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Why hello there OPTW, haven’t seen you in awhile. It’s no secret that i have been struggling of late with content and getting it finished while it’s still relevant. I kind of explained here and i have been trying really hard since to execute my ideas properly and get shit did. It’s got better but i’m still not totally satisifed. I had a think about why i started blogging and the type of posts both you guys and i enjoyed. Why not take it right back to an old favourite One Piece Ten Ways. Not rocket science but i basically take one item and i style it ten completely different ways. I used to adore putting these posts together and challenging myself. These type of posts take a lot of time to put together as you can imagine. Ideally i would love to be able to get one of these up a week in edition to a Fifty FridayBaby steps Kiera. Baby steps.


One Piece Ten Ways


One of my favourite One Piece Ten Ways posts was this one right here where i used a modern white shirt from River Island. Far more versatile than you would think and that is the beauty of these styling posts. Showing how you can get your moneys worth from the things you buy and make your wardrobe work for you. Don’t leave things you love all alone in the back of the wardrobe. Get them into rotation and get the wear from them.

One Piece Ten Ways

To ease me back in the swing of things i needed to pick an item that would make life easy. Something that if you bought would also make dressing easier for you. For me personally dresses or skirts are the most versatile options. I also don’t like excluding anyone with my choice of posts so i wanted a piece that is size inclusive and will fit so many ladies not just one section. Simply Be is a place that caters for that cross section. I spied this red floral dress and endless styling potentials came into my head. We have a winner. Available in sizes 10-26. The waist is elasticated so in theory you could say it may fit sizes 8-28. I think that is quite an inclusive cross section of sizes and im happy to roll with that. The price too at only €12.50 , this dress is very affordable. With ten different ways to wear thats quick maths. Without further adue here are 10 possible ways to wear one dress.


Ways To Wear – Red Floral Dress


Red was and still is a huge colour trend. One you know by now that i love. Florals for Spring are also groundbreaking so i once heard. A flattering A-line shape dress can go along way. As i mentioned already the waste is elasticated so there is comfort but definition in the shape. The buttons create more styling oppertunities as you can leave them loose or choose how you want the neckline to look. A sleeve is always nice too. The cuffs are also elasticated so you could push or roll them up to change up the look of the dress. As always these looks are purely for inspiration. What might be a dressy look for you will be a festival look for somebody else and so on and so forth. You may also already have things like the items shown that might spark some inspiration for you.



 Office clothes

 Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Blazer €49 Dorothy Perkins (Sizes 6-22) , Bow €11 ASOS , Loafers €32.99 New Look , Bag €27.99 H&M 



City Break

Holiday clothes

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Hat €16.50 ASOS , Shoes €17.99 New Look , Glasses €4 And Belt €4 Penneys  ,  Bag €29.95 Zara 



Ways wear Red floral dress

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26)Plus Denim Jac‌ket €59.99 New Look (Sizes 18-32) , Cropped Denim Jacket €17 Penneys , Shoes €24 Boohoo , Red Bag €14.99 H&M , Backpack €10 Penneys 


Night Out

Red floral dress

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Belt €6.99 New Look , Bralet €12.99 New Look  , Earrings €10 V By Very , Shoes €36 Simmi Shoes , Bag €19 Dorothy Perkins 



Concert gig festival outfit

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Boots €24 Simmi Shoes , Gilet €20 New Look , Hat €16 Boohoo ,  Bag €26 Boohoo



Summer wardrobe

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Bag €10 Penneys , Shoes £30 Linzi , Hat €14.99 New Look 



One piece ten ways to wear

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Parka €39.99 H&M (Sizes 6-20) , Khaki Jacket With Embroidery €62.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-32) , Boots €22 MissguidedBag €8.99 H&M Kids  , Flower Crown €12 Claires


Day To Day

Day clothes


Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Boots €15 ShoeRack , Jacket €49.99 New look (Sizes 8-18) Bag €19.99 H&M , Jacket €80 River Island (Sizes 18-28) ,



Ocassion look

Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Shoes £35 Linzi , Bag €16 Boohoo , Earrings €13 Boohoo ,


Garden Party / BBQ



Dress €12.50 Simply Be (Sizes 10-26) , Jacket €40 Next (Sizes 4-22) ,  Shoes €14 Penneys , Earrings €3 Penneys



There we have it. I have really enjoyed getting stuck into this one and i hope you have enjoyed it too. What way would you wear this dress?


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