Back in December i posted a picture of this PS Love This brush cleanser. I spotted this in Penneys / Primark and i believe i said out loud an “ooooohhhh” followed by ” I’ll have that”. The women beside me looked out the corner of her eye at this lunatic talking to herself. A brush cleaner for €2.50! I couldn’t wait to get home and try this. I had only cleaned my brushes so I’ve had to wait to use it. Today the wait was over.

I took my two most used brushes, being the Real Techniques Expert face Brush and the Powder Brush. I got my lovely brush cleaning towel out and sat on my bed. So weird not having to be at the sink.

The bottle has a spray top which is really handy. The directions on the bottle say to spray the cleanser directly onto brushes bristles and wipe with tissue. I preferred to spray a few pumps onto my lovely towel and then swipe the brush across the area in different directions. Instantly you could see the amount coming off onto the towel. I continued to wipe my brush up and down in a painting like motion. I did use a further few squirts onto the brush to make sure as much as possible would come off.
The instant result after just 5 sweeping motions on the towel.

I was really impressed with the end result. I didn’t take long at all. To be able to do this and not be at the sink all night is brilliant. This will be great for on the go or travelling too. If you are ever worried about sharing your brush with a friend on a night out or if you’ve had a bad break-out and you don’t want your brush to be a breathing ground then this is perfect. Because the cleanser contains alcohol it is not only cleaning but disinfecting. Some cleaners do not have this so are only washing away make-up not ridding the brush of any bacteria etc. The same can be said for baby shampoo which i would use to clean mine with too. I’ve spoke before about the importance of brush cleaning both for your skin and keeping your brushes in good condition. Plus it has a slight scent to it which leaves the brushes smelling clean and gorgeous. 
All this just from a few strokes, it works wuite instant. Shows how much it took off and how much does be stuck in your brush. I dread to think of the bacteria. Yuk! The brushes dried pretty quick because they are not actually wet. Compared to the process and drying time of sink washing which we know is soul destroyingly long.

The end result – a before and after. 

I cannot believe these results from from such a budget friendly product. Id say if you blind tested this one would anyone guess where this was from or how much it cost? The PS Love range is going from strength to strength. There hasn’t been a product yet i haven’t been impressed with. This cleaner is already a sell out in most stores, for its price alone you would pick it up. The fact that it works at the quality it does is amazing. I will be stocking up next chance i get. Couldn’t recommend this enough. This is a new essential for quick cleaning. 

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