Fifty Friday | Embroidered

The embroidery trend has been huge. Transitioning really well from Summer boho into rich Winter appropriate wear. What started out as a few threads on some denim has really took over the shops. This type of detail adds real interest to an outfit. Fitting in really well with the luxe fabrics and notions that A/W brings. The perfect go-to for the party season for those who are not into all the sparkle and jazz but still want something special. A fine example is a Look i put together here. Something i am fine to continue to do if pieces like that skirt stick around. This is trend that works for day too when you can embroider just about anything. As usual…
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My Wardrobe

Tie Shoulder Cami Dress
Black Sleeveless Dress
Floral Off The Shoulder Dress
Powder Pink Tassel Earrings
Wide Fit Rose Gold Sandals
ASOS Skirted Bikini
Straw Bag With Fabric Bag
Blue Lips Tee
Polka Dot Asymmetric Skirt
Plus Western Buckle Belt
Bamboo Wooden Bag
Floral Love Slogan Tee
Wide Fit Strap Block Heel
Mustard Wrap Skirt
Camouflage Shacket
Blue Print Midi Wrap Skirt
Printed Kaftan
Pink Pleated Floral Skirt
Emerie Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
Floral Wrap Flounce Plus Playsuit
Stripe + Floral Wrap Dress Plus
Bardot Bikini Top
Green Print Slogan TShirt
Round Tag Bag
Floral Chiffon Dress
Stripe Leggings
Keyhole Off The Shoulder Tunic
V by Very Jeans
Adidas Campus
Leopard Wrap Dress
Black Patent Boots
Green Tassel Earrings
Plus Leather Trousers

Inis Giveaway

If you follow me on Snapchat you will know two things. 1) I am the world’s worst snapper there ever was and B) i had an interesting package arrive last week. You might even remember that a couple of weeks back i ran a little giveaway on Facebook. There was a lot of interest in the prize. Sure it is always nice to win something but what really came through was that a lot of you commented that you had a connection with the Irish scent. I totally get this. Inis has always been popular in our house. Between my sister, my mother and i , there was always a bottle or two knocking about the family home. This was a…
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Fifty Friday | Velvet

A couple of weeks back i put together a Look Of The Day post focusing around a velvet dress. I have been meaning to delve more into this trend ever since. The fact that i can incorporate it in a Fifty Friday post, well that is even better. Each look here consists of a piece of velvet in some description , put together as a whole outfit for under €50. Velvet is a perfect Winter fabric. Warm and cosy from the look to the touch. Like i said in that post , the one thing i do love about A/W fashion is how rich and luxurious the clothing is. Decedent prints and opulent fabrics, the whole feel is very regal . A really…
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Fake It Till You Make It? The Dangers Of Fake Make-Up

I originally started this post last year as it was something that i was seeing more and more of. For one reason or another , i won’t bore a sister with those deets , i never pressed published. That being said my opinions have not changed on this subject whatsoever. Infact a few things have happened that have pushed me to have my say on the matter. Christmas is just around the corner. Yes that is the first C-bomb I’ve dropped so you know shit’s getting serious. This time of year everybody is looking for presents for their loved ones. Hell you even gotta treat yourself. Money is tight. People just don’t have what they used to but they and…
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Brexit | Shopping In Sterling

  No this hasn’t turned into a current affairs type of blog. Although this does serve the point i make about politics quite often. People will say ‘why do you care, it doesn’t affect us’. Oh but it does. It always does. This time however it is in a positive way (for the time being anyways). Since the Brexit vote for the UK to leave the EU, sterling has dropped seriously. As i type this, the pound against the Euro is almost evens. That sh*t cray. For the longest time we lost out so much changing money over for a trip across the water. We heard a lot about the negatives that will affect us as a country but are there…
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