F Your Beauty Standards

Last summer i did something that i never thought i would see myself doing. I shared some snaps of myself in my swimmers for the world to see. It wasn’t anything that ever crossed my mind really. For the most part i am confident in the body i’ve been given. I have to be because it’s the only one i have. I own it …. both physically and litterally. Of course there are parts of me, like my arms for example. I feel more confident when they are covered and same goes for my belly. That is just simple style choices that can go a long way.


Eff Your Beauty Standards


It is plain to see that i am a big girl. The affect illness have taken on me are pardon the pun, massive. Of course it would be easy for me to alter my pics and give myself a ‘bikini body’ but that is not the truth. The truth is that every body is a bikini body. Magazines , celebrity fads/ diets and the influence we take from those we look up to tell us otherwise.


F your beauty standards


I choose swimwear that suits me best and gives you me a little boost. By taking these pics i have documentated this day as a happy one where i had so much carefree fun with my friends. Sure my arms look huge and ive back fat showing. My tan is seriously uneven, my boobs are further south than my holiday destination and i’ve 3 chins. But there i am loving and living life with my filthy flip flop feet. I couldn’t imagine slimming myself down with an app by several sizes and expect you to believe that was me. I am unapologetically myself and if that isn’t for you that is honestly no problem. I won’t change for followers, numbers, brands or society.


I actually took these pics as part of a collaboration for a huge well known brand. One who support me for me. Sure i love to post pretty pics online. I will choose the best angles and brighten up images because that is the style or look i like. I pose and put my ‘best self’ forward. There is nothing wrong with that as long as it is yourself.


Stop photoshopping


I’m not saying because i am ok within myself that you have to be too. We all have our hang-ups and insecurities because we are only human. I suppose my point is that we need to see more diversity in the images we see and share. Different shapes and sizes , stretch marks , rolls , imperfections , disabilities , cellulite , colouring. It is all part of real life. The more we see these types of images in the media and on our feeds, the more we accept that we should only live by our own standards and not the ones set on us by society and social media. That these ‘flaws’ that we see in ourselves are what make us who we are.



Our bodies are amazing and do amazing things. They should be celebrated not picked apart or altered beyond recognition. We need young girls growing up to see their beauty and worth and not rate themselves by false representation by influencers and brands alike. The message needs to be spread far and wide that it is ok to be ourselves. Self love is not vain or narcissistic. Granted that you are also beautiful on the inside then i say we are all beautiful creatures that need to be easier on ourselves and love ourselves a little more ♡



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