Yep they are back and believe it or not they can be flattering. They actually lengthen your frame adding the illusion of more height. These may look horrid on the hanger or in your mind but try a pair you might be pleasently surprised. Add heels and tuck in a top and your good to go. With trousers becoming more and more prominent on the high street and in street style alike these are a great option. I noticed Penneys still have a rail of their black culottes that were featured in their A/W campaign. These are €17 and so wearable.

These are a good alternative to highwaist skirts so a little crop gap looks really cute. Legs together these give off the midi skirt vibe but stride and your in a tailored pant with all kinds of chic. Go for a printed pattern for added wow or classic black with a coloured top. Keep your top half fitted to balance out the proportions. l feel this is an understated look and one that looks really effective ♡

Penneys / Primark A/W Campaign 
Culottes €17 Penneys
Some inspo on ways to wear this look…
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