Summer Rubbin’ Had Me A Blast

Let’s talk about a little thing that is often called ‘Chub Rub‘. You know that awful rubbing you get between your thighs in summer. Not the most glam of topics or something that is talked about much but it is a really common thing. It’s embarrassing, looks awful and is so, so painful. Like excruciating! Torture with every step. This is something i struggled with for years! Every single summer, every single sun holiday without fail. Once it starts it just gets worse and worse. I’ve been brought to tears on occasions, sometimes out of frustration but mostly with the sheer pain of the chafing. What a sexy word – chafing! There were times when i legit thought my headstone would read ‘Death By Chub Rub’. Then there is the walking like John Wayne part. Such a good look. That’s more of the embarrassing side of it. That and god forbid anyone got a glimpse of the red, raw, bumpy, rashy situation that’s moved in between your legs. How nice is this post? Do we have mental images by now?

legs chaffing

Before we go any further i should probably set one thing straight, i call this my chub rub but this is not a weight thing really. Anyone can get this. It depends, like a thigh gap on your pelvic width. Yes, having chunkier thighs will make them closer together with more of a chance of rubbing. Each one of us is different and our skin is too. Like all things some of us will get it and some of us wont. Different things affect different people. I’ve some really slight friends who have this problem also. It is basically friction on the skin. My Mother is of a slim build but is a running fanatic. She too would have an issue with this. This isn’t just central to the thighs either. Bra straps and gym clothes etc can create this also. Any area in which skin or clothing rubs off your skin can cause chaffing.

Through the years I’ve tried so many things to A) stop this and B) ease it.I tried wearing shorts under dresses and skirts. I generally only wear dresses and skirts so this was a serious issue. Adding another layer wasn’t the most visible for this sweaty Betty.  In the heat, bare legs are not good friends. They become enemies.

How To Stop Chub Rub

I used Vaseline thinking this would stop the rub and create a barrier. This did make my thighs glide off each other rather than rub at first. But gradually the rubbing sped up and the sliding wore off.
I tried Talc / Baby Powder. Actually a lot of nappy related products. Seemed like a similar issue. How fun. The talc keeps the skin dry and matte. Again it was short-lived though. Most things i tried kinda only helped for a little while and like i said once you get it, it only gets worse.

Sand, Sun-cream, showering and even walking aggravated it more. I ended up in the pharmacy buying huge plasters. The chemist could only give me an antibiotic cream or nappy rash shiz. I could use the cream but the damage would be redone again the following day. I tried devise a device if you will from the plasters and bandages to protect the skin. Again can you imagine how attractive this looked. Truth be told they didn’t stay on and i was back to square one. As soothing as it is, walking around with barrier cream or sudocream between your legs would just not work. Never fear though as there are now some actual products on the market purposely for this horrible issue.

Thigh Bands

Bandelettes are thigh bands designed to provide comfort and protection against chafing all day long. Wear these just like a garter. They will rub off each other, not your skin. These are more attractive than a rash or shorts taking the look off an outfit. They come sized for comfort and are available in lots of colours and styles from lace to solid bands. Who knows you could actually style them up. There is a silicone band inside helps keep the Bandelettes in place on the leg. These  bands a are gaining more and more popularity versus wearing a full short. You can purchase these direct from their site or they can be bought on Amazon or Etsy. I have linked some alternatives below also. Penneys, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing have all got in on the action too with their own versions.

Chub rub


Anti Chafing Gel


The first thing that ever really actually worked for me was the Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel. It literally changed my life. Well my summers. You simply rub the gel on the affected area and hey presto! I pop this on before heading out and it lasts the day or night. It feels cool too, it has a really silky finish. Not only just the Lanacane stop your legs rubbing but also makes the skin feel better if you have been unlucky enough to already have it. Your thighs just glide off each other with such ease. This really is the one thing i couldn’t go out or away without. Available in Boots for €9.99. A great price for what is actually a multi use product. Of late this had become harder and harder to get my hands on. I noticed that older tubes that i had were not effective after the 6 month expiration mark. This understandably made me start to worry. I needed a back up.

Chub rub

As i kept using this i was finding new uses for it. New shoes? Dab on some of the gel to stop them rubbing or being so tough on your feet. I’ve also put this on little nicks or bites. As it creates a barrier it stops anything getting into the skin and has helped healing. Obviously i am no medical professional so seek advice if needed. Lastly this chafing gel makes an excellent primer. Pop on before your foundation to keep your make-up in place for longer. It has the same satin feeling of the Gosh and L’Oreal Infallible Primer. Miracle product in my eyes. You can thank me later. lol. I have said whispers that this holy grail wonder had been discontinued but i am hoping it is not the case. Boots have stock in stores but not online. You can also grab this gel from Superdrug and Amazon.

Roll On Deodorant

Which leads me to… A random but seriously useful one to finish up. Plain and simple roll on deodorant. As i mentioned above that i had feared the loss of my must adored Lanacane so i went in search again. Using roll on deodorant elsewhere on my body wasn’t new to me and i had gave it a go on my thighs in the past. It worked but not like the anti chafing gel. That was until i trialed the Sure Motion Sense. Game changer! I started to use this some days instead of the Lanacane and saw no difference so i am thrilled to have this as a more available option. It is regularly on sale in Boots for €1.50 or €1.99 so i stock up when i see it on offer. Even the full price of €3.09 is very affordable considering how effective it is and you use it on several areas.

chub rub
Boots €3.09

When using a roll on an un-perfumed type is better for the rest of your skin as it is not as tough as our underarms. This obviously helps with sweating so with less moisture there will be less rubbing. When it dries on the skin it creates a barrier. Simply roll on the skin where you typically experience the chafing. Some combine this method with talc before hand to start with a completely dry are for a super combo. This one is also effective for under boob sweats aka humititty. Bible. Give your under diddy area a roll to keep dry and fresh this Summer. I give the back of my neck a quick roll too. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Deoderant can be picked up quite cheapily with most supermarkets and chemists running own brands and offers too. Anti perspirant is affective anyways, but i am recommending from my experiences this particular one as tried and tested with an excellent outcome. As the majority of us use deoderant daily anyways this is a great multi-use product and the most cost effective.

Stop Thighs Rubbing

2 Pack Long Leg Comfort Shorts
Lace Chafing Bands
Anti Chafe Shorts
PLT Plus Chafe Bands
Lush Silky Underwear
Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel
Bicycle Shorts
Plus Bicycle Shorts
Lace Thigh Bands
Sure Motion Sense Roll On Deoderant
Chaffing Bands
2 Pack Long Leg Comfort Shorts
Lace Chafing Bands
Anti Chafe Shorts
PLT Plus Chafe Bands
Lush Silky Underwear
Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel
Bicycle Shorts
Plus Bicycle Shorts
Lace Thigh Bands
Sure Motion Sense Roll On Deoderant
Chaffing Bands


So that is my history with chaffing and my tips for preventing and curing it. Never feel the wrath of Chub rub again with these products. Just relax and enjoy the good weather or your holiday without any fear. Tell me have you tried any of these methods before?

Updated 09/08/2019.

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