Us ladies rock. Being a feminist has a certain stigma attached to it though. There isn’t always that much support for each other either. Not in a burning our bra’s and plaiting our leg hair kind of way. Instead i like to think of the positives of modern day women absolutely killing it in this sometimes brutal world. We drew the short straw biologically with the whole peeing sitting down and womb falling out every 28 days thing. That is before hormones and emotions. Who hasn’t cried when there is no milk in the fridge? Even when they don’t like milk. See it’s tough at the top. And at the top is where i’m going with this one. So even with all that stacked against us, there are so many sisters out there doing it for themselves.

With today being International Women’s Day, i thought it fitting to honor some ladies who are amazing at what they do. A group of gals who inspire me to be the best i can be too. All Irish too, flying the flag for our little green isle.

Image – Emma Kenny Illustrations

Emma Kenny is a super talented illustrator. Like super talented. Her work is utterly flawless. It is no wonder her illustrations have caught the eye of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Several of the stars have shared Emma’s sketches on their social media and pushing it onto the world’s stage. I could not have been happier to see her gain the recognition she deserves. Local and international news have woken up to the sheer beauty of this art. As a result Ms Kenny is working with big names worldwide.  A beautiful girl inside and out. I honestly believe she does not know how talented she is. I was chuffed to have Emma draw me a logo for the blog. It is something i will always treasure. I think is so refreshing to see real talent and merit pave the way for a change. Truly deserving of an amazing career ahead doing what she loves. A really humbled girl who reminds that hard work and passion pay off. You can see her amazing work here .

 Image :
Image :

Next up is Erika Fox, a Kerry native currently living the fashion dream in New York city. I came across Erika many moons ago, I liked her style so i followed her. She had a really cool vibe about her and wore a lot of vintage pieces. For a couple of Summers the flame-haired beauty interned in NYC. She documented this all on her blog Retro Flame. A year ago Erika made the move on a more permanent basis and secured a job working with some big names. Olivia Palermo to name one. It is amazing to see an Irish girl holding her own among the fash pack of New York. It’s also been really nice to watch Erika’s style evolve. She has a really clean, polished, well put together look about her. Erika has since gone full time with blogging, she has achieved so much in the past few years. For daily looks and stunning city pics, check out her instagram. You will thank me lol. It is always so inspiring to see someone living their dream.

Image :

Moving onto  Anouska Proetta Brandon , a Dublin based Blogger and Youtuber. Her style of photography and video editing really inspires me. I love watching her travel Vlogs. Not only do you get to see the destination but she shows it in a really fun way.
Her blog is a visual diary in itself. Absolutely stunning images and lookbooks. She is a massive fan of photography herself and you can really tell. This one is far from your bog standard blogger. The work she puts out is real art. I came across Anouska way back in the days. The girl has some serious style. Very chic and minimal. She definitely enjoys the finer things in life. It was really great to hear this lady speak at last years Blogger Conf. I wasn’t surprised that the topic she lent her expertise to was photography. If you are into artsy shots and good style i would click here.

Image: Life and Style Of Jen

Jennifer Devitt is the realest of the real. A genuine down to earth girl. She blogs part-time on her blog The Life and Style Of Jen. Content wise and the frequency of her posts though you can see the work she puts in. The dubliner is queen on Snapchat with daily doses of hilarious stories. Jen gives us insight into her wardrobe, make-up bag, daily life and relationship with bf Dean. Hi Dean! The thing i like most about her is she says it like it is. Zero f@#ks given. Although she is a quarter of my size and we have different styles etc yet i can relate to her. I have spoken before about it being very rare that i relate to ‘bloggers’. Jen loves Penneys and finding new affordable beauty buys. Her eyeliner skills are insane. Miss Devitt’s love for life is infectious. She is as genuine in real life as she is on her social media and that is hard to come by these days. Making me laugh daily, she just gets it. One of them people that just inspire you to be positive and happy. She is a beaut too – total girl crush. You can see her instagram here.

Image: VIP Magazine

Last but by no means least is, Angela Scanlon , another of my girl crushes. Well today is all about celebrating women. Angela started out as a stylist and has now made the leap to TV presenting. She is such a cool girl with the style to match. Another one that pulls no punches. Straight talking and witty. I love when i see her name pop up on the TV guide. She has a way with words and makes documentaries fun while tackling real issues. Angela definitely flies the flag for the Irish across the water. One to be very proud of. Holds her own in the style stakes on the red carpets and has the personality to back it up to. With Angela, what inspires me is her attitude. She is herself and would never apologise for it. I wanna be her friend lol. I will leave her instagram here.

I have really enjoyed putting together this list of amazing ladies. Each inspiring in their own way. I think i might make this a regular thing and do some more posts on this subject. I mean we aren’t short of choices really. It is nice acknowledge thought provoking women and build a better culture than the sometimes bitchy attitude towards other females. On that note, Happy International Women’s day to all of you amazing ladies. In the words of the Spice Girls – “Girl Power”

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