Take a seat ladies, or gents no discrimination here, this one is gonna be a rambler and a half. Those of you who have been here for awhile will know i had a big birthday in August. To be fair the celebrations started early and have yet to end thanks to the amazing peeps that i have in my life. I had a little party to mark turning thirty and you know what is a party without a dress.


As my bio says, i have a black belt in shopping. Every other colour too, a girl needs options. A ninja by all accounts when it comes to the online kind. I reckon if i was old enough when Supermarket Sweep was a thing, i’d hold some sort of record. Shopping does not phase nor stress me – That is unless i am looking for something specific. Day to day no problem, but making a decision for an event or occasion cripples me. There will be photographic evidence for years to come so you want to get it just right. Right? Being an occasion i feel i put a lot of pressure on myself and the look i am shopping for. Of course i want to look and feel good but also go a little bit special with my choice for the occasion.


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With my birthday, i kept saying to myself that i had time and i will see something. That “something” well it never came. What did come was panic and it never left. There was only one dress that i’d seen that i truly loved, that was truly me. ONE! I posted about this dress what feels like a lifetime ago now. It really was love at first sight with this one though. I really loved everything about it. As time went on i thought and thought about it before including it in a Look Of The Daywhich you can see here.


Fashion Versus Style


This choice got me thinking about the age old question of fashion versus style.  Do i go with a trend driven, current piece that gives me “fashion points” or stick with something that i know suits me? Something that has always worked well for me? Trends are a tricky one. They are new, exciting and fun. The shops are rammed full of this current look , likewise with nearly everywhere you look. You want in on that, have a go at it yourself and experiment with something new. Most trends come and go really quickly. The ones that have staying power aren’t trends as such.


Trawling through page after page , site after site. Shop after shop , centre after centre. Nothing. Why was i holding out waiting to find something that maybe didn’t exist? I had already fell in love with a dress that would fit me well and suit my shape. A dress that ticked more boxes than i can count. Why was the fact that time had passed, putting me off? It wasn’t old or past season but the time we live in is so fast passed. We are constantly in search of something new.




In the end i gave myself a good talking to. It went a bit like this – ‘Here Kiera sort yourself out love. Wear the green dress and shut up’. That told me. And you know what i was right. I tried the dress on again and it was everything i was looking for. It fit me like a dream and i felt so comfortable in it. The search is over because well, it never needed to start in the first place. What is that old saying? ” Fashion fades but style is eternal ” and it is so very true. I am a preacher of fashion being for everyone and i do truly believe this statement. Fashion is everyone and everything but style is so very personal. With every look i put together for inspiration, it is just that – inspiration. Take something you like and build on that. Wear it your way and mix it up by putting your stamp on it. Stand out from the crowd or express yourself through your choice of look.


I think there is a point to all the rambling i have just done. At least i hope there is. Staying true to your style and chosing something you both look good and feel good in. I have come to a point where this is a lot more important than having the latest trend hanging off me. You can be current with choices and continue to let your style evolve, there is no question there. I know when it’s me when i feel good about what i am wearing,  i tend to look better. There is something about how you carry yourself when you feel good. This is worth more than any fad or trend. Loose the pressure and embrace your true style.

Does style trump fashion for you?




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