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It’s officially Summer. In one way i’m like how the hell did that happen and on the other hand i’ve been wishing the year away. The weather has been hotting up too, finally. It would be nice to have some pretty, easywear bits to throw on when that yellow mystery appears in the sky. I put together a Real Life Fifty Friday a couple of weeks back showing ways to get wear 3 fifty euro looks. My life story aside i hit some bumps with that post and it’s been in the forefront of my mind to make it up since. With my holiday to Marrakech looming i thought no better time.

I wasn’t sure what exactly i was looking for but i did know one thing, it had to be comfortable. Boring i know but i can’t think of much worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes especially travelling, in the heat etc, etc, etc. Some bits with stretch that will allow for some swelling but are still cute. Breathable looks that will leave me enjoying my holidays. Can i do it? Lets see.

Fifty Friday – Penneys Summer Looks Under €50

• Look 1 •

Smock Dress €18 , Bag €12 , Initial Necklace €3 , Runners €8

Total Outfit = €41

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me wearing this dress on my stories. I wore this smock travelling to Marrakech. Ultimate comfort and very cool/airy. The smock shape is really relaxed and easy to move around in. I had thought originally that it would be more of a tunic style and i’d wear it with cycling shorts. It was too cute as a dress though and a great length on me. I’m 5’4″ so not tall but it wasn’t short short. As with all of the dresses in this post i got a size 20 for reference. I had lots of room and could probably have tried an 18. The smock shape is to worn oversized though so it was all good. The empire line under the bust continued to dip round the back to finish the shape.

As you can see i wore the little converse esque runners as i was travelling and needed to be as comfortable as possible. Being honest though this is how i would wear this day to day anyways. Ideal for a concert or gig this Summer too. Throw on a bumbag or backpack like i did in the airport. It would be equally cute with the €16 black lace up sandals and a little bralet slightly showing.

There are a few things about this tunic that are worth noting. It crinkles like a mother. The over-sized sleeves kind of bunched up due to my backpack and kinda just stayed that way lol. No major comlaint just something to bare in mind that it will require ironing. Not so much a throw on and go. The fabric had a few pulls in it too which i wasn’t best pleased about but it’s not the end of the world. I also found that it stained crazy. A drop of water splashed from the tap and showed up as such a dark colour and took ages to dry in. I looked great lol. Not major things just my honest review and opinion. I would probably the other colour that it comes in too as i did find it really comfy and light.

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• Look 2 •

Cut Out Dress €16 , Lace Up Sandals €16 , Bag €10, Initial Necklace €3

Total Outfit = €45

Next up is dress two of three. More of a dressier number but versatile none the less. I didn’t actually think this dress would fit me when i first saw it. I’d usually not even bother trying on something with a side zip like that as for me they take nearly a size off. To my eye though the dress looked ok size wise and when i turned over to the back and saw the large section of smocking i was like yesss. A super elasticated panel that i thought may be my saving grace. It was more than ok and fit like a dream. Delira. This piece for me is a style that i miss being able to shop from the likes of Topshop or Zara. The cut-out is the cutest. A really fun detail that is flirty while being balanced by the length of the dress and the bow tie.

The cut-out isn’t extreme at all and you could easily wear a little boobtube or bralet under if it did bother you. The bust area is well covered too. Mixed print has been a huge trend this year but can be a bit much for some. I think that this dress could be one to trial if you are interested in dipping your toe into the trend. A bold print but it just doesn’t seem as out there as some. It works and is a little more subtle to start off with.

I want to add this yellow bag to like everything i wear at the moment. I can’t help it i’m loving top handle bags so much. I’ve cut the straps off more bags since i did it to this one. It’s a great way to breath some new life into older bags you may have and save you a few quid.

Dress €16, Glasses €3 , Necklace €3 , Bag €12 , Shoes €16

Total Outfit = €50

I couldn’t quite decide on which accessories i liked best paired with this dress so i tried a second look too. Keeping the bag black in matching with the shoes. It goes well i think, there is a great juxtaposition between the plastic in the bag and the floral print but it works. I pulled the pink from the print and tied in the heart glasses to keep it playful. Kind of 60’s bordering on Dirty Dancing Vibes. Lots of potential like i said for a great, affordable Summer dress. I will be layering a plain white tee underneath and adding some cons for a more relaxed look the next time i wear it. This would look really cool with a biker jacket on top too.

Look 3

Bardot Dress €14 , Sandals €8 , Bag Now €5 , Necklace €3

Total Outfit = €30

Suprise Suprise a bardot dress. If it’s got a bardot neckline it’s gonna be mine. Well except if it’s bodycon fit. But i suppose i could tuck it into a skirt right? Where there’s a will and all that jazz. Another clichè thing i’m gonna say is ‘ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ‘ and that is very true for me. The bardot neckline is my favourite and so easy to wear. It keeps the top of my arms covered but shows the little freckles on my shoulders. Very flattering. The shape on this particular dress is very figure friendly. The frill hem is really playful and adds another element. The belt further excentuates the waist and can pull you in more if needed. A really comfy style of belt too, not too chunky.

While i was at it i switched up the shoes and back for a dressier look. I actually ended up wearing this to dinner that night. This was just to show the versatility of a simple bardot dress. You know yourself what a few accessories, hair and some lippie can do to an outfit. A handy one to have in the suitcase that will work for you whatever your mood. You could of course change the belt too. While we are here i think these dresses come in another length also. Almost identical but more of a midi if that is more your thing. I think those where €20 – don’t quote me.

Dress €14 , Necklace €3 , Bag €14 , Shoes €16

Total Outfit = €47

The dress doesn’t just come in this khaki tone that i have on, there is also a beige too. I had both colours in the changing room with me and asked my sisters advise as to which option to go with. She was set on the khaki. I went with her choice after thinking it would look better until i have more of a tan. The other colour stuck out to me originally as i thought it would match with my sandals etc really well. I may still grab it too as they are great little dresses.

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A short but sweet Fifty Friday consisting of a few bits i picked up going away to add to my holiday wardrobe. Super affordable pieces that can be mixed and matched with stuff you already own. I did style the main pieces with some of the accessories that i already had from a previous Fifty Friday. Although yes it is very affordable to get a whole new outfit for €50, it isn’t always nessessary. The majority of pieces that i used are still in stock and some are even reduced. An even bigger bargain. I obviously like all of the pieces and have been wearing them so there is no point buying for buying sake. I have been more conscious of my shopping habits and trying to be more sustainable where i can.

There we have it. Did any of these pieces catch your eye? Tell me how you would wear them.

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