I’ve been looking for some new holders for my brushes for awhile now. Something different and fun to look at, seen as ill see them everyday. Any pots or jars i initially liked made the brushes hard to reach for. Nobody got time for that. Whilst browsing the homewares aisle of Dealz i saw these ice-cream sundae glasses. I was drawn to the retro shape, that sort of diner style. With a bit of imagination and the Barney bag i thought my brushes would be right at home in these. I wasn’t wrong. They are not very wide so i nabbed two, one for my face brushes and the other for the eyes. They are currently loving life, front and center, on top of my Alex drawers. I really like the look of them and they do the job well. 

€1.49 Each From Dealz

How chuffed was i with with my little purchase? Very. And even more, if possible, once i seen Temerity Jones had some that were pretty much the same. They are a cool brand that does retro homewares and accessories. Of course again they are labeled to be used as glasses but whats an intended use between friends. The set of four is £10.50, with free delivery, which isn’t terrible if you can’t get the Dealz option. Samsies really. 

This will do for awhile anyways until my next bright idea lol. Then sure a quick wash and they can be used as they were meant. 

I think latte glasses are a cool option too. A similar look to here and the handle is a nice detail.

Have you any interesting ways to store your brushes?

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