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I love shopping, i think that goes without saying, but i’m not into actually going into the shops all that much. I am however a massive fan of online shopping. I know you can’t get a proper feel of fabric or fit through a screen but there are a lot of other benefits. I’ve got to know my postman much better lol.


First off, it is so much easier to navigate around a site than a messy shop. A lot of my favourite shops let me down when it comes to their layout and in-store customer service. I find the rails can be very packed making it almost impossible to look at sizes or styles that are crammed in at the back. I also feel that i never seem to find what i am looking for when i go in person. There is so much to take in and it can get very overwhelming especially if you are looking for something in particular. Add in crowds of other shoppers, nothing in it’s place, a stuffy changing room and that is enough to put me off. Especially when sales starts, stores look like a war zone, with hangers and tags everywhere. I suppose it is on par with a war when crazed shoppers are fighting for the last in their size. No need to sharpen your elbows with online shopping, just give your fingers a stretch and off you go.


Online Shopping Tips


You can get some great buys while sat in your pj’s with a some tea or a glass of wine. There is no immediate panic. You can browse with ease through the online stores entire offerings, not just the few bits a local store have in. Yes Penney’s is the exception to the rule but i am fine with that. I think if you give yourself time and pick up some options you can’t really go wrong online. Most stores like New Look, H&M and River Island all accept refunds to the store so zero hassle there. The rest have services in place for returns, with many offering free returns. If you are worried about sizing and have the money spare on your card, why not buy two sizes and see which fits best. The same goes for my point on options. Order two or three dresses if it is an occasion. Chances are you will strike it lucky with one of your choices and you can return the rest.


Here are some tips on bagging a bargain, all from the comfort of your own home.


Wishlists and Baskets



Use Wishlist’s And Baskets


This is one of my favourite things about online shopping. I add things i like to my virtual baskets and wishlist’s frequently. This keeps all my favourite things in one place. Quick and easy to find when you want to buy it or check if it is still in stock. The best thing about this is , if anything you like has been marked down or goes into sale, you will have the goods ready to check out. A useful tip for holiday or Christmas shopping, compiling ideas and items in one place that you can add to and delete things while deciding before buying.



Sign Up To Newsletters   


Sign Up Newsletter

These emails might seem like spam falling into your inbox but they can be really useful. You will be one of the first to know when sales are starting, Most stores send out emails almost daily with their news. By just checking your mail you get first dibs on the goodies in sales. Occasionally stores and brands send out discount codes by email too. It is worth checking has a code been sent to you before placing an order. If it is the first time you are purchasing from a site, most stores will offer a discount off your first order. If you are subscribed you may also be sent a little birthday treat to put towards or off your next purchase. If you have more than one email register a second when you are in need of that discount. Use a friend or family members email that isn’t already registered. I have 3 accounts myself so that comes in handy from time to time. You gotta do what you gotta do.



Filter searchUse Filters And Search Bars

Don’t waste time getting bogged down with things you are not interested in. Use the site features to your advantage. Filter by colour, size, fit or price depending on which site you are using. Filtering by your size, will pull up anything that is available in that size. That way you aren’t spending time going in and out of every product just to be disappointed when your size isn’t there. Filter by product type for the same reason. If you are looking for a coat and nothing else than it only makes sense to just look at those. This also helps if you are likely to get swayed and buy too many things you don’t need. The search section can be used in the same way. If you are after a black dress then type just that into the search bar. Most websites will pull up anything with that description and will save you time. I regularly use these features for things i wear a lot, for example putting in stripe t-shirt or A-line skirt to pull up what that site has to offer in those styles.


Online Features


Online Features 


Certain sites now actually allow you to search stock levels in stores near to you. So if needs be and you need to dash to grab something you can have checked it out before hand and not waste a journey. Zara , Bershka , H&M and The River Island app allow you to see what stores are holding what sizes and styles. There are also certain styles and ranges that are online exclusives and won’t be available in stores. Certain sites even let you create looks and give styling tips below items to give some inspiration as to what to wear your purchase with.



Basket Discount Trick


Having already mentioned how i like to use online wishlist’s and baskets. There is another use for Baskets on certain websites. If you have time to spare and are not in an immediate rush to order then holding off slightly could save you a few quid. If you add the pieces you want to your basket whilst signed into your account they should stay where they are. If you then leave the site and go away for a few hours, some sites will actually email you with an incentive to make that purchase. They might offer you a discount off your shop. Boohoo are really good for that. Thanks Boohoo you guys never let me down.



So that is my gospel according to the online gods. What are your thoughts on this? Have you any tips of your own? i swayed any of ye?



Originally Posted 22/06/2016.

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