Here it is, the first installment of a new feature – Men’s Monthly. Something new i am trying after several requests. We won’t name any names lads, you know who you are and your wish is my command. On the whole men’s fashion is not something i was ever really into. It just didn’t interest me in the slightest and to be honest i didn’t really understand it.

I remember back in college some of the girls were specialising in male fashion or choosing to focus on this for projects. Thinking back, at that time i suppose it wasn’t really a thing. Yeah sure high fashion was there but it was a world away from Joe Soap. With regards to mainstream and stores you were talking jeans and a t-shirt. To be honest i think blokes were ok with that though. I feel in the past there has been a perception about men who look after themselves or dress well. A certain word can be associated with this and that’s not right. As if wanting a new outfit for a Saturday night was going to take away ones masculinity.





Hoodie €19.99 New Look , T Shirt €7.99 H&MJeans €29.99 New Look , Watch €29.99 New Look , Shoes €27 Boohoo.


Times have changed , styles have evolved and i think that men have too. Social media and the likes have made it seem more acceptable for the male species to move with the times. The birth of the term metrosexual brought to light the rise in men who were openly interested looking after themselves and their appearance. Haircuts , skincare , clothes and even tanning. To me this is a good thing and again should not be even in the same sentence as sexuality. You may laugh but for the most part i think the lads from Geordie Shore have some good style. It’s current and very wearable. To me that is a style i like and think looks well on a bloke. They are not afraid to mix things up and wear what they want. A far cry from Kanye and his ahem “Creations” though.




Navy Chinos €24.99 New Look , Jacket €27 Boohoo , Boots €59.99 New Look , Jumper €24.97 DV8 .


That being said let us move on to why we are all here today. A few affordable looks for men in the same way i would for the ladies. We wouldn’t want anyone feeling left out now would we. Some casual to dressier outfits to add to your winter wardrobe. Most of these pieces are from stores i shop in myself that also have fantastic men’s departments. There is a lot to be said for online shopping too. I did a whole post on the benefits of it that you can read here. I’ve already tried to convince the girlos and i think ye lot should get onto it too. For one BOOHOO Men have 50% codes running pretty much all the time. Hello like that is ridiculous and their stuff is really cool. No brainer lads. For those of you who dislike shopping or going into shops this solves that for you.




Chinos €31-€34 Next , Jumper €18 and Coat €50 Penneys , Boots €44.99  New Look , Scarf €18 Debenhams.


With it being Autumn at present i couldn’t avoid those rich warm tones. Lots of tan , rust and easy to wear neutrals. Most of the looks here are really easy to layer up for the winter months. I wanted to pick pieces that would fit in well in most wardrobes and again be really easy to wear. The key word here being easy lol. No brainers , to take the hassle out of dressing this Autumn Winter.




Joggers €9.60 Sports Direct , Gilet €18 Sports Direct , Top €12.99 New Look , Hat €2 Penneys, Shoes €33 River Island .


So lads what do we think? Have i failed you miserably? We can give it a go for a month or two and see how we get on. Also ladies if you find this helpful for shopping for your other halves or gifts do let me know. You boys might be here to stay. JUSTIN The F Word lol.




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