There has been a lot of talk of late about Adult Colouring books. You will in no doubt have seen these around and thought eh what’s going on here? They are growing more and more in popularity. It’s not that we are regressing into childhood play mode but rather exploring new ways to mind our minds. 

People are so busy nowadays. Working more hours than ever. In these recessional times, stress levels are at an all time high. 
Let me tell you, stress eats away at the body. Concentrating gets harder, sleeping gets less frequent, the body aches, mood gets lower. That is to name just a few affects. Winding down and relaxing the mind will in-turn relax the body. A peaceful mind helps improve your health and well being. Some people choose to exercise or find unique ways to blow off steam. It is all about finding what works for you. I went to Art College so personally i have always drawn. All be it not very well, but it is something i enjoy. Yes assignments and deadlines made this stressful back then. But sitting down with time and getting lost in art can be really rewarding.

Mindfulness is a really positive way to deal with mental health problems. To explain more…

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to whatever is happening in the present moment with kindness towards ourselves and our experience, and without judgement”. 

Colouring books are a fine example of this. You are concentrating on right now and nothing else. The method is to distract your mind while entertaining and relaxing you. You get so enthralled in the task in hand that your mind will struggle to wonder. All the mash of thoughts in your head make way for patterns and colours. They promote a Zen like state of peace. Buddhists have the right idea.

Art therapy has been used for many years and for all different types of things. In my own experience i have found it calming for anxiety. That feeling of “i should be doing something” or “something is gonna happen” will start to vanish. By doing something productive with your evening instead of wallowing in knots. The sense of achievement feels good too when you are feeling depressed. Keeping your mind active and in a relaxed state. 

There are lots of these books available. Easons have a big range, lots of different types and styles. If you aren’t looking to spend a fortune, Dealz have a selection, i got these two for €1.49 each. The designs are gorgeous and the paper is quite good quality. Not like our brown tinted pages as kids lol. 

I had this post written when i saw that Kellie from My Little Babog saying these stressed her out even more lol. Trying to organise what colours go where and staying inside the lines certainly could bring out the OCD in you. I find if you get lost in colouring, don’t be too precious and have fun with it that all goes away. 

Books are a pretty and convenient way to get colouring. There are also a ton of printables free online to print off to your hearts content. Also can we talk about the colours. Markers, pencils, crayons, felt tip pens. Oooh Glitter! Shopping for these can be fun too. No point even trying to deny here, that, yes i am a stationary geek. Choose any media you want, there are no rules. This is all about you. Put on some music and have some time for yourself.
Even the Holy Grail of Fashion Mags have got in on the action. Colour in some stunning images from the history of fashion and the pages of Vogue. You can nab this here from Amazon amoung others.
Another purse friendly option comes from Tiger. Same idea as before and only €3.
Also, i saw these mini colouring pencils for €2 in Penneys. I thought the little tube was really handy for travelling. Pop them in your bag without taking up any much needed space. 

I have found these useful and enjoyable. They pass time in a positive way. Pop a book in your bag for travelling. Planes and trains can be an anxious or stressing trigger. So many shops sell so many types so whatever your interest there is something for everyone. ASOS have a cool selection here.

Is this something you would try? Minding our minds is really important. Why not do it in a fun colourful way?

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  1. 28 September, 2015 / 12:38 pm

    I laughed when i read you saying that lol. Defos everyone is different so will find different things suit them better. Cleaning is one alot do. Same jazz being mindful and in the moment ♡

  2. 28 September, 2015 / 11:29 am

    Thanks for the mention Keira. I still stand by my word though. I kant kope with this colouring book. I'd rather mop the floor or sleep lol!

  3. 25 September, 2015 / 10:35 pm

    Yep they are indeed from Dealz. They are very good quality for their price. They do the exact same job and don't break the bank ♡

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