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Christmas week i was lucky enough to visit some lovely friends in Manchester. What a lovely city – totally outdid my expectations. So many gorgeous buildings around town and a mix of culture. I went to some Christmas markets to do some shopping *ahemmm eating and drinking*. Everyone was really in the spirit and the stalls were very authentic. I had the BEST Baileys hot chocolate. Even took home a souvenier mug for the mother.
Afterwards we headed back to the main shopping area and inside the Arndale Center. I was really impressed with the shop standards. Even on the busiest week of the year the stores looked great. The British high street take their game seriously and it shows.
I couldnt go to the UK and not go to PRIMARK  eeeeekkkkk. Kid at Christmas…litterally. I was surprised though at the amount of stock that Penneys have too. Maybe the gap is bridging. The store itself is huge but was over-run by sale stock. That time of year i guess. I will definetly be back. Ive one regret- i spotted a cape type cardi as i was walking out of the store. I just couldnt deal with those queues again.!
Finally ended the day with a trip to TGI Fridays. We sat down and ordered. Id a bubblegum dacquri which was as delicious as it sounds. My starter of the most unreal nachos arrived. Id one bite and the fire alarm went off. Smoke started billowing from the kitchen and we all had to dash for the exit. Enter fire brigades and ruined food. That was the end of my nachos and our night. Gutted! The waiter was fit too…could have been Ben Haenows brother easily. Soulmates i felt lol. Nothing left to do but hit Tesco offlicense for booze and snacks to fill the TGI shaped hole.
In the words of yer man Schwarzenegger i’ll be back. Omg thats abit cringe but its a true story.
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