will wear again with a number of things. I am not too sure if the roll neck is the most flattering on me. All kinds of memes spring to mind when I look at the pictures. ‘Fat Monica’ being one of them and The Rock another. I do love a polo neck for winter though. They are great for layering up. Styling a thicker knit one like this with a skirt keeps things really cosy but takes it to the next level. This one right here is long-line so I think it will be great for over Christmas with some leather trousers.


The skirt was a no brainer. Midi and leopard print, come on. After wearing midi skirts all Summer I was worried as to how I would translate this into winter. I need not have worried. Animal print is an excellent way to keep the trend alive in the colder months. Not only for A/W though cause I sure as hell will be wearing this beauty well through next year. The waist is elasticated and very generous. I would image that the size 20 would fit a 22 with ease and possibly even a small 24. It is most definitely worth a try. I styled it here with a knit for the season that is in it but you can bet my back side that I will be tucking in t-shirts for months to come too. You could easily switch up the top here for something a little dressier for a party or night out. Add in a sandal or heel too if you like.


tan bag boots


When I saw this bag I was like yes, yep, yup you are going in the basket. I have been obsessing over handle bags all year. Statement bags have always been my thing but I think my taste in them and the styles I choose have matured of late. With a bag like this I am still getting all of the wow factor that like without it being extremely novelty. As I was keeping the palette tonal in neutrals I opted for the tan version rather than the black that is also available. There are a few ways to wear this bag which I like. The obvious being by the handle which I thing works for day or night. Leave the strap hanging short for day to day wear or tucked inside the bag for a night out as more of a clutch. Open the strap out to wear cross-body and leave the ring handle as a detail of the bag. The same can be said for leaving it over one shoulder hanging down by your side. I thought that the pattern in the resin handle tied in well with the leopard print too.


The boots have been on my list for awhile so when I was planning this look there wasn’t really any other option. I wanted a lighter toned pair that could be worn day or night. As I have so many pairs of black shoes and boots I welcomed the addition. Something for wearing with lighter wash jeans was also on the brief. I do have some tan Chelsea boots which I love so I wasn’t after tan as such. This mole toned beige was a perfect medium I felt. The heel, sole and stud trim make them look far more expensive than twenty quid. I like how high they come up on the leg too, I don’t think I own any like this. They went well with the leopard for a change, like I said I would usually go straight for black. Although the bag and boots are nowhere near the same colour it was all kind of tonal so worked as a whole.  I hope so anyways lol.


christmas clothes


Every single piece of this look will be worn again both together and separately. In so many different variations too. A real contender for a Christmas day look. Super cosy and warm but enough to be suitable for the special day. The elasticated waist will come in handy after dinner too. You know if you know. I might even try this look with the cream roll neck from look 3 with a red boot then. See, so many possibilities. This could possibly be my favourite look from them all here.



Look 3


Jumper €5  (Sizes XXS-XXL) , Scarf €6 , Bag €16 , Boots €19 , Leggings €8

Total Outfit = €54



Penneys winter 18


Next up is probably the simplest of all the looks. Easy to put together and even easier to wear. Effortless Winter woollies to keep to cosy and sorted. For this one i had in mind heading to and from overnight Christmas parties. Extreme comfort for travelling and handy to throw on. I wore this myself on a pre-Christmas weekend break last weekend and it lived up to my expectations. It is the kind of outfit that you would sport to brave town in that awful weather we are having. Starting with a cozy knit in the form of this off white roll neck jumper. With comfort in mind jeans where not the one. I was opting for leggings which although unreal for comfort are not always the easiest to wear. This pair however are more like a jodphur. Thicker than your average legging and not a bit see thru. Maybe more on the lines of treggings. The waistband is elasticated at the sides which fits really well and feels quite supportive on. They sat perfectly into the boots. The scarf while functional also provides a pop of colour.


Airplane weekend travel bag


I have wanted a new travel bag awhile now. One big enough to hold my laptop and tablet among other things but still look good. It’s big without being too big. This large tote is perfect. Great for a weekend bag to hold all of the essentials a girl needs. I will use this as a plane bag too as it has everything i look for in one of those. It doesn’t look out of place with this outfit either which shows how useful this bag is and is going to be. Yes i know how sad it is to be this happy about a handbag.

The boots are another thing that i have been eyeing up for awhile. Boots have never been bigger than this year. Every style going is trending and none for so than the combat , biker , workman vibe. Docs have become mainstream popular again but i know i wouldn’t wear them enough to justify the price. I do like the style though and these are super similar. Perfect for the wet Winter weather to keep the tootsies dry. If you like jumping in muddy puddles too hey. Great to throw on with leggings or jeans. I’d style these with some midi skirts and jumper dresses too.


Cozy winter woolies


You just can’t not have a check scarf for Winter. The print is a great way to add some colour to dull or plain outfits. There are so many variations ranging from traditional tartan to subtle checks. I liked the brighter background of this one, it sat on the jumper well. The pattern is just right with a great mix of colours. Super snuggley. The scarf itself is massive so would work well as wrap or belted like a cape. I think it would make a lovely gift too.

 primark scarf

Again these are all individual pieces that will be worn again and again with other items in my wardrobe. I have a felling that the leggings are going to become a staple and a new firm favourite. I’ll certainly be grabbing some more pairs. The jumper will look great with the leopard midi skirt above too. Either skirt actually. I’m thinking how fab the scarf will look on a red coat now. Imagine Christmas Day. 


Look 4


Skirt €16 , Top €15 , Shoes €14 , Bag €12

Total Outfit = €57


penneys snake print


Up next is the second of two midi skirts. I had no reservations about including two midis for well two reasons. They where and are huge this year and i have wore them so much. Although yes i want to show some outfit inspiration but also want to keep it real with things i would actually wear. This time the print is another type of animal – reptile. Snake print has been everywhere the last while but can be a daunting trend to tackle. I was drawn to the coloured pattern here. Another party look that isn’t a glitter-ball but still dressy enough for all of the festivities. A more demure one some might say. You could however swap up the top for some sparkle if that is more your thing. Again super easy to wear and one that would be really comfortable for a dinner. A possible look for Christmas day too. The print comes in a top too if you are not into skirts. Also a georgous wrap dress. I’ve shared them on my Insta Stories if you fancy a goo.




The top is a crop, a length i would normally never go for. However i knew it would sit just right on the high waist skirt. Sometimes having a shorter top is better as there is less bulk to tuck in. It is just the perfect length to sit on skirts so it worked out really well. There is a body suit in Penneys right now very similar to this with the wrap neckline and long sleeve in the same type of fabric. I don’t really do suits though i don’t find them very comfy and there is a lot of fiddling in the loo. The sleeves here give just the right amount of volume and drama. Kind of give off the same 70’s vibes as i have mentioned above. The neckline is very flattering. It can be as open or as pulled across closed as you like. There isn’t a worry about it opening though as there isn’t that gap. There is a tie along the band at the back with a small gap up over it. A slight cut out. It wasn’t something that bothered me but it could also allow some more give if you where a bigger size 20 or a smaller size 22.


christmas party look


The skirt is not as stretchy as the leopard print one from look 2. The waistband is elasticated and there is no zip but it seems to be that the band is more fixed to the pleats in the skirt so there isn’t much more give. There is still room in the size 20 on me but i probably would not be recommending that two sizes bigger could fit it with ease. It sits well on me and i liked how it fell. It is slightly more static or close to the body again than the first skirt but that is down to fabric. The colour palette is really beautiful with lots of styling potential. I should have really went for a brighter colour to match up with the skirt but you know me and black. It wears well and will slot into my wardrobe and match the 800 pairs of black shoes that i have. I can see a cream top looking really well with this and some coloured shoes.


With the accessories again I needed a heel and so the only way to go was a midi heel. I got to use the pair from look 1 again which I am happy enough with but I cannot stop thinking about a pair that I put back.  In hindsight the other pair would have been much better with look 1 but I had them in mind for this look. I felt in the end that they were too much. A lower heel again but a multi coloured metallic cross strap. Very Disco, very glam, very party. I had the black version of the leopard bag from above for this look. I kept everything black and let the skirt do the talking. Hold this one by the gold handle or use the equally gold chain. I’ve held it both ways here so it is very versatile. You can also remove the chain too if you desire. Another great statement bag for a really affordable price.


 coloured snake print


I can’t wait to dress this one down too with a chunky knit and boots. I could easily swap this skirt with the other midi as the colours would work really well with the tans and browns in the print. Penneys have a stunning bluey / navy sequin tee top that i would like to try with this one. You will probably see in pop up on my Instagram again but with a leather jacket and runners i’d imagine. Another look i can see working well into Spring and not just taking up space in your wardrobe.



Look 5


Jumper €6 (Sizes XXS-XXL) , Shirt €6 , Leggings €8 (Sizes XXS-XXL) , Boots €17

Total Outfit = €37


12 pubs of christmas


Finally, i wanted to include a Crimbo jumper with the Season that is in it. I figured not everybody is into the whole traditional , naff Christmas jumper trend and that is fine. So i wanted to put together a look that is modern , affordable and easy to wear. Be it to charity day in work , festive lunches or the 12 pubs. This slogan sweater is witty with a pop reference thrown in for good measure. Who doesn’t want to be Beyonce? And who knows it might grab you some attention *wink wink*. Paired here with some pvc leggings and velvet feel booties. All of the comfort but lots of texture and elements to it.

 crimbo jumper


The jumper goes all the way up to a XXL which is a size 22-24. I grabbed that size when i saw it thinkingthe bigger the better for layering and hopefully longer. Truth be told the XL would have been fine. This one is kind of more wide than long on but cosy none the less. 


I have said time and time again that i adore the look of a collar shirt under a jumper. There is just something about the collar popping out from underneath the neckline that i love. I favour this look when it comes to Christmas jumpers too. Weather it’s denim, check or a crisp white shirt, the layer will add some warmth but also lots of style. I went for white here to draw on the lettering in the slogan. This preppy type style is a great contrast to the leggings and i like that. You could of course do jeans or a skirt with tights also. That is kind of the joy of this look. 


novelty slogan christmas jumper



And there we have it. Five affordable looks to serve some inspiration to see you through the festive period. Some key pieces to pick up and easily work into your winter wardrobe. Thank you so much to Penneys for helping me make my visions come to life and to you lot for all your feedback and support. 2018 has been a great year for Just The F Word.



This post was sponsored by Penneys. The looks where purchased using vouchers provided by Penneys. This in no way influences my thoughts or actions. All opinions and ideas are my own. I only share pieces and brands that i really love.


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