Why hello there OPTW, haven’t seen you in awhile. It’s no secret that i have been struggling of late with content and getting it finished while it’s still relevant. I kind of explained here and i have been trying really hard since to execute my ideas properly and get shit did. It’s got better but i’m still not totally satisifed. I had a think about why i started blogging and the type of posts both you guys and i enjoyed. Why not take it right back to an old favourite One Piece Ten Ways. Not rocket science but i basically take one item and i style it ten completely different ways. I used to adore putting these posts together and challenging myself. These type of posts take a lot of time to put together as you can imagine. Ideally i would love to be able to get one of these up a week in edition to a Fifty FridayBaby steps Kiera. Baby steps.


One Piece Ten Ways


One of my favourite One Piece Ten Ways posts was this one right here where i used a modern white shirt from River Island. Far more versatile than you would think and that is the beauty of these styling posts. Showing how you can get your moneys worth from the things you buy and make your wardrobe work for you. Don’t leave things you love all alone in the back of the wardrobe. Get them into rotation and get the wear from them.

One Piece Ten Ways

To ease me back in the swing of things i needed to pick an item that would make life easy. Something that if you bought would also make dressing easier for you. For me personally dresses or skirts are the most versatile options. I also don’t like excluding anyone with my choice of posts so i wanted a piece that is size inclusive and will fit so many ladies not just one section. Simply Be is a place that caters for that cross section. I spied this red floral dress and endless styling potentials came into my head. We have a winner. Available in sizes 10-26. The waist is elasticated so in theory you could say it may fit sizes 8-28. I think that is quite an inclusive cross section of sizes and im happy to roll with that. The price too at only €12.50 , this dress is very affordable. With ten different ways to wear thats quick maths. Without further adue here are 10 possible ways to wear one dress.


Ways To Wear – Red Floral Dress


Red was and still is a huge colour trend. One you know by now that i love. Florals for Spring are also groundbreaking so i once heard. A flattering A-line shape dress can go along way. As i mentioned already the waste is elasticated so there is comfort but definition in the shape. The buttons create more styling oppertunities as you can leave them loose or choose how you want the neckline to look. A sleeve is always nice too. The cuffs are also elasticated so you could push or roll them up to change up the look of the dress. As always these looks are purely for inspiration. What might be a dressy look for you will be a festival look for somebody else and so on and so forth. You may also already have things like the items shown that might spark some inspiration for you.



 Office clothes

 Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Blazer €49 Dorothy Perkins (Sizes 6-22) , Bow €11 ASOS , Loafers €32.99 New Look , Bag €27.99 H&M 



City Break

Holiday clothes

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Hat €16.50 ASOS , Shoes €17.99 New Look , Glasses €4 And Belt €4 Penneys  ,  Bag €29.95 Zara 



Ways wear Red floral dress

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26)Plus Denim Jac‌ket €59.99 New Look (Sizes 18-32) , Cropped Denim Jacket €17 Penneys , Shoes €24 Boohoo , Red Bag €14.99 H&M , Backpack €10 Penneys 


Night Out

Red floral dress

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Belt €6.99 New Look , Bralet €12.99 New Look  , Earrings €10 V By Very , Shoes €36 Simmi Shoes , Bag €19 Dorothy Perkins 



Concert gig festival outfit

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Boots €24 Simmi Shoes , Gilet €20 New Look , Hat €16 Boohoo ,  Bag €26 Boohoo



Summer wardrobe

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Bag €10 Penneys , Shoes £30 Linzi , Hat €14.99 New Look 



One piece ten ways to wear

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Parka €39.99 H&M (Sizes 6-20) , Khaki Jacket With Embroidery €62.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-32) , Boots €22 MissguidedBag €8.99 H&M Kids  , Flower Crown €12 Claires


Day To Day

Day clothes


Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Boots €15 ShoeRack , Jacket €49.99 New look (Sizes 8-18) Bag €19.99 H&M , Jacket €80 River Island (Sizes 18-28) ,



Ocassion look

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Shoes £35 Linzi , Bag €16 Boohoo , Earrings €13 Boohoo ,


Garden Party / BBQ



Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Jacket €40 Next (Sizes 4-22) ,  Shoes €14 Penneys , Earrings €3 Penneys



There we have it. I have really enjoyed getting stuck into this one and i hope you have enjoyed it too. What way would you wear this dress?



Hey you, Long time no see. It has been awhile since i last did one of these style posts. I had mentioned on Facebook a few weeks back that i actually didn’t know why i ever stopped doing them. Taking one piece of clothing or accessories and basically putting them into ten different looks. This is a really fun one for me to do, often challenging myself to think outside the box. The premise of these posts are to show how hard your clothes can work for you. We often worry when splashing out on something new, will I actually wear this? You don’t wanna spend a weeks wages only to find that thing you just had to have at the back of the wardrobe two years later. Investing in pieces that will be worn. There is also the element of getting to try something new without too much commitment seen as you already own the item. By creating so many looks using this one piece, you are really getting the wear from things you love but also getting a fresh look each time. I in no means am saying that you have to buy all of these pieces. Take inspiration using pieces that are already in your wardrobe or key pieces from these posts. I would look and think, oh hey that would be cool with my printed trousers from last year or those shoes i have been dying to wear.

So getting down to business, what comes to mind when we think of a plain white shirt? We nearly all own one. Plain? Bland? Only for interviews or funerals? White shirts are so classic that they are big wardrobe staples. This one in particular is a basic with a twist though. From its super flattering shape to the detailing and tie up sleeves. Far from your average stiff collar and cuffs option. Tie up the neckline into a pussy-bow or leave it undone and loose for a relaxed feel. From office to bar, this is one piece that can work and work for you. Putting some style into both boring work-wear and giving new life to the after hours wearing too. All around i feel this is a really good investment that is not only flattering but will save the day on more than one occasion.

Here are ten ways to wear this one white shirt. Each look shows a completely different style and hopefully some inspiration.


White Shirt Festival Look

Incorporate a classic piece such as the white shirt into your festival look this season. The soft, flow of the fabric compliments the other materials really well for that all over boho look.

White Shirt €45 , Waistcoat €60Shoes €55 , Shorts €35 , Glasses €21 , Bag €30 , Hat €26 All River Island.


White Shirt Summer Occassion

The sheer nature and detailing in this blouse make it dressy enough for an occasion. The pleated peplum-esque hem sits beautifully on a pencil shaped skirt. Add pops of colour for Summer.

White Shirt €45 , Clutch €25 , Skirt €51Shoes €64 , All River Island.


White Shirt Travel Outfit

The light fabric in this shirt makes for a cool travel outfit. Paired With fun, patterned trousers and comfy shoes.

     White Shirt €45 , Jacket €52 , Trousers €50 , Travel Organiser €20 , Shoes €50 ,  Suitcase €95 ,  Glasses €22 All River Island.


White Shirt Tough Look

From one wardrobe staple to another. Pairing a classic shirt with a leather jacket and caged shoes for a slightly tougher , edgy look. A fail safe, easy go to look that will take you from day to night.

 White Shirt €45 , Necklace €10 , Jeans €50 , Shoes €60 , Bag €63Jacket €80 , All River Island


White shirt pinafore look


Layering up with a denim pinafore and grown up accessories make for a great smart casual look. Imagine the bow tied at the collar to hang down the front. This outfit would also work well with tights and boots.

 White Shirt €45 , Pinafore €48 , Earrings €10 , Bag €60 , Shoes €75 , All River Island.


Everyday white shirt look

One for an everyday pulled together look. This one works really easily and looks great against the khaki and denim combo. The boots and jeans are comfy and the jacket is structured yet altogether it balances out.

White Shirt €45 , Jeans €50 , Waistcoat €65 , Boots €60 , All River Island.


White Shirt Boho Glam

Taking a classic wardrobe staple and giving it a boho glam twist. The  shirt is very subtle so is perfect next to these heavily embellished shorts. Gold wrap up heels and some bohemian style earrings tie this look altogether.

White Shirt €45 , Shorts €100 , Earrings €13 , Shoes €55 ,  All River Island.


fun casual white shirt look

This looks shows that it is possible to also get some off-duty casual wear from your purchase. With some fun patterned jeans and flats, this works surprisingly well. Picking up the yellow wit the accessories to add some

White Shirt €45 , Earrings 50c (I know) , Jeans €60 , Bag €47 , Shoes €45, All River Island.


office wear

One for the modern office of today. Sophisticated but stylish. A pop of colour comes from the trousers but their tapered shape keeps them office appropriate. Adding a smart blazer really pulls this one together. Love the loafers with the trousers.

White Shirt €45 , Jacket €77 , Watch €45 , Trousers €45 , Shoes €20 , Bag €42 , All River Island


Last minute look

Finishing with one we all go to. In a rush flying out the door, panic set in, what do i wear? So easy to throw on for a last minute night out or a dinner. Add some heels and a statement clutch to some jeans and hey presto. Add some rings or earrings to really jazz it up.

White Shirt €45 , Jeans €50 , Ring €8 , Shoes €75 , Clutch €12 , All River Island


So there you have it. Ten completely different looks using one white shirt. The more looks i put together the more and more i know this is a great purchase. A stunning shape and lots of detail which is far from basic.


The Subject of this weeks One Piece Ten Ways is this bargain H&M Dress. A stunning red floor length number that is so wearable and affordable. Ticking too many boxes for party season wear. A fail-safe bet and really handy to have hanging in your wardrobe for those last minute festivities.Red is always a winner for this time of year. I feel this dress will be quite flattering to most body types. The wrap style and drawn in waist will wear well. I have put together some looks with statement belts that could be worn if you remove the tassel tie. A glam dress that wouldn’t look out of place on any dance floor. I enjoyed dressing this one down too for a night out that doesn’t require the whole shebang. Classic black and metallic accessories add to the richness. A long sleeved dress too which will please a lot of ladies, myself included. In sizes 6-20 if you order from the UK site and delivery with Parcel Motel. There is a lot more styling that can be done than you would think. A budget friendly Christmas party dress that looks three times the price. 

Clutch €29.99 , Shoes €39.99
All H&M


Dress €19.99 H&M , Jacket €25, 
Clutch €8, Shoes €18, 
All Penneys,

All River Island.

All River Island

All Boohoo.com

All Boohoo.

All Boohoo.com

All New Look

All New Look


This weeks piece of choice went down a treat over on the Facebook page. I had a posted a look featuring this paisley skirt from River Island and there seemed to be so much potential for the A-line skirt. A classic print, in a classic shape that is somehow made modern by monochrome. There is so much to be said for a well fitting piece in a colour way like this. There is also a pencil version in this print here, but for me the other shape was more versatile.
As always black & white is a dream to style. It worked well dressy casual with some knits and boots. The flirty shape looks so good with bare legs and statement heels. A piece that will be really handy to have in your wardrobe over the holiday period.
Skirt €40, Scarf €47,
Jumper €43, Bag €55, Boots €85.
All River Island

Skirt €40, Hat €33,
Jumper €43 , Boots €45.
All River Island

Skirt €40, Blouse €43
Bag €47, Shoeboots €70
All River Island

Skirt €40, Cape €135, Necklace €25 , 
Vest €8, Shoes €45 , Bag €47.
All River Island

Skirt €40, Bag €33, Waistcoat €25, 
Top €35, Boots €50
All River Island

Skirt €40, Top €35, 
Gilet €100, Boots €120.
All River Island

Skirt €40, Top €40, 
Shoes €95, Bag €25.
All River Island

Skirt €40, Jacket €160, Hat €17, 
Vest €22, Shoes €50 , Bag €37.
All River Island

Skirt €40, Jacket €80, 
Necklace €25, Shoes €85 , Bag €55.
All River Island
Skirt €40, Earrings €8,
Top €40 , Shoes €60, Bag €95.
All River Island


Another week, another piece, another ten ways. Thinking about what to choose, i knew one thing, that i wanted something with colour. Winter doesn’t have to be dull and dreary, the weather does enough of that. This skirt stuck out for me. The colour is fresh and soft, while the suede fabric keeps it Season appropriate. The A-line shape and button down front is something we have seen a lot of this year. A flattering fit and reminiscent of the 70’s era that has dominated the past Season.

The skirt of choice is from River Island. It is limited edition so comes in at the higher price range. There is a similar style available, in the same powder blue, for less. I personally really like the button feature and shape. There is a nicer look to it too. Either way, it is the colour that i was going for so the same look can be achieved with either skirt.

Styling this was really enjoyable and quite easy. Playing with textures is key with an A/W wardrobe. The suede provided a great base for that. Adding, faux furs, reptile prints and leathers created great contrast and depth to the looks. Neutral tones such as camel and tan went surprisingly well against the blue. 

With this first look i matched the faux fur scarf to the blue of the skirt. Then added the camel tone into the mix. A cosy look with lots of texture.

All River Island

Again a statement scarf containing the blue tone, matched well. Keeping the base black then so’s not to get too busy. The pink satchel bag is an added pop of colour, following suit of the pink stripe of the scarf.

All River Island

A busy printed shirt that works well with the powder blue tone. Tucked into the skirt this is a great stylish day to night look. A comfy mid heel boot that looks good tet gets you from A to B easily.

All River Island

A soft winter look. The pale blue sits well with these neautral tones. Adding a polo neck to a fur gilet is very A/W. 
Finishing off with a knee boot for a cosy, chic look.
All River Island

Grey worked well here against the blue. Keeping the top bright and fresh under the statement of the waistcoat. The only way to go with the boot was a grey.

All River Island

A smart look built up with lots of print and texture. The muted tones work without being over-bearing. 

All River Island

Lots going on here for a night out. An embellished top makes for a flirty look. The fringe heels and fancy clutch keep it all go.

All River Island

Navy and blue go hand in hand. Coming from the same colour family. A smart but cool look.

All River Island

Had to use that scarf again, it went so well with the skirt. Matching up the camel and tan tones with the jacket and boots. Keeping warm and stylish easily.

All River Island

I see this one as a look for the Winter Markets. Wrapped up, stylish and perfect for an evening in town.

All River Island


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