I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are not too confused about day it even is. It’s that time though when you wake from the 3 day food coma to the realisation that you have nothing to wear for New Years Eve. I thought a little Fifty Friday was in order (it’s Friday BTW) with a collection of last minute New Years Eve Looks for under fifty Euro. Simple as that i suppose. How it’s here already i will never know. It also only feels like yesterday since i styled my first issue of In Tallaght Magazine, a New Years Eve Shoot. Time is on fast forward i tell ya.

Something dawned on me though on Stephenses night while vegging on the sofa in festive jammies. The realisation that ten years ago i would have happily stood in a queue outside the Plaza for over an hour MINIMUM in sub-artic tempetures, no jacket on cause hello outfit ruiner, rain splattered sun shimmer legs to the point where it looked like i peed myself, just to pay €25 in to not be able to move an inch for the night. A half hour to get served at the bar. Leasy i’d no jacket to queue at the cloakroom for aye. Nobody could see your outfit cause nobody cound look down with all the sardines. Bebo would be a flurry of sweaty blurred heads like a page outta Where’s Wally. Raging cause my kitten heels, rara skirt and disc belt combo was no doubt on fleek. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and it’s all over like any other night. I lie though it was probably more like 12 years if i was rocking said stunning look. Oh how times have changed now. I wouldn’t know a night out if it scalped me.


Last Minute New Years Eve Looks


With this in mind i tried to mix up the looks so there is something for everyone no matter what your plans are. Some fancy and glitzy outfits if you are lucky enough to have decent plans or some comfy but NYE worthy outfits for the local and house parties. All full head to toe complete outfits for around the fifty euro mark. Me? I’ll be most likely rocking the last look.



New years eve

Nicki Minaj Dress €27.99 H&M , Shoes €19 And Earrings €2 Penneys

Total Outfit = €48.99 



Dress knee boots


Dress €22.99 H&M (Sizes xs-xl) , Boots Now €12 , Hat €6 , Bag €8 And Earrings €1.50 Penneys.

Total Outfit = €50.49



Cheap occasion look

Dress €16 , Bag €12 , Earrings €5 All Penneys , Shoes €13.19 Heatons

Total Outfit = €46.19



Affordable clothes

Top €9.99 H&M , Bag €3.99 H&M , Skirt €14 And Boots €17 Penneys

Total Outfit = €44.99



Slippers eye mask


Housecoat €19 , Eye Patches €1 , Hot Water Bottle €7 , Slippers €5 Penneys

Total Outfit = €32




There are also a few looks that might work from another recent Fifty Friday which you can see here.


Wherever you are, whatever you wear, have a good one and be safe. Happy New Year.



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