Here we are lads, December. When did that happen? And don’t say today you smart alics , it was a retorical question. Check me out with me big words lol. So yes back to business. The ever popular Fifty Friday has been on the missing list as of late. I want to rectify that.


I am slowly giving in to the fact that summer is over but i am not quite ready to give up on all my favourite seasonal pieces just yet. However time is moving and needs must as it is the coldest Winter in five years – Fact! With Christmas fastly aproaching money gets really tight so i thought this weeks edition calls for some affordable wardrobe updates. Outfits that ease us between seasons and bipolar weather. Things you can wear now but that will also do you through the rest of the new season. Granted there is a few more layers added or subtracted. A nice base if you will.


Penneys December 17 Outfits


A mix of outfits from comfy casual to cosy winter woolies. Looks for drinks over the silly season to Christmas party worthy looks. As always a but of a mix of everything that will hopefully serve up some outfit inspiration for you all this December. All full outfits come in under , or slightly over on one occasion , fifty euro.



How to wear Over the knee boots


Dress €14 , Boots €28 , Necklace €2 , Hat €6 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €50



Penneys December 17


Polo Neck €12 , Dress €14 , Hat €2.50 , Tights €2 , Boots €12 All Penneys

Total Outfit = € 42.50



Penneys look

Jeans €8 , Jumper €18 , Pendant €2 , Boots €21 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €49



Penneys christmas


Midi Dress €16 , Earrings €3 , Bag €12 , Boots €23 All Penneys

Total Outfit = €54




Gucci Jumper Dupe Puma Heart Baskets


Hat €3 , Jumper €16 , Jeans €10 , Runners €12 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €46




Velvet dress pointed ankle boots



Dress €16 , Boots €21 , Earrings €3 , Bag €8 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €46



Penneys sequin dress


Dress €25 , Bag €12 , Shoes €16 All Penneys.



There we have it. I have missed putting these posts together and i know afew of you have told me you do too. So what say ye? What way would you wear these pieces?



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