Fake It Till You Make It? The Dangers Of Fake Make-Up

I originally started this post last year as it was something that i was seeing more and more of. For one reason or another , i won’t bore a sister with those deets , i never pressed published. That being said my opinions have not changed on this subject whatsoever. Infact a few things have happened that have pushed me to have my say on the matter. Christmas is just around the corner. Yes that is the first C-bomb I’ve dropped so you know shit’s getting serious. This time of year everybody is looking for presents for their loved ones. Hell you even gotta treat yourself. Money is tight. People just don’t have what they used to but they and i still want to shop like before. This is where the demand comes in. Make-up is a multi-billion Dollar/ Euro/ Pound/ Butter Voucher industry. Cosmetics have always been popular through the ages but never more so than right now. Social media and society has had a huge role to play in that. Two words – KYLIE JENNER.

dangers fake make

These things don’t come without a cost and i don’t mean the price tag. I’m that person that these things happen too. Sure amn’t i your one that got MRSA from a fish pedicure. Is amn’t a word?  * Calls “Maaaaaaaaa” * But yeah, maybe i am more aware than most because i have bad experiences with beauty treatments in the past. I did talk about this in my post about that disgustingly awful fish pedicure which you can read here. Likes i said i am THAT person you hear stories about. That friend of a friend’s , cousin’s , dog walker’s , neighbour’s , sister who got a bikini wax that left her WAXED SHUT. True story. See i told ya.


Back to the topic at hand, Kellie from My Little Bábóg had a great guest post on this very subject up on her blog last year. You can check that out here as it all still applies, no matter the year or infact time of year nothing changes. This was a really informative post with tips on how to spot a fake. Some offerings can look so good it would take a pro to spot. Others are just plain knock-offs and they don’t care who knows it. Another great post worth a mention comes from Behind Green Eyes. Sharon is a beauty enthusiast with a great knowledge on these things. She did her own experiment between a genuine and knock-off product and documented the results. Both posts are definetly worth a read.


Something that really stuck in my mind about this whole thing, was a documentary i saw awhile back. A TV3 reporter investigated counterfeit goods in general that were flooding the Irish market. From bags to clothes to cigarettes, the list went on. What sickened me was what they found when they tested some of the products. Down right dangerous and stuff not to be messed with. Rat droppings… fab! Let’s just stick that right in and around my eye. Just putting it out there, pink eye will not be the new smokey eye lads. There are no checks done on this stuff. No testing , no quality control , no governing body guaranteeing your safety. You have absolutely no come back. There could literally be anything inside this “bargain” that you then trust on your skin. Anything. Extremely high levels of chemicals and toxic ingredients are mixed together willy-nilly with no regard for safety. I mean it really doesn’t bare thinking about. This is just make -up and cosmetics but there are also GHD’s etc available and would be so dangerous. You cannot mess with electricity. Apart from the obvious dangers , if there is no regard for the standard of production , will the product even work?



Behind Green Eyes Researched The Differences Between Genuine And Fake Products.


During the summer i got an infection under my lash follicle from a tiny scratch with my eye liner. My approved , tested and safe MAC liner that i have used for over 10 years. I was giving your man from The Goonies a run for his money. “HEY YOU GUYSSS”. The point i am trying to make is if this can happen randomly with a trusted product , what the hell could happen using something you have no idea what it contains? On some of the most delicate parts of your body i might add. No not there, mind out of the gutter people. Last week my sister stupidly tried a “Kylie” shadow palette. Needless to say a trip to the chemist followed. I wasn’t actually aware that she had bought this at the time, i just assumed she had an eye infection. It is crazy how easily this can happen. You can see below her stunning red, swollen eye just 12 hours after use. Lots of crusty lovliness followed. The lucky few will suffer a rash or mild reaction but there have been some really serious cases.


Reaction Fake Kylie Eyeshadow

My sister’s eye hours after using a fake Kylie Eyeshadow Palette.


Everyone loves a bargain and i can see the appeal. I often have to wrestle with myself when i see a too good to be true deal on Groupon , Ebay, Ali Express or Wish. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. As per Kellie’s post there are some amazingly affordable brands out there. Make-up Revolution , Flormar and Sleek are fab brands that are all extremely affordable. Coming in well under the price of these knock-offs and you are getting a beautiful, quality product in return.


I am in no way throwing shade at those who choose to sell these types of products. Like i said money is tight and i get that people are trying to make a living. I feel though that some people may not be aware of what they are buying into especially younger girls who just see the brand name. I see a lot of mammy’s picking up bits for their budding teens as more affordable stocking fillers. They themselves may not know the difference or dangers they are exposing the recipient to. Just today i saw an Urban Decay Naked Vault being sold on Facebook for €50. For those not too familiar with the Vault, it is a large presentation box with every Naked Palette to date inside. Eight to be precise – plus two lipsticks , two glosses and Two pencils. These retail for about €280 yet here you can one for the price of a single genuine palette. This will just give you an idea of the sort of knock-offs floating about. I have had my original Naked palette for 5 years, a product that is well worth investing in. The quality of these shadows is amazing and there is no compromise on safety.



When you weigh up the price versus the quality , longevity and safety, less than €50 for a genuine product that will do you for years to come is worth way more than €20 that is dangerous and probably won’t even look well on. What are your thoughts on this matter? At the end of the day it is totally your choice what you buy. I would never tell anyone what to do. Not to be a party pooper but just maybe shed some more light on the subject and get people thinking. Whether you chose to buy into a fake product that is totally fine if you have educated yourself on the dangers and are happy enough to take the risk. Could you be swayed by the price this Christmas on counterfeit and knock off make-up and goods?


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