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No this hasn’t turned into a current affairs type of blog. Although this does serve the point i make about politics quite often. People will say ‘why do you care, it doesn’t affect us’. Oh but it does. It always does. This time however it is in a positive way (for the time being anyways). Since the Brexit vote for the UK to leave the EU, sterling has dropped seriously. As i type this, the pound against the Euro is almost evens. That sh*t cray. For the longest time we lost out so much changing money over for a trip across the water. We heard a lot about the negatives that will affect us as a country but are there any positives? Shoppers South of the border and East of the sea can clean up on their seasonal shopping if they are clever about it.

Rip-Off Ireland

Okay so this isn’t an entirely new process. Lovers of TOPSHOP will know that ordering online will save them a fortune compared to in-store. You could only shop in sterling on the site and the difference between the tag price is monstrous. You will have seen it yourself, something marked £28 but €54. The gap is huge here in Rip Off Ireland. Another example for you. I saw a bag from Zara, loved it, thought €29.95 – great price. Ordered said bags bag and was happy out. It was only when they arrived i saw on the tag they were marked €25.95. Meaning elsewhere in Europe this same bag is selling at cheaper ticket price. Like i said i was happy with the price i paid but it more the principal of things. The same thing happens in Bershka. They re-ticket the price tags after delivery. Sometimes however some slip through. You can take something to the till to find out actually it is more expensive than the price shown. Mac etc. are the exact same. €20 for a lipstick on Irish soil. Annoying more than anything that we pay so much for the same things other countries sell for much less.



      Zara Bag Online €29.95  Versus The Actual Price On Bag Delivered Above.

Online Shopping In Sterling

There are some serious savings to be made by changing the currency to Sterling when shopping online. In most cases the site may even open in sterling. When you compare the price after converting the cost into Euro there is a substantial saving to be made. There should be no issue in the currency you chose to shop in so definitely give it a try whenever you can. For years there was hour long queues into Newry to do this very thing. It has been several years since the Sterling to Euro rate has been so close. Of course that option is there to make the trip up and across the border. Me though well i am a lover of online shopping so i will save all that stress and travelling and curl up by the fire with my laptop. I spoke in depth about my love of online shopping along with some tips and tricks for getting the most from it. You can check that out here if you are not quite sold. Some sites reduce stock by currency rather than site-wide. New Look is an example of this. Their sales and promos seem to be so much better on their £ home site. By taking your shopping online and making a few little changes could make all the difference for you.

To show just how much of a difference there is let’s take one piece and pull it up in both currencies and compare.


Cheaper in other currencies


This River Island Jacket is €80 In Euro and £60 in Sterling which works out at just over €70. That is a saving of €10 for the exact same item. Think of how much that would add up to if you were purchasing several pieces or more expensive items. There are always a few discount codes doing the rounds which can be added for even more savings. I post a lot of these on Facebook. Stores like River Island who let you collect your order in store will allow you to shop in Sterling and still select an ROI store. Thus saving on International delivery. Winning. This leads me nicely onto…


Parcel Motel

If you haven’t got a Parcel Motel account are you even Irish. I joke but dedicated shoppers cannot be without this one. Set up to provide a service that allows you to order from sites that do not deliver to Ireland. PM have a warehouse up north so technically is a UK address and is eligible for more deliveries. It is a really simple service that costs a mere €3.99. Most companies off free UK delivery so in theory all you will pay is the Parcel Motel fee. I use this a lot for shopping on Amazon because most things i go to order do not ship to our green isle. Another reason to use this service for the likes of Public Desire where delivery to Ireland is €12.50. Sorry what? I’m ordering shoes not a camel. You can also return items with PM, most of which are free. There are some rates to post to over seas addresses too. Super handy.

Simply sign up here. You will be given a unique number so they know the package is yours. When you get to an online checkout put your name AND PM number in the name box. Then fill in the Parcel Motel address as your own. It is really that simple. See the image below for example and addresses for both warehouses. With your account you top it up and the delivery fee is deducted then when you order. You select a collection point that suits you. I picked my local petrol station. No doubt you will have seen those big green and blue locker type things in garages. When your order has arrived you will get a text with a pin. Simply type in your phone number on the screen and then the pin that was sent you you. A locker will open automatically and there is your order. I do enjoy this process.





That is my 2 cents or 2 pence in this case on the Benefits of shopping in sterling. People will say that we shouldn’t be taking money out of the country but being realistic these stores are not Irish. We have all felt the pinch and as the lads in Tesco say “Every Little Helps“. There are deals to be had on electrical , cosmetics , food , you name it. Will you be switching over to the Pound side for your shopping this Crimbo?


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