What The F Word?

I get asked a lot about my blog name. Mostly people get what the F stands for and are interested in how i came up with the name or why i chose it. Fashion is my first love. When i think about it, it is all i know and all I’ve ever done really. So with that being said i would hope the F would be a self explanatory play on words. There are others though who get deep about it and I suppose on a subconscious level there was more to it. I have gone backwards and forwards with this one for the longest time. This has been a huge part of me and for a long time it…
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My Wardrobe

Tie Shoulder Cami Dress
Black Sleeveless Dress
Floral Off The Shoulder Dress
Powder Pink Tassel Earrings
Wide Fit Rose Gold Sandals
ASOS Skirted Bikini
Straw Bag With Fabric Bag
Blue Lips Tee
Polka Dot Asymmetric Skirt
Plus Western Buckle Belt
Bamboo Wooden Bag
Floral Love Slogan Tee
Wide Fit Strap Block Heel
Mustard Wrap Skirt
Camouflage Shacket
Blue Print Midi Wrap Skirt
Printed Kaftan
Pink Pleated Floral Skirt
Emerie Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
Floral Wrap Flounce Plus Playsuit
Stripe + Floral Wrap Dress Plus
Bardot Bikini Top
Green Print Slogan TShirt
Round Tag Bag
Floral Chiffon Dress
Stripe Leggings
Keyhole Off The Shoulder Tunic
V by Very Jeans
Adidas Campus
Leopard Wrap Dress
Black Patent Boots
Green Tassel Earrings
Plus Leather Trousers

Summer Beauty Essentials

When i say Summer what i really mean is holidays because Summer for me is holidays. The feel of the heat on your skin, the smell of sun cream , cocktails by the pool and pretty little dresses. It is by far my favourite season and time of year. That being said it does throw up a whole host of first world problems. The heat is my best friend in so many ways but also leaves me a sweaty mess. Words can not describe the state of my hair and the sheer level of frizz that comes with it. I am in no way a beauty buff or expert, infact when it comes to beauty i suck. That being said i have found little…
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Fifty Friday | Communion Looks

Communion season is well and truly here. After dressing the little ones , panic usually sets in and Mammys , Aunties , Nannys , You name it , realise they haven’t got a thing in for themselves. I think we put a lot of pressure on this occasion and really build it up. Of course it is the little ones big day but over thinking and stressing over an outfit can get really out of hand. You want to be church appropriate but comfortable throughout the day and probably not something you will cringe looking back at photos in years to come.   This weeks Fifty Friday subject therefore is affordable looks to wear to a Communion. There is enough…
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Fashion Favourites | March & April

A look back at the pieces I’ve been loving and things that I’ve been wearing the most the past two months. March and on into April the weather is so bipolar. Dressing for that kind of weather is a nightmare. For this reason i haven’t been too wildly exciting on the style front day to day. In saying that i had a family wedding and a special blog collab that i had some really pretty pieces to wear. I still have my favourites though and it’s those that i have been living in. These posts are so fun to do. To look back through my Instagram to see the stand out pieces and go to looks of late. Always handy to…
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Littlewoods Ireland Launches V By Very Curve

You probably heard my screams of delight when i found out the news that V by Very were launching their own curve section. It was on par with that ” I have elbows ” scene from F•R•I•E•N•D•S. If you don’t get that reference, i am not your friend. But yes so there i am absolutely loving life at the Littlewoods Ireland  Spring Summer launch for the main range when i spotted the sign. I dared not blink in case my eyes were deceiving me. Nope there it was in big old plain english V by Very Curve. I could ramble on for a few paragraphs here with several cliches of Hallelujahs and lights shinning down from the heavens but i think…
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