I was holding back on this one because i know it’s a controversial one. A programme aired on Ch4 last night about “plus size” bloggers. Did anyone see this? Of course there has been comments made in the media today.
I in no way promote obsesity. Does anyone? I think of late more and more diverse girls are coming forward and saying no im not conforming to society’s idea of what is acceptable. Size wise i fall into both categories. I can shop “regular” on the high street for the most part but can also wear pieces from the “plus” section. Fashion has been my passion from no age. Is someone now going to tell me i shouldnt be able to express this because i’m not thin?
   Bloggers are a huge part of the industry now. With the changes in technology and social media most company’s rely on bloggers to get their clothes out there and promote their brand. This includes plus size clothing. There is no difference. 
    I myself am an ordinary girl that has spent years not really relating to a lot of bloggers. Many people suffer with their weight and this can cause mental health issues and self hatred. This is at both sides of the scale, being “too thin” or “too big”. It is good to see such a diversity of people getting out their giving their opinions, showing their passions. It can give others the confidence to do the same. Weight is such a complex thing. Height, build, illness, medication and many other factors can contribute to a persons weight. Hormones, puberty and child birth contribute to changing a womans body and shape. Stand a line of people who are all the same weight. Will any of them look the same? Nope. We all come in different shapes and sizes. That makes us who we are. Also Sizing in stores is ridiculous. Just because it fits or doesnt fit in a certain store does not mean you are or are not this size. There is no uniformity with sizing in the industry and i find clothing sizing is getting smaller. Wear what fits dont mind the label as long as you are happy and healthy. Who are we to say ok your no size 8 so you dont deserve to dress nice. You cant express yourself and enjoy fashion because you are “fat”. Nobody is fat. People have fat, they are not it. Obviously there are health complications and it can be serious. But i am all for these girls being happy in who they are and are out living their lives. Their size isnt holding them back. Can we not learn alot from this?
  This is just my opinion. I respect anyone with a valid opinion. But i do not accept hatred, shaming for indifference and putting people down. There is so much going on in the world and this is a huge issue? Why add more negetivity. What do you guys think? ♡
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