One of the first things i ever posted was about the budget beauty hack for cleaning make-up brushes. Way back when. Since then I have gone a little obsessed with cleaning my brushes. Mainly after reading some horror stories, like the girl who contracted MRSA from a borrowed make-up brush. Thinking about the dirt and bacteria they harvest is making my skin crawl. I seem to be that person that these things happen to. See my experience with fish pedicures here as reason enough for me to be scared of these things. This isn’t something we think about alot really. There are some great benefits to spending an evening at the sink with your brush collection though.

Brushes need to be cleaned often to keep them in good condition. They need to be sanitized or else it’s effectively like rubbing dirt directly into your pores. This can cause breakouts and infections. I try to be really mindfull when i have had a break-out, to clean my brushes well so not to cause a return of these unsightly spots. Another reason why it is a good thing to get in the habit of cleaning your brushes is, the cleaner the brush, the better the application will be too. There are two types of dirt, the second is the one we can physically see. Old make-up left over on the brush can leave foundation looking grubby. By removing the build-up of make-up from your brush it will allow the brush to work properly. The application will be clean and more prescise. 

Yes it is a chore that we don’t really need in our already busy lives. The benefits are clear though so anything to make this task easier is a godsend. Here are some methods and tools i use for quick and effective brush cleaning.

By far the easiest and quickest way to clean your brushes is by using the PS Brush Cleaner  from Penneys / Primark. A €2.50 no water spray cleaner. My original post on this product is here. This won’t give you a deep clean but is great for travelling or inbetween washes. The one thing though is this will dissinfect your brushes so is very handy to have. Spray a few pumps onto an old towel and work the brush back and forth over the spot. You will quickly see the make-up leave the brush and fill the towel. 

When i first started to take my brush game seriously i would sit at the sink, painstakingly washing brush after brush in my bare hand. It took forever and was harsh on my hands. I had seen the Sigma Beauty glove online and it had great reviews. A glove you place over your hand to run the brush around in various directions on. The grooves help to get into the bristles and clean them much quicker. This looked amazing and would save so much time.
In theory i thought this process could be acheived by using something cheaper and easier to get my hands on. Pardon the pun.
These €2 oven Gloves are from our saviour Penneys. They are great for giving your tools a deep clean while protecting the skin on your hands. The rubber type texture is waterproof and ideal for cleaning. The little ridges do the job of breaking up the dirt as you run the brush up and down. Simply pop the glove on and clean the brush with your cleaner of choice. Double the cleaning in half the time, what is not to love. You can read the original post here.

I also picked up this little pink contraption in Penneys for a Euro. It is meant to be a skin cleanser but the little grooves on this get right into the bristles. Again the material and structure is perfect for getting wet and soapy. The size of the little bristle grooves reach where your fingers can’t , Especially for your smaller brushes this works a treat. Pour a little baby shampoo or a cleaner directly on, then swish, swirl and rub your brushes up and down getting them really suddy and clean. This is a lot easier and more effective than using your hand alone. There are specific products on the market for this that can cost crazy money. This little one euro multi use tool works just as well. 

Those are the tools used to make the cleaning easier. As said above i use baby shampoo to lather up the brushes. I think most people use this too as it is gentle on the bristles. There is no specific brand, i stocked up when i saw the boots brand on offer awhile back. It does the job fine. Used with hot water and a deep clean will rid you of all the nastiness. Ideally this alone should leave your brushes spick and span. This is not always the case. Full coverage foundations, highly pigmented shadows etc can be harder to get out due to their staying power. I find adding some oil will losen up the product and seperate it from the brush. I use the B.O.N liquid gold tissue oil. A great multi use product. Basic science tells us that oil and water don’t mix and this theory is proved here. The oil will also leave the bristles really soft so it is a win win. You will however need to give the brush a good shampoo after to make sure all the oil is gone. If not you could be adding oil to your skin or products and nobody needs that. 
Micellar water is my little secret weapon. I have raved about how amazing this product is and great my skin feels from using it. Well it only went and got better. I use this when i have scrubbed my brushes spotless but they still look somewhat stained. Pouring some micellar water on a cotton pad and brushing the bristles along it should remove the stain that has built up. This product breaks down and removes make-up from your skin, why wouldn’t it do the same for your brushes? This in theory could work with a lot of make-up removing products however this one above is tried and tested.

So that’s it for my bargain beauty brush cleaning hacks. Even combined these come in under €20 and will last you ages. You cant go wrong with that sort of budget beauty. What way do you wash your brushes?

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