About Me

Hiiiiiii. Only me. The name is Kiera and this is my little corner of the internet. A place to share my thoughts and findings in the world of fashion. Welcome, no need to take off your shoes i’d actually quite like to see what ones you are wearing. So a little bit about me…



How it all began

Just The F Word was born out of sheer frustration for two reasons. After years of studying and working in several areas of the fashion industry, one day it all stopped. Blogging gave me the creative outlet i needed. It keeps me going and more importantly it keeps me involved with the only thing i’ve ever really known.


I originally started to post for myself several years back before blogging became mainstream. As it’s popularity grew so did my frustration. As a reader i felt there were hardly any blogs i could relate to personally. Social media and society today have women painted a certain way and that spilled over into the blogging community like wildfire.


I am not a twig nor do i have a hedge fund. I aim to be the reallest i can be, otherwise what is the point right. Posting pretty pictures online is all sweetness and light but we do live in a real world after all. One where we come in all different shapes and sizes. I love that , it’s what makes us who we are.


I’m a warts and all kind of girl so inturn is my little blog. I want this to be a place for everyone regardless of age or size. Thanks for taking the time to see what i have to say, it honestly means the world to me. Come say hi.


Kiera ♡


F Word Blog


You can find me on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter for daily posts and ramblings. Go on be me friend, my mam says i’m sound lol.




* Disclaimers *

* I am lucky enough to be sent/gifted items from brands. This does in no way influence my thoughts or decisions. All opinions are my own. Any clothes i receive i choose myself and am very grateful. I only share things i really love. 


* Some affilate links are used for shopping meaning that I may receive a small amount if you make a purchase using this link i shared. This does not affect the price for you nor does it influence or affect the things i share. 

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