Not to get ahead of myself here but this is quite possibly one of the most beautiful dresses to have ever graced my vision. I think i said something similar to this last year about another dress which happened to be lace and also from ASOS. Can you see a theme here? 
ASOS is definitely my go-to for occasion wear. They haven’t let me down yet. I have a *cough cough* big birthday coming up that requires a dress. Not that i need reminding of this as i am currently wallowing in a hole dug with my own tears. This is the kind of dress i would choose for said event though. Lace dresses are my absolute favourite. The sleeve detail is something i would long for too. The colour is stunning , perfect for Spring / Summer. The style and cut of the dress is both playful and pretty. I adore the subtly of the rose gold against the green. Rich but soft enough not to take anything away from the dress. A classic sandal is perfect and does exactly what is needed. There is some detail in the bag that i think works well next to the pattern of the lace without being too much. An earring is all i added. A ring too maybe but i wouldn’t take the accessories much further. I am working on occasion looks and in particular S/S wedding looks but i figured this outfit needed a spotlight of it’s own. This one gives me all the feels. 
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