Proper make-up brush cleaning is so important for two reasons: 1 — cleaning removes bacteria and dirt that can cause breakouts on your face. A cleaner brush equals a cleaner face and better
results. And 2— to keep your brushes in good condition. Meaning they will last longer and again you will get better results.

A genius invention from Sigma Beauty came on the market which revolutionalised brush cleaning
forever. The grooves on the glove are used to wash the bristles by rubbin the brush up and down in a painting motion. A brilliant buy but will set you back $35.

If you are loving this idea then you need this €2 oven glove from Penneys/Primark. It will do exactly the same job for a fraction of the cost.
The gloves has little grooves that should work just as well as the sigma version. In theory the idea is the same. A little budget beauty tool ♡

Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Glove
€2 Penneys / Primark Oven Glove
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