Penneys Hun – We’ve all said it. Doesn’t bare thinking about what we would do without our beloved Penney’s though. Primark , Preeemark , Pennaaaas , call it what you will , it’s bleedin’ deadly. Making fashion affordable since 1969. To think it all started on our little green isle all those years ago and today it’s taking over the world one store at a time. Forget Daniel O Donnell Penneys is our national treasure. Not many other places where you can get a whole outfit or update your home for under €50. Penneys for president lol.


As with every Fifty Friday, all looks come in or around the fifty euro mark for a full outfit. This weeks are all compliments of , you guessed it , Penneys. Easy peasy dressing. It is cold and miserable enough without having to worry about what to wear every day. Yes, i am fully aware i talk about the weather every time i post. Pure Irish me. A collection of comfy and cosy looks to throw on and stress out of dressing. There are some stunning really statement pieces in at the moment to quickly add an update to your wardrobe. A mix of textures that really bring an Autumn / Winter look to life. We can’t forget the cosy basics that keep us ticking over day to day though. This post hopefully has a bit of both.




Choker €3 , Dress €18 , Bag €10 , Tights €2.50 , Shoes €13, Rings €5 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €51.50




Maxi Dress €14 , Bomber Jacket €10 , Boots €17 , Bag € 8 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €49





Dress €14 , Faux Fur €9 , Shoes €24 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €47





Boots €25 , Jumper €10 , Skirt €9 , Hat €3 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = € 47





Bomber €10 , Hoodie €10 , Gloves €1.50 , Leggings €4 , Shoes €9 , Backpack €14 All Penneys.

Total Outfit = €48.50

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