Online Shopping In Ireland After Brexit

After years of talk about it Brexit finally happened. Even though there was so much time to plan , prepare and educate people on but yet here we are. The date came and went with so much confusion as to import and customs charges. A lot of brands stepped up and sorted out the charges and made some changes so that things didn’t change much for the customer. I thought i would put together a quick and easy to follow guide to online shopping from Ireland after Brexit.

Here we go lol.

How Does Brexit Affect Us?

Not to get into the boring stuff but what is Brexit? Firstly looking at how does Brexit actually affect things for us in Ireland and Europe going forward. There is a lot more these are the main points that from an online shopping point of view.

Changes Coming From Brexit

Next , what changes now that the UK has left the EU? What knoxk on affect does that have for online shoppers buying from UK websites and brands. The main worry for people has been extra charges.

Who Pays The Customs Charges Since Brexit?

When it comes to customs charges and import tax who actually has to pay this? Where can i find this out?

Sites That Are Not Affected By Brexit

Next looking at those brands / websites that are not affected by Brexit changes and why? All of these brands and sites below will not have any extra charges put on your order and not much should change.

Brands / Sites That Have No Customs Charges

To continue on with the above point , these are some brands that will have no extra charges on any orders being delivered to Ireland or the EU. Some brands have made changes to make this happen by moving their warehouse or distribution centres to a European country like ASOS are registered as an Irish entity. Some of our fave brands aswell are not from UK so nothing has changed there.

Sites Who Are Paying Custom Charges For You – No Extra Charges

Alongside those companies making changes to help the customer out post brexit , there are some brands who are pre-paying customs charges for you. They have agreements already in place with An Post etc so no extra charges will be put to you if you order from any of the below.

Things To Think About When Shopping Online From Ireland Post Brexit

Lastly and to finish up here are a few things just to try remember and think about before you click checkout. It never hurts to double check if you are unsure. Best to be safe than sorry and hit with a big customs charge that you were not expecting. Also to not rely on previous delivery times as things have changed on that front too. A lot of my favourites can no longer offer next day delivery. Returns have also changed too and could be costly so just shop smart!

I hope some of this might help in someway and make for easy understanding. Each section can ve easily saved for future reference or shared with a friend. I will update as we go along if i get any more information or there is any changes. For more tips on online shopping see a previous post i wrote here.

Happy Shopping!

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