National Bikini Day

It is pretty fitting that it is National Bikini Day today seen as im sat here in one. Summer can be a scary time and the thoughts of getting into swimwear can be off putting. It seems to be really trendy at the moment to be body positive. That is great to see but we have to remember what might work or be right for one won’t be for another. Even i who doesn’t give a shit have my bad days. We are human and it is natural to have these moments. I spoke on my stories earlier in the week about my body changing so much especially this past year. Illness changes my body daily and the evidence is there plain to see. Im now hippier than ive ever been but that wont stop me from enjoying my holiday. It can’t. I would never forgive myself if i looked back at 90 and saw the time i wasted worrying and hating on myself.

National Bikini Day

There are some little things that can make a big difference to your confidence this Summer.

A tan makes everything look better. Thus leaving you feeling better. Whether you fake it or are getting your fill of vitamin D, a bit of colour on your skin will give you a healthy glow. Putting on swimmers might just be that much easier then.

Bikini Bottoms €15.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-32)

The right swimwear is half of the battle. Choose styles that are comfy and friendly to your shape. These frill bottoms from Simply Be are my secret weapon for summer fun. The frill falls over my ‘problem area’ and therefore doesn’t frame my belly. For me it’s just like wearing make-up etc to help us look and feel our best.

Remember we are real life humans who have bodies that do so much for us and sometimes our stories are shown on our skin. Strechmarks and cellulite are beyond normal. Both are things that skin does. Just because we don’t see these things in the media etc the idea is put to us that this isn’t how you should look. You should only look like you, end of story. I can bet you that the girl you are looking at across the pool has things about herself she doen’t love too. Size isn’t always a sure thing to give body confidence.

Finally, a cute anklet or cover up can go a long way too. Some killer glasses and a hair scarf. Paint them toes , get your fave playlist on in your ears and get in the mood. Do what makes you feel good.

I’m not gonna tell you to just get over your feelings but i would recommend trying these or some ways cause i tell you the water is lovely and so are you ♡

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