I’m sure you all remember seeing this picture that Cocoa Brown posted doing the rounds. Every page and ever blogger going shared it. It was everywhere. I couldn’t help but feel that the popularity and interest in this image all boiled down to the communal struggle that us ladies face when tanning their back.

Photo shared by Cocoa Brown

When held to ransom by this dilemma, what is a girl to do? All around the world poor blokes are being roped into trying their hand at this task. Others have even had to grab dad as a last resort. Thanks Paul! Some girls have actually had to bring their tan and mitt on a night out and get a friend to fix their back in the loo. A serious first world problem right there. No matter how much you wriggle or attempt moves that rival a circus contortionist, there are spots that we just cannot reach. There has to be an easier way right. What if there was something else. Something that was really affordable and easy to put together? One your other halves will only be delighted about.

How to tan your back

Me, well i made my own contraption to solve this issue. I bought this back scrubber in Penneys last year and thought you’ll do. I popped a tanning mitt over the brush part and hey presto. If needed, secure the mitt with an elastic band or hair tie. I feel there is more control over the tool when the brush and mitt are secured. You can now easily reach those tricky spots and apply your tan using a just a mirror. The handle is a great length that is really easy to grip and use. When you are finished, take the mitt off and you have the scrubber to exfoliate your back. It’s a win win.

Fake Tan Back Tanning Mit

I thought it was sheer madness in this day and age that there wasn’t many specific products available that do this task. Needs must so us girls are having to get more and more creative. The hanger idea is the same in theory, i just know it would annoy me by falling off. Each to their own though, whatever beauty hack works for you.

Self tan applicator
Since my original posting, the brains behind Cocoa Brown, Marissa Carter, has released her own version at €7.99. It does look to be a great product and a step in the right direction for beauty lovers. In these recessional times though money can be tight. If you can DIY it why not. I definitely stand by my affordable little invention. These back scrubbers are still available in Penneys for €1.50 and are too handy. Is this something you would try?
* Originally posted 24/04/2015 and edited 25/05/2016.
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