I had been lusting after this & Other Stories bag for awhile now. Im not sure what it is about it but imjust drawn to it. Its a great everyday bag thats just the right size. I saw the gorgeous blogger Lily Melrose has it and it looks so good. 

Photo c/o llymlrs.com
On a random trip to Penneys / Primark i spotted this bag. It had very similar qualities to the &OS beauty. I said id pick it up as i needed a bag for my Manchester trip. I wasnt checking on a bag so needed something that was big enough to hold all my “essentials” but small enough that i wont be lugging it round all day. The best part? When i got to the till it was a fiver! Winning! {Is that even a cool phrase anymore? Was it ever?} Chuffed with my little purchase i popped on my fluffy charm and away i went happy as larry. Who‘s larry? 

The side panels of the bag are a gorgeous suede which contrast against the mock reptile affect of the front closing. Like the &OS bag my little bargain has a small top handle which sits on my wrist perfectly and a longer strap incase you need to fire it over your shoulder. Well my shoulder. Its doing the job but what i wouldnt give for lily’s bag hummmmm ♡

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