My hair is the vain of my life. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been close to pulling a Britney. It’s neither curly nor straight, just frizzy and unruly. Forever in search of sleek, shiny, smooth hair. Thankfully my prayers were heard and answered. Reflections Hair and Beauty Tallaght has had a huge makeover recently. Along with the face-lift comes some really talented, current stylists using the latest services and techniques. This is were my savior comes in. A stylist by the name of Jess has joined the Reflections team. Having had the pleasure of working with Jess previously on shoots that i have styled, i knew her work well. While chatting about her new position and my awful hair, she invited me to come in and try out the Fibreplex system. I jumped at the chance to find out more about this wonder product. Colouring Hair Without Causing Any Damage, It sounded like exactly what i needed.

I am lucky enough to get invited to try out places or services through my little blog. Generally i don’t take up offers as i would never talk about or recommend something i wasn’t 100% about. It’s not fair then to accept offers knowing this is how i feel. I couldn’t be anything but honest as people can put trust in recommendations and spend their hard earned money. Not to mention putting their hair, skin etc at risk. Like i said i have worked with Jess on shoots and she has actually been my sisters hairdresser for years. Let me tell you something, my sister is as fussy as they come.

Whilst in the salon getting a blow dry the week before, Jess gave me a full consultation and explained the process. I hadn’t actually heard of Fibreplex but was familiar with Olaplex which is a similar product. While Olaplex is a stand alone brand , Fibreplex is made by Schwarzkopf. It was really comforting to have a stylist be so knowledgeable about the products and services. Not to mention passionate about her work. A real art form. I left feeling really excited about my appointment.

Fibreplex hair colour treatment

Image: Schwarzkopf Professional

Fibreplex is a three stage system (plus shampoo). Not a hair colour itself but a treatment that accompanies colouring. To add this service onto your regular colour is €30 extra. In my opinion and millions of others worldwide, it is worth every single penny. Schwarzkopf itself describes the system as:

“FIBREPLEX is Schwarzkopf Professional’s first technical service to significantly reduce hair breakage during the lightening, (high-)lifting or colouring process.”

“FIBREPLEX means no compromise on development time, lifting or neutralisation and is fully compatible with all professional colour systems.”

Step 1 is a Bond Booster. No1 is added to and mixed in with your colour of choice. The colour is then applied to the hair as normal. This stage adds no extra time at all. The booster enforces bonds to be made in the fibers of the hair. This prevents breakage from colouring.

Once the colour is ready to be rinsed off, a specialised shampoo is used to wash the hair. This continues to support the bond enforcing while gently cleansing the hair. This shampoo can be used at home too between colours.

Step 2 is a Bond Sealer. This is added to your hair while you are at the wash basin and is left in for 5-10 minutes. Sit back and relax while this stage works to seal in the previous step. This one is where that amazing glossy shine comes from.

Step 3 is a Bond Maintainer. I had this applied at the basin before a final rinse. This is also a take home product that you can use once or twice a week in between colouring. Apply after shampooing and leave in for 5 minutes before rinsing. This stage helps to build new bonds and reinforce those that were created while using the system. An added bonus is the maintainer locks in colour to keep the hair looking fresher for longer.

Jess put together a before and after video which you can see below. The difference is noticeable immediately. My hair looks and feels so soft and healthy. For an extra few minutes in the chair and €30 to achieve this gloss and shine. It has been several weeks since using the system and the overall condition of my hair has stayed really well. Much more manageable and sleek. How amazing is it that you can improve the condition of your hair while colouring. Using the technical services also allows stylists to push colour that bit further without the risk of damage and breakage to the hair.

A video posted by Jessica (@jessloveshair_) on

I am beyond in love with my hair. Vain i know but for someone who gets so frustrated with their mane daily, this was sheer joy for me. I have to keep checking that this is in fact my own hair that is on my head. I am also delighted to have such a fab salon local to me. The kind you would usually have to travel into town for. I’ve since returned for both beauty and hair appointments. I feel really relaxed and at ease in the salon. Often salons can be quite intimidating and uncomfortable. I’m glad to now have this relaxed, friendly and modern place to get preened and pampered. I couldn’t stress enough how much Fibreplex helped with the condition of my hair. Getting that colour and shine while not causing any damage is amazing.

Fibreplex Colour

You can follow Jess’ fab work here. For all salon and product info check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Although i was kindly invited into the salon all opinions are my own honest thoughts and feelings.

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