If you are a fan of the ‘Vans’ look but haven’t got the paper to spare then these could be for you. €10 in Penneys for a heavily influenced style. I have a pair of the Vans on my wishlist but these would do the job till i get that far down my list lol. Extremely affordable. I put together two ways to wear here going forward. The monochrome looks really well against white denim. As much as i keep saying it, runners like these are a really comfy but cool addition to your day to day wardrobe. So many ways to wear these little casual shoes. Here are two examples of how to wear.


Irish Fashion Blog


Choker €3 , Jeans €11 , Tee €8 , Jacket €30 , Trainers €10 All Penneys


Just The F Word Blog

Playsuit €8 , Bag €6 , Denim Jacket €19 , Trainers €10 All Penneys


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