Look Of The Day #39

Spring Into Autumn With This Look Of The Day. You don’t have to look out the window to know that Summer is well and truly gone. That leaves us is that awkward spot again – total wardrobe limbo.
It is very hard to know what to wear at the moment. You also don’t want to be investing in things that you soon won’t be able to wear. I feel this outfit is quite appropriate for the timing but with a few tweeks could work well and truely into the next S/S. Without further adue – Spring Into Autumn With This Look Of The Day.


All the freshness and print of a Spring look with a suitible  Autumnal colour palette. The perfect transitional look. Not too covered because we aint hittin’ blizzards just yet. Slightly moving away from lighter fabrics and bringing in lots of texture that Autumn / Winter craves. The detailing in the embroidered lace gives a real pop of luxe. Such pretty workmanship that really stands out. A piece that looks so much more and can be worked in many ways. I liked it here built on with a ribbed top in a bright white. A great basic to have in your wardrobe for layering. Still really smart though and stylish but more wearable for day to evening with this type of top.


Boots are big business this season. ‘Are they not big every Winter?’ I hear you say. Yes, but even bigger this year. Taking on finish, colour , texture and print to really up the amp while being weather appropriate. I added a patent ankle boot in classic black that will wear well. I know some folk are afraid to do a skirt and boot combo but i personally really like the look of this. You can of course ditch the boots in favour of your party heels for a night out. A red satchel finishes off this look by tying in with the pop of the skirt. A fun yet functional bag that can be worn crossbody or as a clutch.




 Bag €19 Boohoo , Top €13 River Island ,


Build on this look as the days get colder. Some opaque tights and a fur gilet will look so cute while you tackle those bitter evenings. Change up the top for a crisp shirt for a really sophisticated A/W look. I quite fancy this myself. Getting my brain into outfit building mode. How about you?

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