Fifty Friday | New Year New Looks

Well here it is, the first Fifty Friday of 2016. For those that are not familiar with this, FF is a weekly post consisting of outfits for in or about €50. Affordable fashion at it’s finest. Most week’s will have a theme that all the looks will follow. I try to get in under or as close to budget as i can but also get as much value for money as possible. Times are hard but a girl’s still gotta shop. With this new year upon us, i wanted to do something well, new. Most stores are still cluttered with sales and sequins. Bikini’s are appearing but our weather is not permitting. What do you wear in January. I decided…
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My Wardrobe

Green Print Slogan TShirt
Round Beaded Pom Pom Earrings
Longline Shirt Dress
Staw Buckle Bag
Round Tag Bag
Tunic Dress
Floral Chiffon Dress
Stripe Leggings
Keyhole Off The Shoulder Tunic
Ruffle Floral Top
V by Very Jeans
Fluffy Ring Handle Round Bag
Adidas Campus
Leopard Wrap Dress
Black Patent Boots
Green Tassel Earrings
Plus Leather Trousers
Pink Boots

Knitted Combos

If you stalk Gigi Hadid as much as i do, you will have seen her latest outfit. Spotted wearing a grey knitted two piece while out with my Zayn. *Sniff Sniff*. We made eye contact once i’ll have you know. These combos have been gaining serious popularity of late. It doesn’t get much comfier than this. A sort of knitted pajama / tracksuit hybrid if you will. One that is totally acceptable to wear outdoors, in public. If that doesn’t scream January, i dunno what does.Super minimal and fashion forward. Not going to be everyone’s cuppa but cool none the less. There are varying styles available, some with full length trousers. Those would be so cosy for these cold evenings and chilled weekends. For…
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2015 Round-Up

I’ts nearly a wrap on 2015 and what a year it’s been. I’ve decided to take a look back through my favourites along with the most popular posts from the past year. Surprisingly the posts that went down the best were the real life ones. Some very personal topics and some life hacks too. You guys like realness. Luckily i’m not shy and don’t tend to hold back. I have enjoyed my first year blogging so much. It has given me so much and i cannot wait for the new year ahead. Finally finding the creative outlet i needed, where i can express myself and share my love. In the last year i’ve done things i never imagined, met some…
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Red Marchesa Drama | Get The Look

Marchesa is a relitively new but highly sought after brand. Established in 2004 it holds it’s own up against some of the oldest, most credible Couture houses. I make no secret of Marchesa being one of my favourite design houses. The sheer opulence of their detailing is just magical. Piece after piece of stunning beauty. And queue hours of leering at Instagram and Pinterest. Marchesa wouldn’t be the most wearable or obtainable for the likes of you or i. Just grabbing my ball gown to pop down to Tesco love. But what if there were some pieces available on the high street that were more suitable. All the lace, all the detail without the pricetag. Taking this iconic red gown from…
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Online Sales | My Tips & Picks

I love shopping, it goes without saying, but i could not think of anything worse than hitting the shops today. In fact leaving the house isn’t even on the cards. What will be on the cards? My shopping – Online! I’m a massive fan of online shopping. I know you can’t get a proper feel of fabric or fit but it is so much easier to navigate around a site than a messy shop. Especially when sales starts, stores look like a war zone, with hangers and tags everywhere. I suppose it is a war with shoppers fighting for the last in their size. No need to sharpen your elbows with online shopping, just give your fingers a stretch and off you go.…
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