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I saw the bag below and it reminded me of something i have done for years. Adding a scarf to your handbag is a great styling trick. It adds colour and can create an expensive look to an old or bargain bag. This one has it done for you in the style of a small little silk scarf bow. This is something you can experiment with and do yourself.
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I invested in this Gucci scarf just before i finished up working with them. It was an investment as i can wear in so many ways. Look how its adds to and changes this €20 River Island bag. The print is one of my favourite ever from them, i loved the collection as a whole and this was my way to work it.

This is a really cheap but effective styling hack. Chose any print, any bag. Clash colours and textures. Tie the scarf to the handle in a knot or bow. Wrap it round the handle or strap. let a longer scarf hang down. Get creative. This is just an old Penneys scarf tied on a New Look bag below. The colours and styles give off different looks from classic, edgy to bohemian.

Here are some scarves available on the high street that would look great on a bag. A great opportunity to jazz up an old bag with a fresh new print. These are a good size, not too big.
Inspo…….Blogger babe Sincerely Jules has a cute retro print on a coveted Cèline bag.
Is this a look you would try? ♡
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