Festival Fashion #1

I haven’t been lucky enough to be going to any festivals this year (insert sadface). Didn’t stop me from compiling outfits for the occasion but. Here is my first pick of the pile “a break in-case of  miracle” if u will, and we happen to blessed with warm weather. 

I am loving the kimono trend that has dominated this summer. This New Look lace and fringe number ticks all the boxes. Denim shorts are a fail-safe for festivals so goes without saying.
I am head over heels literally for these gladiators-HIGH-5 RIVER! I absolutely love everything about them. minus the rain means minus the muck at festivals allowing these babies to be rocked.

A simple white vest accompanied by a lion chain is simple and chic. The pop of colour in this otherwise monochrome number comes from the obligatory headband. The colours of this floral garland are stunning. Ive somewhat tied in the nails with these TOPSHOP summer shades.

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