Modern Stripes

It is no secret that i am obsessed with stripes. Season in season out they are ever present in my wardrobe. There is barely a time that there is not a striped piece in my shopping basket or wishlist. Generally speaking my attraction to stripes is basic monochrome but i do enjoy a colored stripe every now and then. Of late there has been a shift in this print. More and more colours are being seen with the width of the stripes varying and the direction of the pattern itself. Although stripes are a classic wardrobe staple, it is nice to have a modern take on the look. This can be achieved through tops, shirts, skirts, trousers, jumpsuits you name it, they have all had a shake up. Coordinating two pieces are present with this trend too, for those who are brave enough. Shirts seem to have took the lead on this one though with a plethora of variations popping up in almost every store. This is an easy way to get in on the action by popping on a shirt with jeans or leggings. The new year is now upon us and with Spring just around the corner, stripes make for the perfect transitional piece.

The celebs have got in on the action too. Here are two examples of stripes done in this new wave that caught my eye. Chic and oozing style, all the while being cool and present. The play on direction of the pattern and width between the striping is key to this trend.

Click the Description to shop some examples of this look below.

How do you feel about this new wave of stripes?
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