Men’s Monthly | October

Here it is, the first installment of a new feature – Men’s Monthly. Something new i am trying after several requests. We won’t name any names lads, you know who you are and your wish is my command. On the whole men’s fashion is not something i was ever really into. It just didn’t interest me in the slightest and to be honest i didn’t really understand it. I remember back in college some of the girls were specialising in male fashion or choosing to focus on this for projects. Thinking back, at that time i suppose it wasn’t really a thing. Yeah sure high fashion was there but it was a world away from Joe Soap. With regards to mainstream…
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My Wardrobe

Green Print Slogan TShirt
Round Beaded Pom Pom Earrings
Longline Shirt Dress
Staw Buckle Bag
Round Tag Bag
Tunic Dress
Floral Chiffon Dress
Stripe Leggings
Keyhole Off The Shoulder Tunic
Ruffle Floral Top
V by Very Jeans
Fluffy Ring Handle Round Bag
Adidas Campus
Leopard Wrap Dress
Black Patent Boots
Green Tassel Earrings
Plus Leather Trousers
Pink Boots

Fifty Friday | Penneys Hun

Penneys Hun – We’ve all said it. Doesn’t bare thinking about what we would do without our beloved Penney’s though. Primark , Preeemark , Pennaaaas , call it what you will , it’s bleedin’ deadly. Making fashion affordable since 1969. To think it all started on our little green isle all those years ago and today it’s taking over the world one store at a time. Forget Daniel O Donnell Penneys is our national treasure. Not many other places where you can get a whole outfit or update your home for under €50. Penneys for president lol.   As with every Fifty Friday, all looks come in or around the fifty euro mark for a full outfit. This weeks are all…
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Say Yes To The Dress

Take a seat ladies, or gents no discrimination here, this one is gonna be a rambler and a half. Those of you who have been here for awhile will know i had a big birthday in August. To be fair the celebrations started early and have yet to end thanks to the amazing peeps that i have in my life. I had a little party to mark turning thirty and you know what is a party without a dress.   As my bio says, i have a black belt in shopping. Every other colour too, a girl needs options. A ninja by all accounts when it comes to the online kind. I reckon if i was old enough when Supermarket Sweep was a…
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Look Of The Day #40

No amount of moping around and sulking is going to bring summer back so i might as well embrace the cards we have be dealt right. One thing i do love about A/W fashion is how rich and luxurious it is. From decedent prints to opulent fabrics, the whole feel is very regal . A really easy way to achieve this look is to play with texture. Mixing up different textures really add some dimension and interest to an outfit making it look more expensive. Heavier Winter materials are just synonymous with this feel.  Lace , velvet , leathers , Suede , faux fur and jacquard are key fabrics to try if you want to explore this more. I went with a velvet…
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Fifty Friday | Sale Buys For The New Season

A sale buy is only really a bargain if you are going to actually get good wear or use from your purchase. Tempting as it is to go crazy when we see the word SALE , it can be a waste of money. Generally with sales, stores are getting rid of past season stock to make way for the new gear to arrive. Those kind of sales aren’t always the best. Now and again though a sale can come along and have a lot of really decent lines reduced. Lines that can still be worn and will be worn as the season changes. Just this week that happened. The infamous River Island sale dropped and as usual there was huge…
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