I have been busy putting together some wedding guest looks for a post. I was somewhat side tracked as i had to find myself one too lol and my mother and my sister and you know the aul fella chimed in too feeling left out of the action. Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Thank the online gods for express delivery is all i say. Posts with outfits for weddings and other church occasions are highly requested and i get why. It can be hard to tick all the boxes for such a big day.

Skirt For Weddings

I personally had an idea in my head that i wanted for this family wedding. Sometimes that can be a bad thing because nothing was really appealing to me. That was until i fell completely head over heels with a skirt that i can only describe as sent from the heavens above. I generally always go for a dress for weddings but i really liked the idea of a statement shirt and top combo.

ASOS is my usual go to and it ended up being my saving grace…again. Coast , A brand known for it’s show stopping skirts has now started stocking a plus / curve range. Hello my name is size inclusive. Be still my beating heart. It just had to be mine. That set the ball in motion and everything else just fell into place from there. I adore the drama of the high low hem on the skirt. The shape is still flattering with the A-line cut. It is something really different too and special which is always a good thing. Definitely one that was made for twirling the night away on the dance floor.


Irish Fashion Blog Plus


I paired the skirt with a lace body. I didn’t want anything too fussy that would take away from the skirt but still needed the top to be formal enough for a wedding. The lace detail added a little something. Delicate enough to go perfectly with the soft floral pattern. I am always looking for some sort of sleeve with tops and dresses too. Added bonus, no tan needed on my arms. Although i wanted to keep my accessories neutral i couldn’t help but not pull one of the stunning colours from the patterned skirt. The blue shoes did just that. The soft velvet finish kept with the luxe feel. For my bag i reached for one of my all time favourite pieces from my wardrobe. My now vintage Miu Miu clutch. I have pulled this out for most occasions and got a lot of wear from it. A pretty timeless piece that i think finished off my outfit well. Delicate rings where all i needed then. In a gold with touches of soft pink.

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Skirt €172 Coast Via ASOS Regular and Plus , Lace Body €24 Boohoo , Bag Vintage Miu Miu , Rings €4 Penneys , Shoes €16 Boohoo


Just The F Word


I am partial to a plait so i went with a pretty little halo braid. After sorting my colour Gemma from Angel Hair & Beauty tamed my mane for the day. It went really well with the outfit and lasted all day and night.



I thought i would do something different here and show you guys what my family wore also for some inspiration. As none of us are the same size, shape or have the same taste there may be something that suits you better than what i wore. Something for the gents too as modeled by my handsome father. I’d like to think we scrub up well as a family. The pictures are not the most amazing quality but they are real and things that can be bought and worn right now for a Spring wedding.


My Parents Are Goals…


Spring Wedding Looks



Dress €66.67 ASOS , Shoes €40 ASOS ,


Slacks €40 River Island , Shirt €30 River Island , Bow Tie €3.50 And Shoes €19 Penneys , Braces €10 Dunnes.


Spring Wedding




Irish Fashion Blog


Dress Now €20.67 ASOS , Shoes €35 Pretty Little Thing





Outfit inspo


Dress €40 Boohoo , Shoes ASOS




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