It’s that time again mmwaaaaha-ha-haaaaw. Halloween is just around the corner incase the incessant amount of bangers and fireworks haven’t given it away. Legit jumping out of my skin daily. So the big dilemma as always is – what to dress up as. I have put together some costume inspiration that you can grab easily from some of your favourite stores. A far cry from the throw a black bag over your head and you’re sorted days.

Halloween Costumes

I feel there are three types of girls on Halloween. 1- The Sexy / Slutty ANYTHING kind. Umm yeah Hun there is nothing sexier than a giant baby. Blokes love that. The 31st of October is just one giant excuse to wear as little as possible and not be judged for it. N0. 2 the clever relevant kind that makes people go shit that is good i wish i’d thought of that. Lastly No 3 the zero f*cks given kind. Think Charlotte Crosby or my sisters mate Danielle. Every needs a Danielle in their lives.

Lets face is do there is like no time left really and most people have already gone out. So this weeks Fifty Friday is all about last minute costumes. No originality here just really easy to grab from shops near to you and go out and enjoy yourself. You might even have a few bits that will do but you could run with an idea you see. Hassle free fun. I won’t lie i would wear majority of this myself anyway regardless of Halloween. As always everything comes in under €50 for each complete look. No Harlequin’s here lol.





Dress €29.99 New Look , Spider Rose Bouquet €7.99 Claires , Face Paint €1.49 Dealz , Headband €9.99 H&M.

Total Costume = €49.96

The corpse / zombie bride like is a popular one, really easy to do though. Use any black or white dress really. Lace does look better though. I love this gothic style one from New Look. Would definitely wear this for a night out forget Halloween. Pop a slip dress underneath or if you are adventurous a body suit / high waist pants and bra. Then it’s just a case of adding in the quick accessories and painting up the face. Dealz have some artificial flowers that could be added to the veil easily for more effect. If you are thrifty you could also make your own bunch for the bridal bouquet with some plastic spiders and ribbon.






Wonder Woman Romper €19.99 H&M , Cuff €9.99 Each Claires.

Total Costume = €49.97

The only real “costume” of this post courtesy of H&M. The cutest little romper to be a kick ass wonder woman. I am sure you can get cheaper cuffs or probably have some yourself. The only downfall of this one is it has no head piece with it. Get creative with a cereal box and a hairband. Bitta gold paint and boom. Red boots would be ideal but also expensive if you don’t own any. Red knee socks will do a grand job. Wonderful lol.





Red Dress €9.99 H&M , Devil Accessories Set €1.49 Dealz , Wings €1.49 Dealz ,

Total Costume = €12.97

There is always one devil and this year it could be you. Again any red dress or jumpsuit will do. This one is probably the quickest to put together, zero thought or effort. You could then up your game with make up and hair. Dealz again have some cool face tattoos that would add more effect. More is more with this look. Tight, sock or boots. Get creative.





Tulle Skirt €19.99 , (Plus Size) €29.99 New Look , Lace Body €13 Penneys , Mask €1.49 Dealz , Lipstick €1.29 Make-up Revolution , Gloves €9.99 H&M , Choker €2 Penneys.

Total Costume = €47.76 or €57.75 Plus 

Easily my favourite look from this post as i would happily wear this daily. The tulle skirt and body will be a welcome addition to a winter party wardrobe. Super cute. This mask from Dealz is really well made and comes on 3 colours. I liked the green for something different than traditional red. Match up the lips then as there is no need for big eye make up.



That’s your lot for this week. Dealz still have some fantastic bits left. Claires and Penneys too. Accessories mostly that you can grab and put together really quickly and inexpensively. What are you going as this year?

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