Every week my Da brings home the the offers mags from the supermarkets. I’m not even going to pretend that i don’t love this. I am a sucker for a bargain and i’m partial to browsing an aul supermarket. See evidence here. Last night while watching the football i was handed the offers for the coming week in Lidl. The fashion instantly caught my eye. After my mother took a quick look, what she saw was enough to make them both hop in the car there and then and head down to our nearest branch. My ma picked up 3 pieces from the Heidi Klum range for Marrakech and they are fab. My Mom isn’t a regular Mom , she’s a cool Mom LOL. She nabbed the stunning printed maxi dress and two pairs of shorts. Upon seeing the full range available and how affordable the price points where, i thought this would make for a great Fifty Friday post. Do let me know if you agree.


Lidl Fashion


Supermarket fashion


I have put together full head to toe outfits made up from the Esmara By Heidi Klum Range. Each look coming in under the fifty Euro mark. Extremely affordable bits to add into your Summer wardrobe, all while doing the weekly shop. Lidl had this to say about the collection:


” Heidi used her own personal style as inspiration in creating this new fashion range. Her vision for the collection? That everyone should be able to enjoy fashion and feel happy, confident and attractive, getting just as much pleasure from the collection as Heidi herself. “


A very bohemian vibe is present through the range which is perfect for Summer and indeed festival season. Lots of folk and peasant style trims and elements are to be seen throughout. Ideal for your holiday wardrobe with maxi dresses , shorts , flowy tunics and the shoes to match. From day to night , beach to city and beyond. The standout pieces for me are definetly the printed maxi dress and the border kimono. There are some really versatile pieces that could be worn over swimwear or dressed up for a night out. Light but well made and good quality. As far as sizing goes my mother reported back that the 3 pieces she bought where true to size. I do wish that the sizing was the same across all pieces and went bigger too if i am honest. But enough of my rambling…here you go.

Heidi Klum For Lidl



Boho maxi holiday


Dress €14.99 (Sizes 10-16) , Glasses €2.99 , Bag €9.99 , Wedges €16.99 All Lidl

Total Outfit = €44.96


Cheap clothes

Dress €7.99 (Sizes 8-18) , Bag €9.99 , Shoes €9.99 All Lidl

Total Outfit = €27.97


Lidl swimsuit

Swimsuit (Sizes 10-18) €7.99 , Scarf €6.99 , Sunglasses €2.99 , Sandals €12.99 (Sizes 3.5-7) All Lidl

Total Outfit = €30.96



Holiday Clothes

Top €5.99 (Sizes 6-20) , Shorts €6.99 (Sizes 8-18) , Glasses €2.99, Sandals €12.99 (Sizes 3.5-7) All Lidl

Total Outfit = €28.96



Fifty Friday lidl


Dress €14.99 (Sizes 8-18) , Wedges €16.99 (Sizes 4-7) , Bag €9.99 , Scarf As Shawl For Evening €6.99 All Lidl

Total Outfit = €48.96



Lidl offers

Tunic €9.99 (Sizes 8-18) , Jeans €12.99 (Sizes 8-18) , Glasses €2.99 , Sandals €12.99 (Sizes 3.5-7) All Lidl

Total Outfit = €38.96


How wear kimono

Kimono €9.99 (Sizes 6-20) , Top €2.99 (Sizes 8-18) , Skirt €6.99 (Sizes 8-18) , Shoes €16.99 (Sizes 4 – 6.5) All Lidl

Total Outfit = €36.96



There we have it some cute little summer pieces that won’t break the bank. That maxi kimono has my name written all over it. There are also some styles for kids available in the range too and they are so cute. I’d wear them myself. You can have a quick goo at them here. Have you picked up any of the lidl lovlies? Do let me know if you do.


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