Here is a quick look at my recent trip to Kusadasi in western Turkey in the form of a photo diary. This is by no means a travel blog but from time to time it is nice to mix things up and keep it interesting. I do love photography and wish i had more opportunities to snap away so i try to take advantage when i am anywhere worthy. Just a small few pics that really don’t even show a fraction of what the place has to offer.

Kusadasi is situated on the Aegean coast of Turkey. A vibrant city filled with culture and fun. It is modern, good value for money and as you can see very beautiful. I personally believe it to be very safe and i have no fears about travelling there. This side of Turkey is the same distance to Ireland that it is to countries that cause concern. Lots to see and do. Immerse yourself in years of history or lie by the turquoise water beaches. The food is just unreal and the atmosphere cannot be rivaled. Lots of shopping to be done and cocktails to be drank. I know for people that Turkey is like Marmite but it stole my heart a long long time ago. A place i recommend and visit year after year.



turkey Travel Photo Diary
The view from Somewhere Else restaurant on ladies beach promenade. A fab place to sit and soak of the sun while watching the world go by. The sunsets are a treat here come evening time.


Turkey Photos


The Turkish Flag flying high, This is something you will see everywhere. Turkey is really patriotic and fly their fly wherever possible.


turkey is safe


An alternative view of Ladies beach , a place that is extremely popular.


Kusadasi Turkey


A destination that is very family orientated and child friendly. Children are really loved here especially the younger ones.


Old street Turkey


Although Kusadasi as a resort has become more modern over the last few years , the place has not lost its charm. There is still so much culture and colour everywhere you look.


kusadasi turkey


Lots of the side and back streets in centrum have steps painted in bright colours like these above. It just adds to already colourful town and something that makes passers by stop for a look and a picture or two.


is turkey safe


An evening down the marina watching the sun go down with some good food is a must. Posing is optional.


irish travel blog


beach turkey


There are several beaches to sun yourself on and relax. Lots of beach and pool clubs too if actual sand is not your thing.


just the f word


Many of the streets in the Bazaar’s are shaded from the hot sun by these colourful umbrellas. A treat on the eyes while making a days shopping all the more pleasurable.


travel photos



i have this thing with floors


The Turkish Evil Eye is another thing you will see a lot of. Hung in almost every house , business , car and worn on a pin to warn off jealous eyes and negativity. A little good luck charm that you will see on many souvenirs and even on tiles like here.


irish blog


This a place i will never tire seeing the beauty of. A town full of buzz and atmosphere.


I have also put together a video of this trip which you can watch here.





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