Communion season is well and truly here. After dressing the little ones , panic usually sets in and Mammys , Aunties , Nannys , You name it , realise they haven’t got a thing in for themselves. I think we put a lot of pressure on this occasion and really build it up. Of course it is the little ones big day but over thinking and stressing over an outfit can get really out of hand. You want to be church appropriate but comfortable throughout the day and probably not something you will cringe looking back at photos in years to come.


This weeks Fifty Friday subject therefore is affordable looks to wear to a Communion. There is enough to worry about with this occasion so why endure more costs? There are some really affordable options that will look both stylish and a lot more than their price tag.  Our old favourite Penneys has a lot to offer for your Spring occasions. Brands like Boohoo and New Look have some great deals to be had too. I am really impressed with the latest drop from the clothing at Tesco , especially the floral jumpsuit below. Each look comes in under the fifty euro mark. Lots of fresh , bright colours and pretty florals. Most where affordable enough to include a jacket for the church portion of the day too. Hopefully these outfits will provide some inspiration for any Communions you have coming up this year.



Affordable Communion Outfits





Jumpsuit €25 Tesco , Shoes €11.72 Public Desire , Bag €6 Penneys

Total Outfit = €42.47





Duster Coat €22 , Dress €16 , Earrings €2 All Penneys ,  Sandals €7 New Look.

Total Outfit = €47



communion looks



Dress €25 Penneys , Earrings €3 And Shoes €14 Penneys , Bag €10 New Look

Total Outfit = €45.72


just the f word

Dress €13 Boohoo , Jacket €23 and Shoes €14 Penneys

Total Outfit = €50


plus size irish blogger

Dress €23 Boohoo , Shoes €14 Penneys , Bag €7 New Look

Total Outfit = €44


That is a wrap on this one. What is your favourite?

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