I’ve been doing that thing where you think it’s WAY too early to be dropping C-bombs all over the gaff then all of a sudden it’s December and you’re like sh1t when did that happen! People are already going on their Christmas parties and doing other miscellaneous festive things. Best get my pancake rear-end into gear and get cracking on the 12 pubs get-up. A night where Christmas jumpers are mandatory. No need to sacrifice style though, i mean unless that’s what you are going for then hey no judgement here.


Christmas Jumpers


Christmas jumpers are big business, getting bigger by the year in fact. Merry , fun , warm and mostly a bit hilarious. The choice has never been so varied too. You can go all traditional or down the novelty route , stay cute or keep it subtle.


Back in the day a Christmas Jumpers were something your Mam or Nan MADE you wear. You and your siblings in matching hideous and often extremely scratchy knits. The trip to see Santa for the obligatory cheesy family snap, lined up all dressed the same. Oh how times have changed. Now there is such a market for festive knitwear. The 12 Pubs maybe partly to blame. A night were wearing a naff geansaí is part of the fun.


With the popularity gaining and more and more folk willing to sport one, the options grew. On a scale of one to Shakin Stevens, You now have a choice of how naff or how hilarious you want to be. From traditional to humorous, there are so many kinds. You can of course also grab an aul knit and jazz it up yourself with some tinsel or lights. You get serious points for creativity there. Mary had to make do with what she had and sure didn’t she end up famous.


What To Wear To The 12 Pubs Of Christmas


Here are some looks put together using Crimbo jumpers and the likes. Lots of collars cause layering can be bulky and sweaty for the pub ya know. A few of these outfits will work for Christmas day itself too. Looks that will get you festive while keeping your style cred.

12 Pubs

Disco Ball Jumper €45 River Island ( Sizes 6-18 ) , Skirt €14.99 H&M ( Sizes xs-xl ), Shoes €22  And Bag €12 Penneys



Christmas Clothes

Jumper Dress €29.99 H&M ( Sizes xs-xl ) ,  Boots €28 Penneys , Bag €5 Penneys ( Technically A Make-Up Bag But Yolo) , Earrings €14.99 H&M



Red fluffy jumper

Jumper €14 , Headband With Bows €3.50 , Skirt €14 , Boots €17 All Penneys



Christmas jumper looks

Jumper €19.99 New Look ( Sizes S-L ) , Trousers €22.99 H&M  ( Sizes 6 – 20 ) , Boots €39.99 H&M , Earrings €9.99 H&M 



If all else fails, these make your own Christmas Jumper sets are reduced in River Island. Even jazz up the plainest tshirt with these affordable iron-on’s.

River Island Diy Christmas Jumper

€3 River Island



That’s all folks… Where do you fit in on the scale?

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