Its no secret that that ive had a long standing magazine dependency. Its not my fault i cant help it. It feeds the soul so its actually quite a healthy addiction. Not like most girls who pick up a mag at lunch to flick through. No kiera clears the whole self weekly and monthly! Then theres the collections issues but thats a whole nother ball game. I always loved mags…the smell (oh the smell), the look, the feel. Thats all before the content. It got much worse when i started college. Then i actually HAD TO buy them. Reading material lol. Piles and piles high of them for trend/moodboards and keeping upto date with goings on in the industry. Hook line and sinker. I get abit tetchy of a tuesday if i have not had my fix.

This brings me to last night. Popped to the shop to pick up some weeklys. LOOK magazine being my favourite for obvious reasons. I was a little disheartened by two things. First its price – €3.10 – and second its size. It was a very skinny issue.
I’ll stress that its not that im being tight on the price, like i said above ive stood up infront of you all and in cliche terms said “My names kiera and im a magaholic”. so be whatever ill get them. Its more worrying. Never has Look been over 3 quid. This worries me as price increases and skinny issues usually indicate troubles. With Company Magazine ceasing print last year and More Magazine the year before im scared. Two publications i grew up reading now gone.

    As technology has taken over our lives its kinda killed the need for some magazines. Gone were the days, way back when , you had to wait sometimes weeks for collections to appear in print. Today bloggers and the media alike are sitting FROW and are putting it out there as it happens. Everything is online at one tap of a screen. One hashtag away. Some magazines now have digital issues you can get straight to your phone or tablet. But for me nothing beats the real mc coy. The waft of paper as you flick through a new copy. The glossy feel. Not knowing what will be there as you turn the page. I have a huge collection much to the annoyance of my mother. I actually re-read back issues im that bad. Its so good to look back on something physical and remember new things you once saw/read.

   I know this is such a 1st world problem i hear you say. To me it really is something i love and enjoy. Something i look forward to constantly. The thought of this media becoming extinct like tapes and walkmans pulls on my heart strings.
Does this touch a nerve with anyone else? ♡

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