2016 Fashion Favourites

Happy New Year! Better late than never right. Everyone is saying it but God that last 12 months just flew. Especially since Summer , time just seemed to whizz by. What a year it has been for many reasons. I wanted to take a look back at the pieces I ardored and loved wearing during the past year. A round-up of my fashion favourites. As usual there were things I completely obsessed over and went on and on about. It doesn’the take much for me to get obsessed with a piece, colour or trend. There were some new editions and some old reliables that stuck with me through the year. Certain stores where all I could shop some months but find nothing in the next. That is fashion for you. Here are my favourite pieces from my 2016 wardrobe.


Adidas Superstars

I have well and truely got my money’s worth here. A great investment and not only for casual wear. Throughout the last few months i have worn mine with dresses , denim skirts , maxi skirts , shorts and jeans. The perfect footwear for travelling. There is something very nostalgic about wearing these runners given that I wore them when I was younger. I put them on and ‘Run DMC Jam Master Jay’ plays in the background. Mine are from ASOS and you can see them here. Nearly every sport shop stocks these but my favourite online store always has offers and discounts codes so might be worth popping them in your online wishlist. Personally I opted for the classic white with black tri stripe. Being monochrome they fit into my wardrobe perfectly. There are so many cool colours and prints though that I would love to get my hands on. If I wore them as much as know wear these I’d be winning. An any season buy for the perfect mix of comfort and cool.


Adidas Superstars

V By Very Lace Dress

Back in September I was lucky enough to be dressed by Littlewoods for the Blog Awards. I was on a complete high being a finalist but to then choose anything I liked to wear well I was like a kid at Christmas. There was so much to chose from the V By Very Collection. Being overwhelmed with choice I immediately went to my usual black. Safe, familiar, easy. One of the dresses in shortlisted also came in a stunning blue. I was actually away on holidays when I got the mail from the girls in Littlewoods,  working hard on my tan , that blue option stuck in my mind. Something different that would look well with my colouring.


The more I thought about it, it had so many traits that I would look for in a dress. It had a sleeve which was a must. The bell detail on the sleeve added some more interest while still being able to show some skin. The lace was beautifully made and again gave a little something extra as it popped in the beautiful cornflower shade. As for the fit and shape , I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It fit my shape and curves like a dream, doing everything I needed it to do. I really loved wearing this dress, I felt really comfortable and confident. It was definitely the right choice for me. There is actually a post I wrote all about this look and even awards itself here if you fancy a read. This dress would be ideal for a Spring wedding or any occasion really. Still available on site here from sizes 8 to 24 and now half price at only €40. That is such a good price for a dress of this quality and fit. Something that I think you will have and wear for a long time. I know I will.


Blue Lace Dress


Silver Loop Earrings

This year I switched up the jewellery i had in my piercings. Until now I had had silver studs in my two highest lobes and helix. I had briefly experimented with mismatched bohemian studs but had yet to find any that were both affordable and good quality. Green ears were so last century. I am really happy with these sterling silver loops from Claines.  Being actual silver means they won’t tarnish or turn my skin green. Loops are also a lot more comfortable than studs too. Anyone with a cartilage piercing will know no matter how long you have had it done it still hurts when banged or hit off in a certain way. Claires had a decent range with exactly what I was looking for really. My nose rings are all from there and I’ve never had an issue with those either so it was a no brainer. I got the look I was going for with stacked hoops looping up my ear. Not wildly exciting but functional for everyday. I think i will keep them like this for awhile longer while i add in more. Unless Maria Tash wants to make me one happy girl. A girl can dream. Also worth a mention, ASOS stock some really cool body jewellery in different metals. I’ve a few statement bits in my online wishlist.





I do heart this comeback but my poor neck is just not fitted for them. One style that did work for me was the really casual bolo. Loose and adjustable, you aren’t as constricted. I had seen this type online and thought hey i can do this. I had just changed the laces in my high leg gladiator sandles. You know the ones that Boohoo shared on there Instagram and the world trolled my toes lol. On the way out one night i grabbed the lace and knotted it round my neck. Easy as that while doing my bit for the environment. When i made it to the pub my sister had tears in her eyes. The kind that stops you talking you are laughing that much. Her boyfriend had turned to her and said “Has Kiera got a shoe lace around her neck”. I’d been rumbled. The last person i thought would cop this would be a bloke. It does show how men view the things we wear. In my defense it wasn’t like a sports lace, i thought it looked grand. I have worn it for months despite going on to buy some ‘proper’ ones. I can either wrap it a few times and tie it in a bow or simply just the once and let the knot hang. This is something i really like the look of as you can see.

DIY Choker


Rose Gold Purse

2016 was the year of slimlinnig for me. Not my waist but my purse and bags. I got sick of lugging around things i just didn’t need and sat on changing that. So much so that there is actually a post on it here. River Island had the answer in these slim purses that still fit so much in. They came in a variety of colours. I went for a few but my favourite had to be this rose gold one here. Pretty yet functional. Still my current purse.


Pyjama Shirts

The pyjama trend was huge last year. From piped silk shirts to cami slip dresses. I was all over this one. Looking and feeling ready for bed what was not to love. Going out in public in your PJ’s was finally acceptable. Okay so it’s not the same as going to Aldi in your housecoat but you know what i mean. What a surprise – another 70’s inspired trend. Think Anchorman but modern. This piped and printed shirt dress that i wore to the Myleene Klass Brunch was my take on the look. I really liked this dress , i wore it for my friends birthday too with tan shoes and the Zara bag below. It’s the piping detail and collar that i enjoy. The print on this one did it for me though. The little belt was great for pulling me in at my waist. You can nab this one now for €10. I mean. Another honourable mention is the printed shirt i’m wearing below under the fur gilet. New Look have re-ran this shirt in a slightly different tone and i would definetly reccommend it. Comfy but smart. A really easy way to look put together. The past year day to night pieces have been my go to. Things that can be dressed up or down and worn several ways. For me PJ shirts do this.

Pyjama shirt dress


Zara Charm Bag

One of two Zara bags that i bought for summer, this charm bag served me well. Having downsized on bags and purses last year the size was just right. My thinking was to pick up two really good bags that would see me through Summer and save me space when packing. This tan number instantly struck a cord with me. Being a massive fan of novelty bags , the insect charms jumped out at me. This is novelty but in a really chic grown-up way. The finish on the pleather and the gold hardware contribute to this. The size was perfect to fit just the essentials in. I wore it long sat on one shoulder or hand held on nights out then crossbody for daytime and more casual outtings. The tan colour worked great for summer and transitioned well into Autumn Winter. After this one sold out thet ran a red style with little ladybugs on it. I’m sorry i lost out on that one. Zara’s bags have been very affordable the last while. I have a wishlist of some new season i’d love to add to my collection.

Zara Bag


Fur Gilet

One of my most worn and loved pieces from the year was this faux fur Gilet from Tesco. My sister picked this up too at the same time and has worn it so much too. If memory serves me correct this only set me back €20. An absolute steal. I have spoken before bout my love for these kind of pieces. I’m somebody who overheats really easily so big coats aren’t always ideal. Gilets and waistcoats are therefore my friends. They add the comfort and warmth i seek while not smoothering me. That and they look so good, incorporated as part of your outfit rather than hiding it. I really like the colour and tones of this little supermarket chic. It isn’t as solid and heavy looking as my black one. What i really love is that the inside lining is actually knitted. So soft and cozy. That satin type lining that you usually see, sweats me so this addition was welcomed.

Fur Waistcoat

Although i wear this day to day, my favourite way to wear this piece is over long sleeved dresses. The texture of the faux fur adds something to the look. It is no secret that i am a huge fan of the 70’s influence so that explains a lot. Another way to wear these is to add a fur gilet over a leather or denim jacket. This creates great contrast and looks really cool. I am very confident that this gilet will remain a staple in my wardrobe. Although this is sold out there are similar available.


Pleated Midi Skirt

The stores were a wash with pleated skirts in a midi length last year. This style had a real moment and is still pretty present. Many were seen rocking theirs with a sports luxe vibe by adding trainers and a bomber jacket for day to day wear. Come winter time these were being worn with chunky knits and boots making this skirt very versatile. There was lots of choice in colours and beautiful metallics became increasingly popular. I found this shape to be flattering on and black went with loads.

Pleated Skirt Look

For me this is a real staple piece that is seasonless. The ‘wet look’ finish gave me the metallic type look i liked but in a more subtle way. This worked great for a night out too with a bardot top and heels. There is actually a snap of it on above in the picture showing the choker. Mine is from River Island but there are some similar options here and here.


That is it for the things that really stood out in my mind. I am really looking forward to seeing what this year holds for my wardrobe. What where your favourite pieces from 2016?



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