I was beyond honoured to be invited by Littlewoods to have brunch with Myleene Klass for the launch of her Christmas collection. This latest release is Myleene’s 27th collection with the online store. As the saying goes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We gathered in the Westbury to have a bite to eat and a goo at the new offerings. Two of my favourite things right there – Brunch and clothes! With free reign to have a rummage through and get a really good look at the selected pieces. Kid’s at Christmas let me tell ya. After lots of ohhhh-ing and awhhh-ing we sat down and brunch was served. Again – unreal! All this and the best was still to come.


Myleene Klass Christmas 16

Lace Bodysuit €57 , Gold Skirt €57 , Belt €28

Long Sleeve Dress €115

Lace Dress €90

Kimono €52 , Corset €48Pants €19 ,

Leopard Shoes €42 


Just like i feared, Myleene was even more stunning in the flesh. I don’t know why  but i was secretly hoping she would be rude or have a bad personality but you know what she didn’t. She was just as lovely as i always thought. So down to earth with no airs or graces about her. An absolute inspiration and a real role model for women. It was a breath of fresh air to see such passion and care going into a range. Far too often in today’s market, celebs put their name to just about anything without a thought. That was something that became very apparent that this was certainly not the case here.


Mylene Klass Shoes Caged Bra

Gold Shoes €24 , Black Shoes €32 , Bra With Choker €34 , Baubles  (Set Of 3) €34 All Littlewoods


Myleene came out to us stuffing our faces, and began to chat about not only the collection but the history behind it all. After her stint on I’m A Celebrity , who can forget that white bikini , Ms Klass was the most searched woman on the internet. It is not surprising really. The public got to see just how cool and beautiful this lady is. With this rise in popularity naturally business deals and offers rolled in. There were many brands who offered to produce ranges for her. Them doing all the designing , making and producing for Myleene just to turn up and pose for the cameras. This wasn’t for her. As we listened on we learnt of a young Myleene falling asleep to the sound of the sewing machine and her Grandmother the tailor. Although she went down the music route the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Myleene Christmas Dress €62

It was what happened next which inspired Myleene to take the reigns. Modelling made her more and more aware of how clothes hang on the female form. As a mum she saw her body change and with that her clothing needs. This is the part i love. A fashion line designed and made for you and i. Josie soaps. I’m not a fan of the term “real women” because what is a real women but in the sense it is clothes for the everyday average lady. Us that come in all shapes in sizes. Practical, affordable and flattering pieces that are size inclusive. I was delighted to hear that most of the pieces in her ranges go from a size 8 to 24. Everything a modern day lady could want from cocktail dresses to pretty but well fitting undies. You will regularly see Myleene wearing her own clothes and not for publicity reasons. This sits very well with me.

The talk and Q&A was held by a Girl Crush of mine – Courtney Smith. As if today needed anything more. As the two beauty’s chatted all things fashion and life , two models strutted their stuff in some key pieces from the collection. Getting to see these in action was a real treat. Afterwards us lot got to ask any questions we had. This only furthered how down to earth this women is. It was just like chats with the girls not a presentation with a superstar singer / model / business woman. So relaxed and inspiring. A great feeling filled the room. There was lots of mingling and chatting with Myleene later on. At something like this i would imagine the celebrity or speaker to split straight away but Myleene was too busy having fun taking pics and thanking us for coming along. No, honestly thank you!




Myleene’s Dress €77   My Dress Now €13 Boohoo

In an industry with little or no transparency it is so refreshing to see the work and heart that goes into something. A range by women for women. Myleene’s knowledge and involvement in the creation of her pieces and lines is evident in it’s success. Her attitude towards work and hiring single mothers only further emulates the heart behind the range. I came away from brunch feeling really empowered and inspired. Thanks again for having me, both Littlewoods and Myleene.


I also shot some footage that i put together in a little video below. As nice as it is to write about these things, you cannot beat visuals. Something pictures cannot capture is the movement in clothes. You can get a better look at some of the collection we saw on display and the models walking in some stunning picks.


If you have seen anything you like, Littlewoods have given me a code to share with family and friends. For 20% most items from now until the 20th of December simply enter the code ‘ KNVYD ‘ at the checkout.  Happy Shopping.




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