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There has been something on my mind the last while. Something really negative that has got to me. I have tried and tried to not think about this or get consumed, but really there is no hiding from it. There has been a massive shift within the blogging community, one i’m not sure that readers are that aware of. Yes, as it goes i am relatively new to blogging myself. I am a little gold fish in a great ocean really. I have been an avid reader of many for years and adore the art of blogging. A blog is a platform for people to express themselves, to voice opinions and thoughts. A place to share their words, images and passions. I first opened up a blog a couple of years back. It really wasn’t the right time for me then so i never went public with it. I finally bit the bullet over a year ago and have been using my little blog as the creative outlet i needed ever since. One that i had been missing for so long and it showed. I really have never enjoyed something so much. Being able to talk about and share what i love has been a savior for me. But to now have the thing i use as a positive becoming associated in such a negative way, is dragging me down.

“Blogging” is now the IN thing. I put that in inverted commas as i feel the word is being used wrong a lot of the time. #Blogger is everywhere. Like everywhere. It seems to all be falling under one umbrella and i think that has to change. Here are some of my thoughts on the issues that have been raised on both forums and within the media of late.


Bloggers and YouTubers alike get sent lots of products for review. No issue there, it’s always nice to get nice things. My problem with this lies in well, the lies. A new product is released, all the top dogs receive it. Queue a flurry of posts, snaps and videos beaming how amazing this is and how you HAVE to have it. It just arrived, it hasn’t been tried or tested to any length but you have to have it. This is easy and possibly borderline lazy. No thought going into the content, type up a few lines saying how amazing this new thing is and wallah you have a post. The other side to this is the posts that are sponsored. Brands will pay to have their product reviewed or shown across a bloggers platforms. That’s fine as long as readers/ viewers are aware of this. I feel this puts a lot of pressure on the readers though. Everyone wants the latest In thing and will believe that they need it because their favourite “guru” has said so. If you pay attention you will notice that said product is never mentioned again. The paid ad was shown and that is the end of that, except you can be left out of pocket and let down with this recommendation. This especially gets to me if it something young impressionable girls pin their hopes on, be it problem skin or weight worries. These issues run deep in society and if role models are not being honest this can only get worse. So many young girls look up to bloggers nowadays and take their word as gospel. There has to be some responsibility taken with that. By sending out post upon post of paid for bias reviews with no honest opinions is becoming detrimental to both other bloggers and society.


As brands saw the potential in bloggers and how blogging as a whole was taking off the whole industry blew up. It was now something current and new and being seen as one of “those jobs”. I think it is a beautiful thing when you can combine your passion in life with your work. Making a career out of something you truly love has always been a dream of mine. To be excited to go to work and not dread Monday’s. To live to work rather than work to live. So of course i think fair play to those who have made blogging their full-time job. I feel though as soon as it becomes that, that’s when the blogging stops. No blog posts. No creative content. Just plugs, merchandise and appearances. Again fine but i do think they should drop the #Blogger title. 

I am probably going to get slated for this one, but if i am going to address the issues, then i am going to be totally honest. It seems like everyday more and more Facebook pages are popping up as blogs. Any pages i personally follow are pages from actual blogs that share their stuff on FB too. I’m always on the look out for new stuff to follow and think it is great to see people expressing themselves. Facebook is really popular and accessible so i get that it is a good platform. I think the thing that gets me is the lack of content. I feel as though maybe people see pages belonging to blogs and think ‘i could do that’, Not seeing the work that goes in behind those posts. Then pages appear and seem to just share meme’s, quotes and other peoples images. That is now seen as blogging. 

Yeah i share funny bits and pics too, it’s good to keep it light at times. I think this is nice when it goes alongside credible content though. I am extremely active on my Facebook page so i am not dissing it. I use it as a form of Micro Blogging in-between posts on the blog. FB is fast paced and you can get info and images out quickly. Some things i have to say or share don’t warrant a full lengthy blog post and readers don’t always want that either. A few looks or tips posted daily like a mini magazine style is what i like to both post and read. This is in addition to the actual blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. Therefor when i see a page operating as a ‘blog’ and people referring to it as a blog, it gets me. I have no problem with these kind of things existing but again i think they shouldn’t be seen as blogging. 

I’ve had a lot of my work taken and posted by pages like these. It is not about the credit for me but more the fact again this is being seen as blogging. It is misleading readers that this is the work of said poster and that isn’t right. I and other bloggers alike work hard researching, and putting together our work. I cannot tell you how long some things actually take but that is the part i love. I enjoy working on my stuff. For someone to come along and say i’ll have that is awful. For me it looks like those who do this are in it for the wrong reasons. It’s quick and will cheat them into gaining followers. Again not what blogging for me is about. Ethics come in to play again here or lack of maybe. The same could be said with other platforms but i have just noticed it more with FB.

With every industry or group there is always going to be some sort of bitching. Blogging is no different and can be very cliquey. I haven’t personally experienced that and have to say i have met some amazing, inspiring people since joining the community. Really like minded girls mostly, that support and encourage each other. We share things and help each other out which is really cool. I’ve spoke before about the closed FB groups that are in place and how they have helped and motivated a lot of people. I know i can go to those girls with any problems i have, be it technical web stuff or a legal query or even just to vent after a bad day. There is so much support because i think we are all singing from the same sheet. The only bad thing i can pin point is that i feel as certain blogs take off that they lose their report with their readers. I have seen some of my friends blocked from certain blogs after asking questions. It would seem in certain cases, that if you are not simply bowing down to “blog famous” personalities then you are not welcome to comment. I do get that there is a tirade of abuse hurled around the internet at most who put themselves out there. There is two arguments to this. If you are made famous by followers for showing every aspect of your life, can you then lash out if a follower asks a question about your life? Or should you not have to be answerable to these followers just because you put yourself online? I think a bit of both within reason is the answer.

Transparency is the single most important trait a blogger can have. To be honest with your readers and build up a trust is truly rewarding. I don’t condone any sort of abuse or keyboard warriors attacking online. I do thought think everyone is entitled to their opinion and should be able to give it. Not everyone is going to like what is posted and i kind of like that. It makes us different. Sure if we were all the same how would that work? As long as a comment isn’t abusive or a personal attack i don’t see the harm in a discussion about taste. Of course it is disheartening if you work hard on something for someone to come along and say negative things about it. But ‘nahhh not for me’ isn’t offensive and i don’t think readers should be blocked for having that opinion.

This is not me having a dig at anyone or anything, this is just my personal opinion and taste. I hear “There is room, for us all” a lot but i really don’t totally agree with this statement. I don’t really think there is room for this kind of misleading new wave of blogging within the community. I have felt so uninspired lately. I think the name and art has been turned into a circus. The passion and creativity is being lost. I’m not one to let what others are doing interfere with what i’m doing. It’s not a competition , i’m doing my own thing. It’s just that something i love is being tarred with the same brush as some of the things I’ve been discussing above and i hate that. It is only a fraction of blogs or bloggers who are giving it a bad name, but unfortunately it is those that are being followed in high numbers. Numbers are not important to me. No actually that is a lie, those few who take the time to read what i have to say and support me, well that means the absolute world to me. I would rather though have 3 followers and know that i am being real by posting honest credible content. 

Again i am not attacking anyone. This is my place to share my thoughts in complete honesty. I am hoping that writing this will serve as an outlet for how i have been feeling and maybe open up a side of things that maybe people haven’t seen. I would love to know your thoughts on this too. Discussion is healthy.


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  158. 5 February, 2016 / 5:43 pm

    This is it and its wrong to think cause people aren't sheep that they aren't proper bloggers as you say. I think now side ads etc are okay cause google does them anyways. I think though everything should suit you and your terms. Its a personal choice totally. You are right though mine is my baby too thats why i took this all to heart ♡

  159. 5 February, 2016 / 5:43 pm

    This is it and its wrong to think cause people aren't sheep that they aren't proper bloggers as you say. I think now side ads etc are okay cause google does them anyways. I think though everything should suit you and your terms. Its a personal choice totally. You are right though mine is my baby too thats why i took this all to heart ♡

  160. 5 February, 2016 / 3:10 pm

    …excuse my spelling mistakes! On my phone and bit hard to type 🙂

  161. 5 February, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    Totally agree! I've been blogging the last couple of years but have only recently thought "well I should probably become a bit more of the community", as I love reading others blogs, although had been a bit shy before/ didn't see mysled as a real blogger I guess… the first thing that strick me was the amount of make up and fashion blogs, like 90% of the ones I could find. But then i realised a great number of these are simply full of click bait ads. Some of these "reviews" are just ads pure and simple, the blogger even admits at times they didn't write the piece at all. It's completely bizarre to me! I had been out of the community and just doing my own thing for so long that I'm kinda glad I hadn't ventured into it before -I fear it would have influenced my writing style, and not in a good way. Recently I've been askes if I would consider eeviewing and/ or even having just side ads and I think I'm going to say no on both accounts. We have enough fakery and lies in the world, and my blog is my baby -not something I'm willing to whore out, lol 🙂 x

  162. 30 January, 2016 / 10:44 pm

    That was the thing i was most worried about voicing an opinion on. I feel it all combined is dragging the community down by using the name incorrectly. You are exactly right. Too many sheeps not enough individualism being seen ♡

  163. 30 January, 2016 / 10:19 pm

    I couldn't agree more. Especially about the standalone ''blog'' Facebook pages that just copy and paste images from the web and don't have an actual associated blog. There's no work involved in that at all, and even worse is that there is no passion or creativity behind it.
    It is a bit sad and disconcerting really when you look at the work and love so many other bloggers pour into their blogs but they are left behind because they are not sell-outs.

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