Invisible lip liner

Lipstick lovers the world round know that lip liners are your best friend. When the 90’s landed back in fashion so too did lip liner. It does exactly what it says on the tin, well pencil actually. It lines your lips giving more definition and keeps the colour from bleeding. Its not always easy to match a liner to your lipstick shade. Enter the invisible lip liner.
All the benefits of a normal liner but the beauty of this pencil is it works with any colour lipstick. Plus because its transparent you dont have to worry about staying inside the lines. This is a yay from me as im not the best at lines myself. It works with lipstick or lipgloss. This can also be used as a primer to prep the lip. This will keep the colour lasting longer. I picked up this cheap and cheerful one from Essence. At only €1.29 you couldnt ask for more. Most chemists stock this brand aswel as Penneys. This is a great little beauty hack ♡



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