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I am absolutely delighted to be back with my first Real Life Fifty Friday of 2019. Even more delighted that it is a collaboration with our nations sweetheart – Penneys. The good weather of late has really put me in the mood for Summer and has kicked the outfit planning portion of my brain into overdrive. A natural topic to cover for this edition was S/S styles. I wanted to put together looks showcasing some of the key trends for Spring Summer ’19 in light and airy fabrics. Trends can sometimes be really tricky and well that to me equals sweaty. I am delightful i know lol but hey this is life so.

Spring Summer Trends – Penneys

I decided to create some looks using a key piece that can be worn several different ways. Put a little spin on Fifty Fridays by mixing in the concept of One Piece Ten Ways, Get wear from your wardrobe editions this Summer without breaking the bank. Here at home we aren’t exactly blessed with continuous good weather. Investing in lots of expensive Summer bits therefore isn’t always actually an investment when you don’t get to wear your purchases much on home soil. All of the looks below could do you for a weekend getaway and will probably fit in hand luggage. Four key pieces that can be dressed up or down. I surprised myself with just how far these pieces went with just 3 pairs of shoes , 3 bags and some little accessories. A mini capsule case if you will. Dressed for a city or mini break for sure. As always each full outfit comes in under €50 no matter the combination.

Gingham Sun Dress

The first piece i chose was this little checkered number. A style and shape i go to year after year. Bardot necklines are my absolute favourite and i personally think they are supper flattering. The shape and fit is one i like also. There is an elasticated panel in the back for extra comfort. The buttons look to be gaping a little here but this wasn’t something i noticed when i tried it on, so i think it is the bra i’m wearing rather than the dress or fit. This is a 20 and was super comfy on. Not on the long side and i wouldn’t be tall but great for holidays. I did actually wear it another time with some cycling shorts underneath as more of a tunic/longer top so this is an option too.

Look 1

Dress €14 , Bag €14 , Hair Scarf €3 , Sandals €8

Total Outfit = €39

The fabric is super light and breathable. It has that cheesecloth type crinkle so perfect for chucking in your suitcase. The button down front was a nice addition too. This style or mini trend has been really popular and it just adds a little something extra to a plainer dress. I’ve been raving the past few weeks about my new found love for neutrals and in particular natural accessories. The buttons tie in really well with that but look so good against the monochrome print. Black/white/tan is my new crush. I felt this dress was a great start to show what i was trying to achieve. It was as easily dressed up as it was worn casual. Both nothing but pure, cool and comfort.

Look 2

Dress €14 , Bag €22 , Sandals €14

Total Outfit = €50

I was off to an easy start as this dress was really easy to dress up. Granted it was just a midi heel sandal and bamboo bag but that is how easy it was. You could of course add earrings , a belt and or a statement lip too , to jazz things up more. This here is a no frills, comfy evening look. These sandals i would recommend to everyone. You can last the whole night and you feet won’t hate you the next day. They go with so much and are such an affordable option for Summer. I had the black and pink colours last year so i had to nab the tan and a shiny new black pair this year. I’ll probably go back for the orange too who am i kidding?

• Look 3 •

Dress €14 , Bag €12 , Shoes €8 , Glasses €3 , Bandana €2

Total Outfit = €39

For the final look i paired some Converse style high top runners. A really casual take on the look but with all the the details finished it can still be a really cool outfit. A perfect option for exploring or even a concert this Summer. The pop of colour comes from the red accessories here. The cute glasses and i added in a little bandana scarf to keep your hair off your face on hot days. There is a very retro vibe once it all comes together and that is the joy / beauty of fashion.

Stripe Shirt

The second piece i chose was actually from the swimwear / beach section in Penneys. Straight away yes it is a fab cover up. Over-sized shirts are really cute to wear over your swimmers for that ultimate effortless cool vibe. It got me thinking though that this striped baby actually had a lot of potential and not just for holidays. When the weather heats up over here but not like to hot hot it can be hard to know what to wear. I figured this would be a great thrown on piece for those days. Easy, comfy and not too much thought required. Pair it with some jeans or jeggings like i have below. Boots or plimsolls would work too but i paired the little tan gladiators for what i thought would be a comfy travel look? Speaking of the jeggings – this is my first time to wear such in , and i counted , 8 years! They just don’t stay up on me because of my lack of volume in the derriere . This baby ain’t got back. Not that jeans suit me but at least the button/belt keep them semi where they are supposed to be. I do miss the comfort of a jegging though and decided to give this pair a whirl. To my surprise they fit like a glove. No budge and they look well. Well i think so lol. I’m wearing a size 20 for reference.

Look 1

Cover Up €12 (Size XL) , Jeggings €13 , Bag €14 , Sandals €8

Total Outfit = €47

Back to the shirt, i grabbed an XL and it fits with a loose ease. You may even be able to look for a 2XL which Penneys have introduced in their dual sizes as part of their sizing extension. As you can see it is in fact beaut as it was intended as more of a holiday cover up. I have it on here sunning myself up on the roof. There are some slits in the side so you may not be comfortable showing that high up on your leg. Denim shorts would look great underneath. You could even tuck in one side or the front or back portion too. Again with the classic gladiator which are still my favourite type of sandals for Summer. The bag is doubling up here for sun time. The cut out detail would actually really work for the beach. Couldn’t resist the sunglasses, I’ve wanted some since last year and this pair matched so well it was meant to be. Fabric wise again it has that really natural woven material as you would see with a cheesecloth. You can get a closer and more detailed look at it and the colours of the pattern in the accessories images at the bottom of the post.

Look 2

Cover Up €12 (Size XL) , Glasses €3, Bag €14 , Sandals €8

Total Outfit = €37

For the last look styled around the shirt the jeans went back on. That and the accessories too. Dress it up a little but still keep that laid back vibe. Summer days in the beer garden that turn into Summer nights. You could tie up the ends for a cute look or even belt the waist for something different. Pop a bralet under and pull it off the shoulder too. Lots of potential from what at first glance is just a beach cover-up.

Look 3

Cover Up €12 (Size XL) , Jeggings €13 , Bag €22 , , Earrings €3, Necklace €3

Total Outfit = €52

Maxi Dress

Next up we have a dress type that is very commonly associated with holidays and Summer in general. Maxi dresses are a firm favourite with so many for this time of year. I do enjoy the bohemian look that comes hand in hand with so many styles in this dress length. I got into maxis a few years bag but as my size changed i had felt quite frumpy in them. Looking back this was probably the styles i was choosing. Possibly falling so in love with midi skirts and dresses has shown me that i can do and wear longer lengths without drowning myself. Again this comes down to the types of styles chosen. This particular one i have chosen has a waist detail which straight away is figure friendly. It gives shape therefore you won’t be over come by swinging fabric. The tie detail also draws the eye in at your narrowest so is again a flattering cut/shape for most. It was the color that jumped out at me i will admit. I thought this would fit in well with the little capsule wardrobe that i was putting together. It will go well with all of the shoes / accessories and serve you well.

Look 1 •

Dress €12 , T-shirt €3 , Necklace €3 , Runners €8 , Bag €12

Total Outfit = €46

For the first look i wanted to do something that i have been enjoying wearing – Layering a tee under a sleeveless dress. Very 90’s , very cool. It covers the arms if you aren’t a fan of having them out but you still get to wear the pretty dress. A comfy , kind of casual look that would also double as a great outfit for travelling too. The black isn’t as harsh against the dress as you might think. You can tie it in with the back and hairband easily. You could i suppose still go for the bucket bag here too with the high-tops. Likewise you could pair the tan flats for another day look with or without the tee. A denim over the top jacket would look fab if it gets chilly in the evenings. The tee itself isn’t your average jersey or cotton. It has a textured weave to it and a little pocket. Adding something to your look for very minimal effort. I tied the hem here in a little knot just for a different take on the dress. Really simple and an easy option if it takes your fancy.

• Look 2 •

Dress €12 , Earrings €3 , Necklace €3 , Sandals €14 , Bag €14

Total Outfit = €46

It’s not too hard to dress up a maxi for a night out. The length is a typically dressy one so with the right accessories you can’t go far wrong. Again the comfort of the midi heel to give slight height and dress things up a little. The wooden box bag goes perfectly against both the colour and creates a really Summery look. Add in the desired accessories to elevate the look. Earrings , hair scarf or necklace will all add interest to the look easily. This dress also comes in an orange red tone and a black too. A handy one to have in your case or wardrobe to pull out for whatever your plans are.

Look 3 •

Dress €12 , Tee €5, Glasses €3 , Sandals €8 , Bag €22

Total Outfit = €50

Summer Accessories

Here is a detailed look at some close ups of the accessories used in this collaboration. They take up little to no room, are really affordable but have to power to add to a look and update it instantly.

That is all folks, well for now anyways. There where so many new styles in that i could have gone on and on. A little wardrobe update doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Favourite look? Tell me what way would you wear?

Previous Real Life Fifty Friday’s From Penneys Can Be Seen Below For Refrence And Inspiration.

Spring , Summer And Winter .

This post is in proud collaboration with Penneys. The pieces used for this post were purchased using gift vouchers. This in no way influences my work. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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